The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea

by Hans Christian Andersen


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The prince is looking for a true princess to be his wife, but all the girls he meets are too rude, too vain or too greedy. One stormy night a young lady knocks on the palace door claiming to be a princess, so the queen decides to put her to the test. Will she feel the pea underneath the huge pile of mattresses?

This classic fairy tale is wonderfully brought to life with soft, colorful illustrations by popular illustrator Maja Dusíková.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

'Dusikova's pictures are full of soft edges and soft colours, with pretty architectual details and an assortment of castle denizens, including a pair of cats and a toddler in a jester's motley. A rendering to bring a smile or possibly a giggle.'
– Kirkus Reviews

'Beautifully illustrated, in a gentle and eye-catching style. It is told simply, yet brings the story to life in new ways... Children will enjoy putting their own words to this story and will be empowered to do so, even if they cannot read, by such humorous, soft and detailed pictures.'
– Early Years Educator

'This is a wonderful version of the well-known tale, illustrated with charm and humour, with images that feel expansive and expressive in their detail.'
– Juno Magazine

'This version of The Princess and the Pea... has everything, absolutely everything you could wish for... The well-known story is told eloquently and magically, with no post modern twists, just classical elegance. But it is Maja Dusikova's illustrations which make this a book sing. Beautiful, graceful, delicate, detailed, soft and luxurious, Dusikova's illustrations have tip-top fairy tale quality... An utterly delightful book, I don't know of any more charming version of this tale, traditionally told.'
– Playing By The Book

School Library Journal

PreS-K—A retelling of the classic text revealing the test of a true princess. A lonely prince journeys far and wide searching for a bride, but comes home alone and disenchanted. Then one rainy night, a self-proclaimed princess knocks on the palace door. The queen decides to test the young woman's honesty by placing a pea under 20 mattresses with 20 quilts on her bed. The next morning, when the girl proclaims how horribly she slept, the couple is married, for only a true princess could be so sensitive as to feel the pea. Dusíková's pleasing illustrations of the countryside and royal court breathe new life into a well-told tale. Lovely pastels enhance the 18th-century-like setting and dress. The addition of two well-placed cats and touches of humor add to the delight. A gentle, gratifying addition to fairy-tale collections.—C. J. Connor, Campbell County Public Library, Cold Spring, KY

Kirkus Reviews

This unadorned translation of Andersen's whimsical tale comes from a German edition of 2007. The pictures are pellucid: Readers see the prince coming home laden with paintings of various princesses who do not fit the bill. They see why on the next page: One princess is sticking out her tongue, and another is picking her nose, and so on. The king and queen are playing chess on that dark and stormy night when there is a knock at the door, and it is the king himself who trundles down the castle stairs, candle and key in hand, to let in a very damp and bedraggled princess. It is the queen who places a single pea on the bedframe and orders the 20 mattresses and 20 quilts to be laid atop it. Our heroine wakes to complain that she barely slept and is "black and blue all over!" The prince knows then he has found a real princess, and a wedding ensues. It ends with the puckish (and traditional) lines: "The pea was put in a museum, where it may still be seen. And that is a true story." Dusíková's pictures are full of soft edges and soft colors, with pretty architectural details and an assortment of castle denizens, including a pair of cats and a toddler in jester's motley. A rendering to bring a smile or possibly a giggle. (Picture book/fairy tale. 5-8)

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781725984622
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/23/2018
Pages: 26
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.07(d)
Age Range: 2 - 5 Years

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