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Privatization and Public Policy

Privatization and Public Policy


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In this two-volume set, 45 contributions (dating from 1983 to 1998) focus on the public policy of privatization, a phenomenon triggered by many factors such as technological change, ideological and political considerations and budgetary pressures, and changes in the economic and political regimes. Volume I discusses methods, techniques and types of privatization; reasons and rationalizations (efficiency and development of the economy and enterprise, budgetary and financial improvements, income distribution or redistribution, and political considerations); and the political dimension. Volume II covers the impact of privatization, i.e. the redrawing of the public-private boundary, consequences of efficiency, effects on corporate governance, and political implications. Lacks a subject index. Edited by Wright (formerly Nuffield College, U. of Oxford, U.K.) and Perrotti (political science, INSEAD, France). Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Publication date: 04/01/2000
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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Part IMethods, Techniques and Types
1.'Privatisations in 1996: Another Record Year', in Camilla Sharman (ed.), International Privatisation Review 1997/98, Euromoney Publication, 2-8 (1998)3
2.'Privatisation: Recent Trends', Financial Market Trends, 66, March, 15-35 (1997)10
3.'The Nature of Privatisation in Britain, 1979-85', West European Politics, 9 (2), April, 235-52 (1986)31
4.'The Political Economy of Privatization in Southern Europe', in Derek Braddon and Deborah Foster (eds), Privatization: Social Science Themes and Perspectives, Chapter 10, Aldershot: Dartmouth, 233-60 (1996)49
5.'Major Privatization Differences between East and West', Kieler Studien: Privatization in Poland: A Comparative Perspective, Working Paper No. 248, Chapter IV, 40-46 and references (1992)77
6.'The Privatisation Experience in Eastern Europe', World Economy, 17 (4), July, 529-50 (1994)85
7.'Introduction: Mass Privatization in Comparative Perspective', in Ira W. Lieberman, Stilpon S. Nestor and Raj M. Desai (eds), Between State and Market: Mass Privatization in Transition Economies, Washington, DC: World Bank/OECD, 1-13 (1997)107
8.'Privatisation in Developing Countries: A Survey of the Issues', in Paul Cook and Colin Kirkpatrick (eds), Privatisation in Less Developed Countries, Chapter 4, Hemel Hempstead: Harvester Wheatsheaf, 91-124 (1988)120
9.'The Compatibility of Public Ownership and the Market Economy: A Great Debate in China', World Affairs, 157 (1), Summer, 38-49 (1994)154
Part IIReasons and Rationalizations
10.'Why Privatise?', in John Kay, Colin Mayer and David Thompson (eds), Privatisation and Regulation: The UK Experience, Chapter 3, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 78-93 and references ([1983]1986)169
11.'Economic Rationales for the Scope of Privatization', in Ezra N. Suleiman and John Waterbury (eds), The Political Economy of Public Sector Reform and Privatization, Chapter 3, Boulder: Westview Press, 55-87 (1990)185
12.'Property Rights and Industrial Performance', in Selling the State: Privatisation in Britain, Chapter 4, London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 77-92, 223-5 (1987)218
13.'Property Rights and Privatization', in Prospects for Privatization, Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, 36 (3), 24-35 (1987)236
14.'A Principal-Agent Approach on Manager Effort and Control in Privatized and Public Firms', in Attiat F. Ott and Keith Hartley (eds), Privatization and Economic Efficiency: A Comparative Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries, Chapter 3, Aldershot: Edward Elgar, 26-52 (1991)248
15.'The Transfer and Redefinition of Property Rights: Theoretical Analysis of Transferring Property Rights and Transformational Privatisation in the Post-STEs', Communist Economies and Economic Transformation, 4 (2), 163-89 (1992)275
16.'Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe: Models and Ideologies', in Derek Braddon and Deborah Foster (eds), Privatization: Social Science Themes and Perspectives, Chapter 11, Aldershot: Dartmouth, 261-86 (1996)302
Part IIIThe Political Dimensions
17.'Privatization and Public Choice: Lessons for the LDCs', in Dennis J. Gayle and Jonathan N. Goodrich (eds), Privatization and Deregulation in Global Perspective, Chapter 7, New York: Quorum Books, 97-108 (1990)331
18.'Path Dependence and Privatization Strategies in East-Central Europe', in Vedat Milor (ed.), Changing Political Economies: Privatization in Post-Communist and Reforming Communist States, Chapter 6, London: Lynne Rienner, 115-46 (1994)343
