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Prices, Competition and Equilibrium

Prices, Competition and Equilibrium


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This collection of original essays by noted economists was written in honor of William Baumol. The contributors offer new insights into important topics in economics. Contents: MICROECONOMICS: Utility Generated Community Demand, J. Dow and H. Sonnenscheim; Perfect Equilibrium in the Duel, A. Dixit; A General Theory of Monopolistic Competition, J. Stiglitz; MACROECONOMICS: The New Econometrics, A. Blinder; Policy Evaluation and Rational Expectations Models, W. Buiter; Expected Fiscal Policy and the Recession, W. Branson, A. Fraga, R. Johnson; INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION: Constraint of the Acquisition Price of Capital Equipment, D. Krupka and L. White; Supervision Technology, Firm Structure and Employees' Welfare, J. Ordover; A Model of Embodied Technical Change, R. Gordon, M. Schankerman, R. Spady; FINANCIAL ECONOMICS: Dividend Payments, J. Cragg; Baumol and Finance, B. Malkiel; Investing in Plant and R&D, J. Bernstein and I. Nadiri; URBAN ECONOMICS: Incentives for Environment Protection, W. Oates; Employment Growth, E. Mills; Models and Policy, E. Bailey

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