Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar

Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar

CD(Includes book / Special Packaging)

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This expansive four-disc anthology essentially covers the recorded history of the guitar in the 20th century, beginning with the ragtime banjo that set the table for the role of the guitar in a jazz setting in the early 1900s, and then touching all the bases clear through to the post-postmodern possibilities of the instrument in the 21st century. Don't let the subtitle throw you, though, because Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar interprets jazz guitar in the broadest of strokes, as it includes not only pantheon jazz players like Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, Les Paul, Wes Montgomery, and John McLaughlin but also provides an uncommon sweep by featuring Hawaiian stylists Roy Smeck and Sol Hoopii; Western swing aces Leon McAuliffe and Eldon Shamblin; country jazzman Hank Garland; rock virtuosos Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and Jeff Beck; fusion funksters Larry Carlton, Al DiMeola, and Mike Stein; and hard to classify avant-garde players like Derek Bailey, Sonny Sharrock, James Blood Ulmer, and Marc Ribot. In all, 78 guitarists from some 33 labels are represented. Arranged roughly by date of recording from first to last (there are some deviations to trace the development of a particular style), it is easy to follow the track listing for Progressions in the well-organized 148-page book that accompanies the discs, and what emerges is a portrayal of the massive influence the guitar has had on every form of popular music in the past century. One could quibble about players who were left out, and things are slightly tilted toward electric players as the set progresses, although that is probably understandable, since getting the guitar plugged in is what made it work in large ensembles in the first place. It's hard to argue with a piano, but a case could be made (and this set assembles ample evidence) that the electric guitar was the defining popular musical instrument of the 20th century, and certainly the dominant ensemble instrument for the last half of it. Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar suggests that the possibilities for the guitar are far from exhausted as the musical time line begins to edge deeper into the 21st century. A beautiful set.

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Release Date: 09/27/2005
Label: Sony
UPC: 0696998646223
catalogNumber: 86462
Rank: 196140

