Practices of Gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Practices of Gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe


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This collection argues that gender must be considered as both an approach to history, and as a reflection of the deep workings of the lived, historical past. The sixteen original essays explore social and cultural expressions of gender in Europe from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries. They examine theories and practices of gender in domestic, religious, and political contexts, including the Reformation, the convent, the workplace, witchcraft, the household, literacy, the arts, intellectual spheres, and cultures of violence and memory. The volume exposes the myriad ways in which gender was actually experienced, together with the strategies used by individual men and women to negotiate resilient patriarchal structures. Overall, the collection opens up new synergies for thinking about gender as a category of historical analysis and as a set of experiences central to late medieval and early modern Europe.

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ISBN-13: 9782503523361
Publisher: Brepols Publishers
Publication date: 04/15/2009
Series: Late Medieval and Early Modern Studies Series , #11
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.70(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations vii

Introduction Megan Cassidy-Welch Peter Sherlock 1

Gender Theory and the Study of Early-Modern Europe Merry Wiesner-Hanks 7

Pushing the Boundaries: Argula von Grumbach as a Lutheran Laywoman, 1492-1556/7 Peter Matheson 25

A Woman's Path to Literary: The Letters of Margherita Datini, 1384-1410 Carolyn James 43

Convent Culture in Early-Modern Italy: Laywomen and Religious Subversiveness in a Neapolitan Convent Camilla Russell 57

Gender, Hybridity, and Violence on the Frontiers of Late-Medieval and Early-Modern Ireland Dianne Hall Elizabeth Malcolm 77

The Queen's Three Bodies: Gender, Criminality, and Sovereignty in the Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots Rayne Allinson 99

The Royal Art of Conjugal Discord: A Satirical Double Portrait of Francis I and Eleanor of Austria Lisa Mansfield 117

Engendering Lust in Early-Modern Italy: Pisanello's Luxuria Catherine Kovesi 137

Cornelius Agrippa's School of Love: Teaching Plato's Symposium at the Renaissance University Grantley Mcdonald 151

'The richest man in Italy': Aldo Manuzio and the Value of Male Friendships Rosa Salzberg 177

Women, Work, and Power in the Female Guilds of Rouen Susan Broomhall 199

Textile Workers, Gender, and the Organization of Production in the Pre-Industrial Dutch Republic Elise Van Nederveen Meerkerk 215

Charitable Bodies: Clothing as Charity in Early-Modern Rural England Dolly Mackinnon 235

Commemorating a Mortal Goddess: Maria Salviati de' Medici and the Cultural Politics of Duke Cosimo I Natalie Tomas 261

Patriarchal Memory: Monuments in Early-Modern England Peter Sherlock 279

Agency, Women, and Witchcraft in Early-ModernEngland: Rye, 1607-11 Elizabeth Kent 301

Reflecting and Creating Gender in Late-Medieval and Early-Modern Europe Megan Cassidy-Welch Peter Sherlock 317

List of Contributors 327

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