Public Policy: A New Introduction

Public Policy: A New Introduction

by Christoph Knill, Jale Tosun

Paperback(2nd ed. 2020)



A comprehensive introduction to public policy and the policy cycle, the fully revised second edition of this popular textbook offers a practical guide to the topic while remaining underpinned by cutting-edge research. Bringing together analysis of classic works alongside the most recent developments in the field, this book is guided by the following three crucial questions: What is public policy? Who participates in making and putting public policy in practice as well as in assessing its success? And when and how does public policy change over time? In answering these questions, the book covers everything from the central institutions and actors of policy-making to implementation, evaluation and governance. Drawing on examples from across the world, the new edition expands on themes that were previously covered only marginally, including the underexplored connection between public policy and political economy, as well as placing more emphasis on climate change and practical advice on doing policy analysis.

For undergraduate or postgraduate students studying on courses focussed on public policy or the policy cycle or process, this textbook is the essential guide to the subject. The book is also suited for those studying public policy in the context of politics or public management and administration.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781137573292
Publisher: Macmillan Education UK
Publication date: 04/30/2020
Series: Textbooks in Policy Studies
Edition description: 2nd ed. 2020
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.61(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)

About the Author

Prof. Dr. Christoph Knill is Professor of Politics and Public Administration at the Geschwister Scholl Institute of Political Science at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany.

Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun is Professor of Political Science at the Institute of Political Science at Heidelberg University, Germany, and a co-director of the Heidelberg Center for the Environment

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.- 2. The Nature of Public Policies.- 3. The Context for Policy Making: Central Institutions and Actors.- 4. Theoretical Approaches to Policy Making.- 5. Problem Definition and Agenda Setting.- 6. Decision-Making.- 7. Implementation.- 8. Evaluation.- 9. Governance: A Synoptic Perspective on Policy Making.- 10. Public Policies Beyond the Nation-State.- 11. Policy Change and Policy Convergence.- 12. Conclusions: Theoretical Insights and Practical Advice.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

Christoph Knill and Jale Tosun have provided an excellent update and extension of their textbook on public policy. The first edition provided an excellent introduction to the field for students, and the new edition will be an even more valuable resource for understanding contemporary public policy. – B. Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh, USA

The first edition of Public Policy rapidly became a modern classic in the field, a must-read for all those working on public policy, whether students or established scholars. The epithets elegant, concise, profound and clear easily attached themselves to the well-written and useful book that stands head and shoulders above all its competitors. It is very welcome indeed to have the second edition that retains all the strengths of the first, but is fully updated to reflect recent thinking and scholarship in public policy as well as taking account of the profound changes in politics and policy that have occurred in recent years. Christoph Knill and Jale Tosun have pulled off a tremendous feat. – Peter John, King’s College, London, UK

This book is an outstanding introduction to studies of public policy. It combines both traditional approaches with innovative perspectives on the design and implementation of public policies. It is the best text book for policy studies in Europe. – Karin Ingold, University of Bern, Switzerland

There is no better policy textbook with a global perspective than Knill and Tosun’s. It combines the leading paradigms with innovative insights in a well-written, comprehensive and state-of-the-art account of the policy process. This volume belongs in the personal library of any student, scholar and practitioner who wants to master the essentials of public policy-making around the world. – Raymond Tatalovich, Loyola University Chicago, USA

The radically updated second edition of Public Policy engages with empirical developments, such as climate change, digitization and the questioning of the global international order, that have a path-changing significance for public policy. The authors successfully integrate theoretical, analytical and methodological advances in the book, which reflects that Jale Tosun and Christopher Knill are leading scholars in the field. I strongly recommend this book to scholars and educators of public policy and related fields. – Caroline de la Porte, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

In this fresh edition of their Public Policy textbook, Knill and Tosun offer a comprehensive review of the theories that students must master if they want to make a difference in the policy world. This is the go-to resource book for all those who seek to formulate workable solutions to complex societal problems. – Arjen Boin, Leiden University, the Netherlands

Knill and Tosun’s Public Policy has proved to be an excellent text for introducing my students to fundamental ideas in public policy and policy making. It structures theoretical content in a clear and thoughtful way, and uses relevant real world examples to demonstrate the complexities of policy making across national and international contexts. – Alex Mankoo, University of Sussex, UK

Knill and Tosun have written a highly accessible and comprehensive textbook that not only discusses traditional policy theories but also highlights the importance of public-private governance and policy-making beyond the state. This text forms an excellent introduction for students and the new edition’s increased attention to climate change in particular makes this book even more indispensable than before. – Stefan Renckens, University of Toronto, Canada

Public Policy is a highly accessible book introducing public policy through examples drawn from all over the world. The authors survey and present a wide range of theoretical perspectives in a clear and concise fashion. It is a tremendous introduction to public policy and points the reader where to go next for detailed work on each topic. – Martin Hansen, Brunel University London, UK

Public Policy continues to provide an excellent foundation in key theories and debates regarding policy processes. This revised edition not only reflects development in the fields of academic debate but also political changes to provide an excellent introduction for new students. The revised conclusion provides useful practical guidance for students and practitioners alike. – Lee Gregory, University of Birmingham, UK

This is an excellent textbook that covers the core of policy research from a political science and public administration perspective in a concise, clear and analytically structured way. It is one of the few textbooks in the field that brings a distinctively European perspective to the field. This new edition will strengthen the volume’s status as one the top textbooks in the field. I will continue using it in my classes as core reading. – Kai Wegrich, Hertie School of Governance, Germany

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