Powder Coating: A How-to Guide for Automotive, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Parts

Powder Coating: A How-to Guide for Automotive, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Parts

by Jeffery Zurschmeide


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Most metals, including steel, cast iron, and aluminum can be powder coated. With powder coating, these parts look brilliant and don't rust, corrode, or deteriorate. Powder coating is an attractive, tough, and resilient finish that is used to protect and preserve metals. Powder-coating specialist and seasoned author Jeffrey Zurschmeide explains the process, principles, and options, so you can powder coat all your favorite parts and components.

More durable than paint, many car owners choose to powder coat the frame, suspension, and other parts to withstand extreme conditions and the elements. Zurschmeide profiles all of the equipment, supplies, and popular kits required for powder coating parts. He explains how to set up and ventilate your workshop for powder coating. He then shows you how to properly clean the part (which includes chemical strippers, wire brushes, media blasting, and sanding media), spray with a media gun, and then cure with heat. He compares and contrasts several popular kits and explains how they function and perform. A wide range of powders and powder-coating chemicals are available, and he explains the attributes of each, as well as what to expect for results.

Powder coating at home is safe, affordable, and easy to do with the right information. Moreover, powder coating has a number of applications, including automotive, motorsports, household, and more. While powder coating has had limited coverage in several other books, this book is dedicated to the process and this is the authoritative guide that covers equipment, products, and the process from beginning to end.

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ISBN-13: 9781613251423
Publisher: CarTech, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/15/2015
Series: Sa Design
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 375,522
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Jeff Zurschmeide is a freelance automotive journalist and the author of four other titles from CarTech Books. His work appears regularly in Forever MX-5, MazdaSport, and Subiesport magazines, as well as newspapers and magazines nationwide.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 4
About the Author 4
Introduction 5

Chapter 1: Powder Coating Fundamentals 7
The Chemistry of Powder Coating 8
The Physics of Powder Coating 10
Powder Coating Color and Composition 10
Powder Coating Options 11
Technologies Related to Powder Coating 15
How to Achieve Good Results 20

Chapter 2: Creating a Workspace 22
Infrastructure Requirements 22
Project: Low-Cost Heavy-Duty Workbench 26
Protect Your Surroundings 28
Project: Benchtop Powder Coating Booth 28
Project: Large Powder Coating Booth 30
Compressed Air 33
Types of Curing Ovens 36
Curing Techniques 38
Project: Outside Oven Installation 39
Project: 240-Volt Range Outlet Circuit Installation 41
Curing Racks, Supports and Hangers 43
Project: Custom Oven Stand 44
Powder Coating Equipment 46

Chapter 3: Chemical Parts Cleaning 49
Cleaning Agents and Solutions 52
Rust Removal 55
Commercial Chemical Dipping 57
Project: Removing Multiple Paint Layers 58
Project: Powder Coating a Dirty, Unprepped Part 61

Chapter 4: Mechanical Parts Cleaning 64
Brushes 64
Wire Wheels 65
Grinders 65
Sanding 67
Media Blasting 67
Project: Media Blast Cabinet Installation 70
Rust Removal 71

Chapter 5: Parts Cleaning Equipment 73
Parts Washers 73
Project: Using a Kitchen Dishwasher 75
Project: Testing Different Cleansers 76
Project: Dishwasher Installation 79

Chapter 6: Cleaning and Repairing Specific Metals 81
Iron and Steel 81
Aluminum 84
Other Materials 85
Repairing Holes, Cracks and Divots Before Coating 86

Chapter 7: Supplies, Equipment and Preparation 93
Purchasing a Powder Coating Kit 93
Evaluating Home Powder Coating Systems 95
Purchasing Powder and Supplies 98
Evaluating Powder Sources 99

Chapter 8: Powder Coating Procedure 102
Masking and Plugging Parts 102
Hanging Parts for Better Coating 106
Handling Coated Parts 107
Recovering from Mistakes 108
Cleanup 111
Project: Powder Coat Application 112
Curing the Powder Coating 114
Metallic Powder 117
Wrinkle Finish 118
Miscellaneous Coating Challenges 120

Source Guide 128

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