Primal Needs

Primal Needs

by Susan Sizemore

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In New York Times bestselling author Susan Sizemore's sizzling new novel, a warrior werewolf and a beautiful vampire discover a passion that breaks every rule....

Sidonie Wolf never wanted the traditional life of a female vampire -- with her favors fought over by powerful Prime males -- but she must accept her duty to her kind, even if she's already given her heart to a werewolf she can never have. Erasing Joe Bleythin's memories of their blistering affair was necessary to keep him safe, but he sees her betrayal as unforgivable. So Sid's new assignment to work with Joe to track down supernatural terrorists is sheer torture...a shockingly delicious torture.

Joe can't believe his new role with an elite military team known as the Dark Angels has drawn him into an uneasy alliance with the woman who deceived him. Ignoring Sid, even hating her, should be easy. Instead, he wants her more fiercely than ever. Now, partnered with Sid on a dangerous mission, he'll discover just how deep desire can be -- and just how far he'll go to keep her....

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ISBN-13: 9781416562245
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication date: 12/30/2008
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 332,420
File size: 239 KB

About the Author

Susan Sizemore is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous paranormal, urban fantasy, historical, contemporary, and futuristic romances, including Primal Instincts, Primal Needs, and Primal Desires. She lives in the Midwest.

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Chapter One

December 12

San Diego, CA

Clan Wolf Citadel

"Charles? What kind of name is Charles for a vampire?"

Sid knew that her brother was trying to distract her as they waited in Matri Juanita's moon-washed garden. A faint glow lit the sky to the east of San Diego, the result of another wildfire in the mountains. At least the wind was blowing the far-off ash and smoke away from the city.

To show she appreciated Laurent's effort, she went along with the distraction. "We've had this discussion for nearly two years. I like the name Charles. It's a nice, normal name."

"Laurent's a nice, normal name," Laurent said.

"No, it isn't."

"It is for a vampire."

"What would you prefer I named him?" she asked.

"Something with gravitas. Something suitable -- "

"For melodrama?" she interrupted. "I'm sick of melodrama."

"Melodrama comes with the territory, kid. What about changing his name to Anthony?"

Sid laughed. "Oh, please! Our mother is named Antonia. My sire is named Anthony. Your own daughter is Antonia Junior."

"We call her Toni. Your kid's going to be called Chuck, you know. Chuck the Vampire. I shudder to think of it."

"What about Charlie the Vampire?" she asked.

"Almost as bad."

It had been a long time since Sid had been in this garden. The scent of night-blooming flowers brought back a lot of memories. She noticed that her fingers were twined tightly together in her lap and made a conscious effort to relax. She glanced at the house. "What's taking so long? Shouldn't they be ready by now? And why do we even have to do this in the first place?"

They were taking her baby from her, and she hated them.

Laurent put his hand over hers. "You know that this is for the best. You can't deal with Charles on your own once his fangs come out."

Mortals had no idea how terrible the terrible twos could really be. She wished she'd had a daughter. Not only did their kind need more females if they were going to remain a viable species, but young vampire females didn't turn into bloodlusting animals when their baby fangs first came in.

Testosterone poisoning started early among vampire males, and the aggression needed to be controlled, channeled. Young males needed to be civilized if they were to mature into sane Primes. They needed drill sergeants more than they did doting mothers. Or so Sid had always believed, until her own son came along. Generation upon generation of vampire mothers had been through this. The ceremony this evening was supposed to reassure her that the finest care would be taken of her baby, but...

"You weren't raised in a crèche," Sid reminded Laurent. "Mom dealt just fine with you. You turned out okay. Eventually."

"Eventually." There was no humor in the sound when he laughed. "Antonia did the best she could when she had the chance to be near me. But remember that she was a prisoner, and that I was mostly raised among a pack of Tribe young where the rule is kill or be killed. Sometimes I doubted I would make it out alive. The Clans created a safe, structured environment for our little monsters. This is best for Charles, and for you."

Sid sighed. "I'm not fighting the necessity of sending my baby away, but I hate it."

He patted her hand. "Every parent hates it."

This reminder didn't make the pain of loss any easier, but it did reinforce the necessity of this custom.

The sound of a door sliding open drew their attention and they both stood as Lady Juanita's bondmate gestured.

"Please come with me, Laurent," he said. "Please wait a few moments longer, Lady Sidonie." He bowed very formally to her, then disappeared back into the house.

"If he knew you better he wouldn't call you a lady," Laurent said.

It was the sort of lame joke brothers were supposed to make. She was called Lady Sidonie because providing the Wolf Clan with a child made her head of her own House.

"Go on in," she told Laurent. "Maybe you can get them to hurry up with this stupid ceremony. Why does Lady Juanita have to be so damn formal anyway?"

He gave her a reassuring kiss on the cheek before he left her alone in the garden.

It was only after Sid was by herself that the memories of the last time she'd been by this bench, in front of this fountain, came rushing back.

Three Years Ago

"I've been looking for you, Sidonie," Joe Bleythin said.

Sid stood. The moment she'd dreaded had finally arrived. "I thought you might be."

Joe said, "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do."