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lonnie Johnson   12-string Guitar
Chet Atkins   Guitar
Hank Garland   Guitar
Wayne Henderson   Trombone
Jerry Goodman   Violin
Ray Barretto   Conga
Sol Hoopii   Hawaiian Guitar
Jeff Beck   Guitar
Paul   Guitar
Patrice Rushen   Electric Piano
John Abercrombie   Guitar
Henry "Red" Allen   Trumpet
Laurindo Almeida   Guitar
Derek Bailey   Acoustic Guitar
George Barnes   Electric Guitar
Tony Bennett   Vocals
George Benson   Guitar
Lenny Breau   Guitar
Gary Burton   Vibes
Charlie Byrd   Acoustic Guitar
Larry Carlton   Guitar
Ron Carter   Bass
Casey   Acoustic Guitar
Charlie Christian   Electric Guitar
Buck Clayton   Trumpet
Eddie Condon   Acoustic Guitar
Larry Coryell   Guitar
Eddie Costa   Piano
Tom Coster   Keyboards
Ronnie Cuber   Baritone Saxophone
Albert Dailey   Piano
Miles Davis   Trumpet
Jack DeJohnette   Drums
Johnny Dodds   Clarinet
George Duke   Electric Piano
Herb Ellis   Guitar
Bill Evans   Piano
Jon Faddis   Trumpet
Tal Farlow   Guitar
Ronnie Foster   Keyboards
Stan Getz   Tenor Saxophone
João Gilberto   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Dizzy Gillespie   Trumpet
Benny Goodman   Clarinet
Stéphane Grappelli   Violin
Freddie Green   Electric Guitar
Grant Green   Guitar
Tiny Grimes   Electric Guitar
Haig   Piano
Jim Hall   Guitar
Chico Hamilton   Drums
Jan Hammer   Organ,Keyboards
Billy Hart   Drums
Joe Henderson   Tenor Saxophone
Allan Holdsworth   Guitar
Toninho Horta   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Milt Jackson   Vibes
Bob James   Keyboards
Elvin Jones   Drums
Jo Jones   Drums
Sam Jones   Bass
Wynton Kelly   Piano
Barney Kessel   Guitar
Earl Klugh   Acoustic Guitar,Keyboards
Rick Laird   Bass
Eddie Lang   Acoustic Guitar
Shelly Manne   Drums
Pat Martino   Guitar
John McLaughlin   Guitar
Pat Metheny   Guitar
Red Mitchell   Bass
Wes Montgomery   Piano
Joe Morello   Drums
Bob Moses   Drums
Kid Ory   Trombone
Joe Pass   Guitar
Jaco Pastorius   Bass
Duke Pearson   Piano
Oscar Peterson   Piano
Jimmy Raney   Guitar
Django Reinhardt   Acoustic Guitar
Marc Ribot   Guitar
Jimmy Rowles   Piano
Pee Wee Russell   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Joe Sample   Piano,Keyboards
John Scofield   Guitar
Bud Shank   Alto Saxophone
Sonny Sharrock   Guitar
Ed Shaughnessy   Drums
Lew Soloff   Trumpet
Charlie Spivak   Trumpet
Marvin Stamm   Trumpet
Mike Stern   Guitar
Slam Stewart   Bass,Vocals
Steve Swallow   Bass
Gabor Szabo   Guitar
Jack Teagarden   Trombone
Ralph Towner   Classical Guitar
Fats Waller   Piano
Ben Webster   Tenor Saxophone
Tony Williams   Drums
Cootie Williams   Trumpet
Harry Babasin   Bass
Gus Bivona   Alto Saxophone
Bill DeArango   Guitar
Billy Gene English   Drums
Johnny Guarnieri   Piano
Monk Hazel   Trumpet,Drums
Major Holley   Bass
Pete Jolly   Piano
Carl Kress   Acoustic Guitar
Stan Levey   Drums
Lou McGarity   Trombone
Barry Miles   Piano,Electric Piano,Mini Moog
Oscar Moore   Electric Guitar
Armando Peraza   Bongos,Conga
Chuck Rainey   Bass
Zutty Singleton   Drums
Joe Sullivan   Piano
Phil Upchurch   Guitar
Chuck Wayne   Guitar
Lenny White   Drums
Jimmy Woode   Bass
George Van Eps   Guitar
Harvey Leonard   Piano
Trudy Pitts   Organ
Arthur Adams   Rhythm Guitar
Peter Jacques Band   Organ
Ralph MacDonald   Percussion
Noel Redding   Bass
Leon McAuliffe   Electric Guitar
Ron Miles   Trumpet
Martha Raye   Vocals
Slim Gaillard   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Smith   Guitar
James Blood Ulmer   Guitar
Roy Smeck   Acoustic Guitar
Jimmy Cobb   Drums
Teddy Bunn   Electric Guitar
Harewood   Drums
Bob Cranshaw   Bass
Wellman Braud   Bass
Walter Page   Bass
Airto Moreira   Bells,Caxixi
Bobbye Hall   Percussion
Luís Alves   Bass
Wayne Andre   Trombone
Louis Armstrong   Cornet
Georgie Auld   Tenor Saxophone
Gene Austin   Piano
Luiz Avellar   Piano
Earl Backus   Acoustic Guitar
Colin Bailey   Drums
Billy Banks   Vocals
Rubens Bassini   Ganza
Warren Benbow   Drums
Joe Benjamin   Bass
Artie Bernstein   Bass
Jack Bland   Acoustic Guitar
Harry Blazer   Drums
Willie Bobo   Percussion
Paulinho Braga   Drums
Randy Brecker   Trumpet
Ray Brown   Bass
David Brown   Bass
Vinnie Burke   Bass
Charlie Burnham   Violin
Kenny Burrell   Guitar
Eddie Bush   Steel Guitar
Jimmy Butts   Bass
Don Byas   Tenor Saxophone
Ernie Caceres   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Paul Chambers   Bass
Leon "Ndugu" Chancler   Percussion,Drums
