Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide


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Available for the first time in full color, the up-to-date and authoritative pregnancy guide that has sold 1.5 million copies—by recognizing that "one size fits all" doesn't apply to maternity care

Parents love this book because it puts them in control; experts love it because it's based on the latest medical research and recommendations from leading health organizations. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn provides the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions about having a safe and satisfying pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period—decisions that reflect your preferences, priorities, and values.

Unlike pregnancy guides that can overwhelm and alarm by telling you up front all the things that can possibly go wrong, this book first describes normal, healthy processes, their typical variations, and the usual care practices for monitoring them. Only then does it cover possible complications and the care practices and procedures for resolving them. Throughout, the presentation is crystal-clear, the tone is reassuring, and the voice is empowering. And the language is inclusive, reflecting today's various family configurations such as single-parent families, blended families formed by second marriages, families with gay and lesbian parents, and families formed by open adoption or surrogacy. From sensible nutrition advice to realistic birth plans, from birth doulas when desired to cesareans when needed, from reducing stress during pregnancy to caring for yourself as well as your baby after birth, this pregnancy guide speaks to today's parents-to-be like no other.

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ISBN-13: 9780738284972
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication date: 09/18/2018
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 512
Sales rank: 31,297
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Penny Simkin, a physical therapist, has been a childbirth educator and doula since 1968. She trains childbirth educators, doulas, and doula trainers and frequently conducts workshops for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

Janet Whalley, a registered nurse and lactation consultant, has been a childbirth educator since 1975.

Ann Keppler, a registered nurse, parish nurse, and lactation specialist, has taught childbirth classes and new parent classes since 1975.

Janelle Durham, a social worker, has worked with new parents since 1993. She is a birth doula, childbirth educator, and lactation educator.

April Bolding has a doctorate in physical therapy and is a childbirth educator, birth doula, water fitness instructor, and author.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Chapter 1 You're Having a Baby! 1