If he could joke, maybe this wouldn't be as bad as she thought. The meeting of vampires and werefolk earlier in the evening had brought out some startling revelations about the entwined histories of their species. It had also left open questions about her and Joe's relationship that Sid was reluctant to discuss.

"What can I say?" Sid asked. "I'm as surprised as you are to find out that vampires and werewolves can mate."

"Do you know that you blink when you lie?"

"I do not!"

Joe gave a harsh laugh. The air around them seemed to grow colder. "So you are lying."

Her werewolf knew her too well -- except for the things she'd made him forget. Sid turned away. "I do not want to have this conversation with you, Joseph Bleythin. At least not here and now."

"What do you know?" he demanded. "When did you know it? And for how long? And just what haven't you been telling me?"

"About the Hunyaras? I don't know any more than you do about the bad guy's claims about Cathy's family coming from a werewolf having children with a vampire." That much was true, even if...

"Your species didn't seem repulsed by the idea of mating with members of my species when the subject came up. Why was I the one who protested?"

Sid shrugged. "Well, you know Primes. Vampire males see it as their right to have sex with anything that takes their fancy. But -- "

"What about vampire females? What about you?"

"What about me?"

"How much have you lied to me about us? Why?"

His anger was shredding her. "It's complicated." She sighed. "Maybe the lesson is to never do anything for anyone else's own good, because it'll only come back and bite you on the ass."

"Explain that to me."

"Okay." She looked up at the moon rather than at Joe. "I love you."

He was silent for a long time, and she couldn't bear to look at him. She heard him pace around the fountain, then come back to her.

"I don't love you," he said.

Sid made herself look him in the eye. "Yes, you do. You just don't remember."

"What are you talking about?"

"We've been lovers, Joe. I made you forget."

After that, the shouting started.

When it was over, her life might as well have been, too.

Copyright © 2009 by Susan Sizemore

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Primal Needs 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 41 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Vampire Sidonie Wolf and werewolf Joe Bleythin fall in love. Both know their respective species outlaws a relationship between them; the penalty is death. Fearing for her Joe, Sid sacrifices her heart by modifying his memories of her and their love. Soon afterward, Joe shuts down their private investigative partnership and breaks up with her. Joe joins vampire Tobias Strahan's Dark Angels, a group dedicated to protecting paranormal species.

Meanwhile Sid's father, Antony has cherished from the shadows for six decades the human Rose; he loves her but is forbidden to do anything about his feelings by his species for the last 60 years. When someone kidnaps his Rose, Tony pleads with his daughter to save her life. She is teamed up with Dark Angel Joe to find and rescue Rose. Still angry with her for what she did to him, Joe also realizes she could not erase his love for her or conceal her love for him.

The latest Primal (see HEAT and DESIRES) urban romantic suspense fantasy is a strong tale of star crossed lovers. Sid thought she was doing what was best for Joe while he felt she betrayed their trust. Their acrimonious beginning makes vampires and werewolves seem genuine in Susan Sizemore¿s Primal realm. Fans will enjoy this refreshing second chance at love thriller,; that is if they survive the enemy and their two species.

Harriet Klausner
Amshar More than 1 year ago
A few pages into this I was just about convinced it was a part of a series because the characters had so many confusing conversations concerning previous events, relationships and customs that weren't properly explained. However, there isn't much indicating that's the case which leads me to believe that this may just have been badly written. The explanations finally came but far later than they should have, throwing off pacing and plot.

The fires that occur in the beginning of the story and the reasons for the Dark Angels being there is glossed over and never properly detailed. The actions and reasoning of the villains is also never fully explained. The events of the fire lead to Joe and Sid meeting again but the reason for continuing to be in each other's presence is so highly contrived. Joe is assigned to help Sid remember a past event (also never explained) simply by hanging around her, the fact that he never truly accomplishes this is ignored, quite possibly because it never made much sense in the first place.

In the middle, the story detours into the romance of two other characters. While they did provide the answers to some of the mysteries I couldn't help but wonder if I was still reading the same book. A whole new plot emerges in the middle and becomes the driving force, and Sid and Joe become fairly secondary. Worse yet, this subplot of a WWII romantic rescue does not fit into the rest of the plot at all. It felt like a poor attempt to fit two different stories together.
Camethyste on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Great story with lots of interesting characters. This book was a little more confusing than the last as it kept going back and forth between the past and present. I found it a bit disconcerting and harder to follow. I definitely enjoy the group of characters in this series, and would like to read more about them.
shadowseer on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book was honestly far better than I was expecting. I picked it up expecting a romance novel with supernatural elements, and instead found a book about supernatural stuff with romance. Pleasant surprise. I was having trouble picturing how there could have been 6 other books about these characters first, but in looking at some of the other reviews, I see that these weren't main characters through the others, which explains it. Still not sure I am interested in reading any of the others, but I didn't hate it, and I wouldn't avoid them if they popped up.
wyvernfriend on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Sidone Wolf wanted to be with Joe Bleythin, however the powers that be don't want that. She had to erase his memory of them and it's hard to deal with, what's harder is when they have to work together. She remembers but all he remembers is attraction, and he doesn't understand why she's starting to move away from him. I haven't read a lot of this series, but it's not a bad world creation and the characters are interesting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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