Roger Chaput   Acoustic Guitar
Phil Chen   Bass
Billy Cobham   Drums
Nat King Cole   Piano
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Dave Grusin   oberheim
Cutty Cutshall   Trombone
Eddie Daniels   Tenor Saxophone
Douglas Daniels   Vocals,tiple
Wilbur Daniels   Vocals,tiple
di Meola   Guitar,Timbales
Eddie Durham   Electric Guitar
Paul Faulise   Trombone
Wilton Felder   Tenor Saxophone
Sammy Figueroa   Percussion
Bill Frisell   Guitar,Loops
Mary Ford   Vocals
Foster   Drums
Curtis Fowlkes   Trombone
Steve Gadd   Drums
Eric Gale   Guitar
Mick Goodrick   Guitar
Irving Goodman   Trumpet
Gordinho   Surdo,Ganza
Jay Graydon   Rhythm Guitar
Jose Gutierrez   Trombone
Ronnie Halldorson   Bass
Clyde Hart   Piano
Roy Harte   Drums
Roy Haynes   Drums
J.C. Heard   Drums
Jimi Hendrix   Guitar
Stix Hooper   Percussion,Drums
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Bobby Hutcherson   Vibes
Anthony Jackson   Bass
Alphonso Johnson   Bass
Slick Jones   Drums
Reg Kellin   Drums
Abraham Laboriel   Bass
Greg Leisz   Lap Steel Guitar
Mingo Lewis   Conga
Clyde Lombardi   Bass
Jimmy Lovelace   Drums
Jamie MacIntosh   Trumpet
George Marge   Baritone Saxophone
Skip Martin   Alto Saxophone
Harvey Mason   Percussion,Drums
Jimmy Maxwell   Trumpet
John Medeski   Organ,Keyboards
Max Middleton   Keyboards
Marcus Miller   Bass
Mitch Mitchell   Drums
Charnett Moffett   Bass
Pete Mondello   Tenor Saxophone
Morgan   Bass
Ernie Newton   Bass
Tony Newton   Bass
Mark Nilan   Keyboards
Charles Panely   Trumpet
Victor Pantoja   Percussion
Charlie Parker   Alto Saxophone
Alan Pasqua   Keyboards
David Piltch   Bass
John Pisano   Guitar
Wesley Prince   Bass
Allan Reuss   Acoustic Guitar
Robertinho Silva   Percussion
E.J. Rodriguez   Percussion,Vocals
Pharoah Sanders   Soprano Saxophone
Dave Schildkraut   Alto Saxophone
Eldon Shamblin   Steel Guitar
Frank Signorelli   Piano
Henry Singleton   Vocals
Lonnie Smith   Organ
Bob Snyder   Baritone Saxophone
Alvin Stoller   Bongos
Everett Stover   Trumpet
Stricklin   Piano
Richard Tee   Keyboards
Toots Thielemans   Guitar,Human Whistle
Dave Tough   Drums
Ian Underwood   Piano,oberheim
Eugene Vees   Acoustic Guitar
Louis Vola   Bass
Grover Washington   Tenor Saxophone
Leo Watson   Drums,Vocals
Willie Weeks   Bass
Will Weldon   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Bobby White   Drums
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys   Violin
Billy Martin   Drums
Louis Tierney   Violin
Marvin Hughes   Piano
Son Lansford   Bass
Dick McDonough   Acoustic Guitar
Gene Tomlins   Drums
Kenny Wollesen   Drums
Alec FILA   Trumpet
Mitch Fine   Drums
Jack Shook   Guitar
Don Harlan   Reeds
Tubby Lewis   Trumpet
Zeb McNally   Reeds
Cedric Wallace   Bass
Charlie Fuqua   Acoustic Guitar,Ukulele,Vocals
Orville "Hoppy" Jones   Bass,Vocals
Vess L. Ossman   Banjo
Wesley Wilson   Acoustic Guitar,Piano
Carlos Santana   Guitar
Oscar Alemán   Acoustic Guitar
Art Saint John   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Mark Bennett   Trombone
Billy Drewes   Alto Saxophone
John Anderson   Piano
Candy Candido   Bass
Carl Garvin   Trumpet
Clint Garvin   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Hub Lytle   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Joe Nawahi   Bass
Cubby Teagarden   Drums
Hal West   Drums
Charles McCamish   Trombone
Chris Wood   Bass
Harry Evans   Clarinet
Bobby Durham   Drums
Danny Stewart   Guitar,Ukulele,Vocals
Jerry Daniels   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Sam Koki   Electric Guitar
Allen Kila   Guitar,Ukulele,Vocals
Robert Cloud   Clarinet,Kazoo,Tenor Saxophone
Jim Hugart   Bass
King Benny Nawahi's Red Devils   Banjo,Steel Guitar,Ukulele
Otto "Coco" Heimel   Acoustic Guitar
Dave Taylor   Bass Trombone
Calvin Dillard   Vocals
Clifford Medlock   Vocals
Roy Butin   Harp Guitar
Audley Dudley   Mandolin
Andy Iona Long   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Jerry Dodgion   Alto Saxophone
Murel Wayne Johnson   Reeds
Brown Bomber Of Swing   Vocals
Carmen Dimauro   Tenor Saxophone
George F. Dudley   Harp Guitar
Bruce Hinkson   Violin,Piccolo
Madeline Hunt Erhlich   Vocals
Mattan Ingram   Vocals
Miles Ingram   Vocals
Taft Moore   Bass
Conny Svensson   Drums
K.A. Theck   Trumpet
Phillip Ward   Guitar (Tenor)
Ivory Watson   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Heloisa Buarque De Hollanda   Vocals
Robert "Pops" Popwell   Bass
Richard Bailey   Percussion,Drums
Brad Jones   Bass