Pregnancy: A Time for Change and Preparation 2

Birth as a Long-Term Memory 3

Your Mother's Memories of Giving Birth 3

Making Decisions for a Satisfying Pregnancy and Birth 4

More than the Birth of a Baby 5

Chapter 2 So Many Choices 6

Informed Decision Making 8

Health-Care Coverage 10

Choosing a Birthplace 11

Choosing Your Caregiver 14

Choosing Childbirth Classes 19

All about Birth Doulas 20

Your Baby's Health Care 21

Finding Help after Your Baby's Birth 23

Ten Steps to Improve Your Chances of Having a Safe and Satisfying Birth 26

Chapter 3 Common Changes and Concerns in Pregnancy 28

Your Body's Preparation for Pregnancy 30

Conceiving Your Baby 31

Now That You're Pregnant 32

First Trimester Changes for You and Your Baby 35

Second Trimester Changes for You and Your Baby 39

Third Trimester Changes for You and Your Baby 42

Common Concerns and Considerations in Pregnancy 47

A Note to Expectant Fathers 51

Nontraditional Families 54

Special Challenges in Pregnancy 56

Chapter 4 Having a Healthy Pregnancy 58

Caring for Yourself and Your Baby during Pregnancy 60

Prenatal Care 61

Treating Illness and Discomforts during Pregnancy 70

Substances and Hazards to Avoid during Pregnancy 72

Traveling during Pregnancy 78

Chapter 5 Feeling Good and Staying Fit 80

Maintaining Good Posture and Moving with Care 82

Exercise in Pregnancy 85

Core Exercises to Prepare You for Labor 89

Postural Exercises to Align Your Body 93

Yoga Poses to Align Your Body, Mind, and Spirit 95

Comfort Measures for Common Discomforts in Pregnancy 98

Chapter 6 Eating Well 102

Good Nutrition during Pregnancy 104

Nutrients 107

Weight Gain during Pregnancy 111

Common Concerns 113

Food Safety 114

Nutrition for Special Circumstances 116

Chapter 7 When Pregnancy Becomes Complicated 118

Chronic Conditions That May Affect Your Pregnancy 120

Complications That Arise in Pregnancy 121

Preterm Labor 129

Complications with the Placenta 132

High Blood Pressure and Gestational Hypertension 133

Breech and Other Difficult Presentations 136

Diagnostic Tests 139

Chapter 8 Planning for Birth and Postpartum 142

The Importance of Planning for Birth 144

Your Birth Plan 145

Preparing Your Birth Plan 147

Your Postpartum Plan 152

Preparations for Your Baby's Birth 154

Chapter 9 When and How Labor Begins 156

The Last Weeks of Your Pregnancy 158

Key Vocabulary for Late Pregnancy and Labor 159

How to Distinguish between Prelabor and Early Labor 162

Early Labor Record 167

Chapter 10 What Childbirth Is Really Like 168

Stages and Phases of Labor 170

First Stage of Labor: Dilation 171

First Phase: Early Labor 172

Second Phase: Active Labor 178

Third Phase: Transition 184

Short, Fast Labor 187

Second Stage of Labor: Birth of Your Baby 188

Your Baby's Birth 195

Third Stage of Labor: Delivery of the Placenta 196

Fourth Stage of Labor: Recovery and Family Bonding 198

Chapter 11 Labor Pain and Options for Pain Relief 202

Why Labor Is Painful 204

Your Perception of Pain 204

Options for Pain Relief 209

Determining Your Preferences for Pain Relief 213

Preparing to Labor without Pain Medications 217

Preparing to Labor with Pain Medications 221

Chapter 12 Comfort Techniques for Pain Relief and Labor Progress 222

Finding Your Own Way to Cope with Labor Pain: The Three Rs 224

Comfort Techniques for Labor 226

Relaxation and Tension Release 232

Relaxation Techniques 234

Movement and Positions for Labor 238

Breathing Techniques as Comfort Measures 241

Comfort Techniques for Back Pain, Slow Labor, or an Extra-challenging Labor 247

Comfort Techniques for the Second Stage of Labor (Pushing) 250

Practice Time as a Rehearsal for Labor 254

Chapter 13 Medications for Pain Relief during Labor 256

Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Pain Medications 258

Key Vocabulary of Pain Medications 259

Systemic Medications 260

IV or IM Narcotics or Narcotic-Like Medications 261

Local and Regional Anesthetics 262

Regional (Neuraxial) Analgesia: Epidurals and Spinals 265

Chapter 14 When Childbirth Becomes Complicated 270

Labor Complications and Interventions 272

Pregnancy Complications That Affect Labor 273

Problems during Transition from Pregnancy to Labor 274

Challenges That Arise in Labor 284

Prolonged Second Stage of Labor 290

Problems after the Birth 293

Chapter 15 All about Cesarean Birth 298

Cesarean Birth Trends 300

Risks and Benefits of Cesarean Birth 301

The Cesarean Procedure 306

Recovery 311

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) 315

Having the Best Possible Cesarean Birth 320

Chapter 16 What Life Is Like for a New Parent 322

Your Care in the Days Following the Birth 324

Your Physical Recovery: Early Postpartum Period 325

Your Physical Recovery: Later Postpartum Period 330

Caring for Yourself after the Birth 330

Postpartum Fitness 332

Adapting to Postpartum Life 337

Factors That Influence Your Adjustment to Postpartum Life 340

Postpartum Emotional Challenges 341

Putting Parenthood into Perspective 342

Chapter 17 When Postpartum Becomes Complicated 344

Physical Challenges after the Birth 346

Traumatic Birth Experience 350

Emotional and Mental Health Challenges 351

Relationship Challenges 355

Returning to Work 357

Chapter 18 Caring for Your Baby 358

Meeting Your Baby 360

What Happens after the Birth 363

Caring for Your Baby at Home 367

Your Baby's Communication 372

Your Baby's Sleeping and Waking Patterns 375

Your Baby's Growth and Development 378

Medical Care for Your Baby 381

Babies with Special Circumstances 386

Chapter 19 Feeding Your Baby 388

What to Feed Your Baby 390

When to Feed Your Baby 393

Breastfeeding 396

Common Breastfeeding Concerns 410

Expressing and Storing Breast Milk 412

Feeding Your Baby Expressed Breast Milk or Supplemental Formula 414

Formula-Feeding 418

Chapter 20 When Breastfeeding Becomes Challenging 420

Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions 422

Situations That May Make Breastfeeding Challenging 427

Working Outside the Home 430

Relactation 431

Sometimes, It's Okay to Quit 431

Chapter 21 When You're Pregnant Again 432

What to Expect with This Pregnancy and Birth 434

Your Emotional Reactions to Having Another Baby 435

Including Your Child in Your Pregnancy 435

Including Your Child at the Birth 438

Helping Your Child Adjust to the New Baby 440

Appendixes 443

Road Map of Labor 444

Summary of Normal Labor 446

Recommended Resources 451

Notes 455

Glossary 469

Index 479

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