19.'Privatization and Basic Legal Norms', in The Privatization Challenge: A Strategic, Legal, and Institutional Analysis of International Experience, Chapter 2, Washington, DC: World Bank, 33-44 and references (1997)375
20.'Privatization, Incentives, and Economic Performance', in Horst Siebert (ed.), Privatization: Symposium in Honor of Herbert Giersch, Tubingen: J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 3-16 (1992)387
21.'The Dynamics of Policy Change: Lobbying and Water Privatization', Public Administration, 70, Summer, 157-75 (1992)401
22.'Nationalization and Privatization: A Rational-Choice Perspective on Efficiency', Journal of Public Policy, 10 (3), 267-98 (1990)420
23.'Explaining the Privatization Boom: Public Choice Versus Radical Approaches', Public Administration, 64 (1), Spring, 13-34 (1986)452
24.'Privatizing the Public Business Sector in the Eighties: Economic Performance, Partisan Responses and Divided Governments', British Journal of Political Science, 27 (4), October, 473-96 (1997)474
Name Index499
Volume 2
Part IThe Political Dimensions
1.'The Political Underpinnings of Privatization: A Typology', World Politics, 46 (2), January, 185-208 (1994)3
2.'The Treuhandanstalt and the Transition from Socialism to Capitalism', in Arthur Benz and Klaus H. Goetz (eds), A New German Public Sector? Reform, Adaptation and Stability, Chapter 5, Aldershot: Dartmouth, 93-117 (1996)27
3.'Institutional Framework for Privatization', in The Privatization Challenge: A Strategic, Legal, and Institutional Analysis of International Experience, Chapter 6, Washington, DC: World Bank, 149-201 and references (1997)52
4.'Foreign Experts, Capitalists, and Competing Agendas: Privatization in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary', Comparative Political Studies, 28 (2), July, 275-305 (1995)107
5.'Privatization of State Owned Enterprises in Africa: The Case of Ghana', Southeastern Political Review, 20 (2), 335-54 (1992)138
6.'Privatization and Ethics', in Derek Braddon and Deborah Foster (eds), Privatization: Social Science Themes and Perspectives, Chapter 2, Aldershot: Dartmouth, 17-39 (1996)158
7.'Privatization and Democratization in the Arab World: Is There a Connection?', Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, 18 (4), Winter, 427-44 (1993)181
8.'State Power, Institutional Change, and the Politics of Privatization in Russia', World Politics, 47 (2), January, 210-43 (1995)199
9.'Moral Economy and the Expansion of the Privatisation Constituency in Nigeria', Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 30 (3), November, 335-57 (1992)233
Part IIThe Impact
10.'On Measuring the Success of Privatization', in Ravi Ramamurti and Raymond Vernon (eds), Privatization and Control of State-Owned Enterprises, Chapter 4, Washington, DC: World Bank, 73-85 (1991)259
11.'Paradoxes of Privatization and Deregulation', Journal of European Public Policy, 1 (1), June, 53-69 (1994)272
12.'Arguments on Privatization', in Privatization: A Theoretical Treatment, Chapter 1, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1-16 and references (1991)289
13.'The Financial and Operating Performance of Newly Privatized Firms: An International Empirical Analysis', in Terry L. Anderson and Peter J. Hill (eds), The Privatization Process, A Worldwide Perspective, Chapter 8, Latham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 115-53 (1996)309
14.'Ownership and Performance in Competitive Environments: A Comparison of the Performance of Private, Mixed, and State-Owned Enterprises', Journal of Law and Economics, 32 (1), April, 1-33 (1989)348
15.'Efficiency Gains through Privatization of UK Industries', in Attiat F. Ott and Keith Hartley (eds), Privatization and Economic Efficiency: A Comparative Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries, Chapter 6, Aldershot; Edward Elgar, 87-107 (1991)381
16.'Privatisation in Latin America', World Economy, 17 (4), July, 509-28 (1994)402
17.'Redefining the Role of the Bourgeoisie in Dependent Capitalist Development: Privatization and Liberalization in Brazil', Latin American Perspectives, 21 (1), Winter, 72-98 (1994)422
18.'Privatization in Latin America: Lessons for Transitional Europe', World Development, 22 (9), September, 1313-23 (1994)449
19.'Political Correlates of Privatization Programs in the Middle East', Arab Studies Quarterly, 14 (2&3), Spring/Summer, 39-56 (1992)460
20.'Privatization Paradoxes in East Central Europe', East European Politics and Societies, 8 (1), Winter, 122-52 (1994)478
21.'Industrial and Banking Privatization in Western Europe: Some Public Policy Paradoxes', Jean Monnet Chair Papers 29, Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute, 7-39 (1995)509
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