Technical Credits

Charlie Christian   Composer
Tom Coster   Composer
Leonard Feather   Producer
Stan Getz   Producer
Bob James   Producer
Earl Klugh   Producer
Bill Laswell   Producer
John Scofield   Producer,Liner Notes
Sonny Sharrock   Producer
Jimmy Mundy   Composer
Phil Upchurch   Producer
George Van Eps   Producer
Mitch Miller   Producer
George Martin   Producer
James Blood Ulmer   Producer
Art Satherley   Producer
Steven Berkowitz   Producer
Steve Beresford   Producer
Richard Bock   Producer
Bruce Botnick   Producer
Norman Granz   Producer
Kenny Burrell   Composer
Chas Chandler   Producer
Danny Davis   Producer
di Meola   Producer
Walter Donaldson   Composer
Skip Drinkwater   Producer
Manfred Eicher   Producer
Lowell Frank   Producer
Milt Gabler   Producer
R.J. Jones   Producer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Lester Koenig   Producer
Cal Lampley   Producer
Don Law   Producer
Stewart Levine   Producer
Steven Chino Lewis   Composer
Tommy LiPuma   Producer
Ronnie Light   Producer
Alfred Lion   Producer
Teo Macero   Producer
Brad McCuen   Producer
Eli Oberstein   Producer
Cole Porter   Composer
Teddy Reig   Producer
David Rubinson   Producer
Richard Seidel   Producer
Creed Taylor   Producer
Bob Thiele   Producer
Lee Townsend   Producer
Ned Washington   Composer
Victor Young   Producer
Hughes Panassie   Producer
Herman Lubinsky   Producer
G.C. Green   Composer
Michael Brooks   Producer
Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer   Producer
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
Darol Rice   Producer
Tommy Rockwell   Producer
D. Bailey   Composer
Dave Dexter   Producer
Bob Irwin   Producer
Lester Melrose   Producer
Seth Rothstein   Producer
Howard Fritzson   Art Direction
Ed Kirkeby   Producer
Charles "Prince Charles" Alexander   Liner Notes
Josh Cheuse   Art Direction,Cover Design
Matt Cavaluzzo   Vinyl Transcription
Morty Palitz   Producer
B.T. Green   Composer
Phil Boutelje   Composer
John Klenner   Composer
Dick Winfree   Composer
Andy Aledort   Liner Notes
Albert Ferreri   Producer
J. Sullivan   Composer
M. Davis   Composer
S.T. Jones   Composer
Michelle Mercier   Photo Courtesy
L. Wood   Composer
A.J. Gibbs   Composer
J. Scott Abercrombie   Composer
Abe Vélez   Packaging Manager
Uncle J. T. Young   Composer
David Kenneth McComber   Producer
John F. Hammond   Producer
Herman Rose   Producer

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