Praise in His Presence Live

Praise in His Presence Live



Recorded live in February 2002 at Nashville's Mt. Zion Baptist Church, this is pure soul-gospel joy that can be summed up in the simple but powerful declaration of "I Love to Praise Him," which blends the church's huge choir with the intense, sometimes manic lead vocal of guest artist Marvin Sapp. Most of the songs are familiar to the gospel catalog, and the handful of mainstream modern praise & worship songs ("Lord I Lift Your Name on High") are given feisty, spruced-up treatments. Not every tune works quite as well. The reggae-tinged "In His Presence" has a singsongy quality that gets old quickly, and "That's What Jesus Is to Me" lies a bit flat surrounded by the general energy of the disc. The handful of sermon-like song introductions probably worked better in person than between the songs on disc. These minor inconveniences aside, this is a quintessential modern live worship experience and a true credit to its genre.

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Release Date: 08/06/2002
Label: Harborwood Records
UPC: 0012414051226
catalogNumber: 40512

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Terry Baker   Drums
Andy Evans   Tenor (Vocal)
Hodges, James & Smith   Bass
Ralph Lofton   Organ
Erica Miller   Alto (Vocal)
Otis Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
Charles Willis   Guitar
Mary McDonald   Tenor (Vocal)
Phyllis Smith   Soprano (Vocal)
Paul Wright   Keyboards
Jimmy Hodges   Drums
Fred Vaughn   Piano
Michael Porter   Tenor (Vocal)
Patricia Scott   Soprano (Vocal)
Alma Jackson   Alto (Vocal)
Ceesha Wilson-Hogg   Choir Director
Sherrie Kibble   Soprano (Vocal)
Tracey Anderson   Tenor (Vocal)
Shawn McClain   Soprano (Vocal)
Simeon Baker   Bass
Boyz 'N Barry   Horn
Carlton Glenn   Tenor (Vocal)
Shandra Bennet   Soprano (Vocal)
Tracy Williams   Alto (Vocal)
Reginald Wilson   Drums
Craig Tracy   Alto (Vocal)
Mark P. Hough   Bass
Shauna Campbell   Soprano (Vocal)
Timothy A. Beasley   Choir Director
Dwan Bell   Alto (Vocal)
Reva Bell   Alto (Vocal)
Cassandra T. Biles   Soprano (Vocal)
Veronica Whitaker   Alto (Vocal)
Myron Watkins   Keyboards
Nadine D. Walker   Tenor (Vocal)
Chitiqua Walker   Soprano (Vocal)
Shawana Brown   Alto (Vocal)
Evelyn D. Campbell   Soprano (Vocal)
Yvonne Cartwright   Alto (Vocal)
Deborah M. Chisom   Alto (Vocal)
Erica Chisom   Alto (Vocal)
Shaniqua Chisom   Soprano (Vocal)
Leroy Cunningham   Tenor (Vocal)
Lacresha Frierson   Soprano (Vocal)
Felicia Gray   Alto (Vocal)
Stephanie A. Green   Alto (Vocal)
James W. Jr. Hampton   Tenor (Vocal)
Janaar Harbor   Guitar
Henrietta D. Hardin   Soprano (Vocal)
Japho Hardin   Tenor (Vocal)
Faye Lewis Harper   Soprano (Vocal)
Harriet M. Hickson   Tenor (Vocal)
Cleshette Hudson   Alto (Vocal)
Coreatha Knox   Soprano (Vocal)
Priscilla Lewis   Alto (Vocal)
Marylouise L. Lowe   Alto (Vocal)
Kimberly Mont   Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
K. P. Mull   Saxophone
Veronica Oatis   Tenor (Vocal)
Cheri M. Patton   Soprano (Vocal)
Aija Penix   Alto (Vocal)
Wanda Phillips   Tenor (Vocal)
Dana Dixon   Tenor (Vocal)
Celena Pitts   Soprano (Vocal)
Delano Porchia   Tenor (Vocal)
Grace M. Sawyers   Soprano (Vocal)
Lolita Sawyers   Tenor (Vocal)
Tara Sweatt   Alto (Vocal)
Ronald Edwards   Tenor (Vocal)
Kendra Carr   Vocals,Soprano (Vocal)
John III Baker   Saxophone
Denetra Batey   Soprano (Vocal)
Darryl Beech   Tenor (Vocal)
Shonda Benson   Soprano (Vocal)
Felicia M. Butler   Tenor (Vocal)
Dawn Cole   Alto (Vocal)
Pamela E. Crutcher   Alto (Vocal)
Rose Daugherty   Soprano (Vocal)
Randy Gates   Tenor (Vocal)
Alton Gibson   Organ
Renee Glenn   Soprano (Vocal)
Timothy Goins   Tenor (Vocal)
Consuela D. Greene   Soprano (Vocal)
Natalie Hunt   Alto (Vocal)
Elain J. Jackman   Alto (Vocal)
Mary Ann Johnson   Soprano (Vocal)
Aneesha Jones   Tenor (Vocal)
Laura Kelley   Alto (Vocal)
Shirley Lockridge   Alto (Vocal)
Floy Lovell   Alto (Vocal)
Yarcheka Marable   Soprano (Vocal)
Vevlon McMurray   Soprano (Vocal)
Darlena Y. Minor   Alto (Vocal)
Jason Patton   Keyboards
Lisa Phillips   Alto (Vocal)
Sharon Ragsdale   Alto (Vocal)
Ellen A. Reynolds   Soprano (Vocal)
Sabrenia Russell   Soprano (Vocal)
Margaret Lee Steele   Alto (Vocal)
Wendy Sweatt   Soprano (Vocal)
Veronica Turner   Alto (Vocal)
Camille Walker   Alto (Vocal)
Tawana Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Shareeah R. Woods   Soprano (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Terry Baker   Arranger
Ralph Lofton   Arranger,Producer,Minister of Music,Music Direction
Shandra Penix   Contributor
Charles Willis   Arranger
Paul Wright   Arranger,Producer,Executive Producer
Elizabeth Workman   Art Direction
Fred Vaughn   Arranger,Producer
Allen Ditto   overdub engineer
Alan Litten   Engineer,overdub engineer
Renee Craig   Contributor
Simeon Baker   Arranger
Boyz 'N Barry   Horn Arrangements
Antonio Meeks   Contributor
Lacresha Frierson   Section Leader
Marylouise L. Lowe   Section Leader
LaShonda Patton   Contributor
Randy Gates   Section Leader
Victor Hanvah   Contributor

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