Preserving the Arton Federation: Book I Flight of the Messenger

Preserving the Arton Federation: Book I Flight of the Messenger

by Muanita M. Mueller

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Many generations of beings ago in a galaxy far, far away, existed an unusual and complex system of eighteen planets housed within four Satar Systems - there it was far, far different from what we know today. The Arton (Federation) meant "Paradise of Light" in that long forgotten language of the lost civilization of mystics who originally settled these quadrants. At the center of the Satar Systems, was one larger ruling power orb called Tonesia, its master city was Estonia, a massive two-hundred-castle complex. Pink quartz mansions circled a majestic, single-spire cathedral of white transparent stone. At Estonia, lived distant descendants of the ancient mystics, the Guardians chosen to wear the living Power Colors - they and they alone. Those were chosen to serve; they were to watch over the Light Power Source. Tonia charged with maintaining balance and order throughout the entire galaxy as Governors, assisting planetary races by use of the Power Colors forces. Surely, there was once a time when there now-lived a being who understood the history and background of the great Power Source, but this knowledge had been lost through generations of begetting, now-living and passage. It had simply always been and would always be. Without the Light Power Source, all life would cease to exist, while such power in evil hands would mean total enslavement for all peoples. A delicate balance it was: the planets must exist for The Power to continue to be, The Power must be for the planets to exist - each Tonia knew this. Little did most beings know of the terrible battles fought for this balance to be maintained. Yet occasionally were others enlightened, as they were chosen by the Light Power Source the battle against evil to wage.

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Publication date: 07/21/2014
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