Portraits of Old Russia: Imagined Lives of Ordinary People, 1300-1745

Portraits of Old Russia: Imagined Lives of Ordinary People, 1300-1745

by Donald Ostrowski, Marshall T. Poe

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This book introduces readers to a little-known place and time in world history – early modern Russia, from its beginnings as Muscovy, in the fourteenth century, through the reign of Peter I (1689-1725) – by portraying the lives of representative individuals from the major levels of the society of that era. The portraits, written by professional historians, are imaginative reconstructions or composites of individual lives, rather than biographies. The portraits are arranged into socio-political categories, and include members of ruling families, government servitors, clerks, military personnel, church prelates, monks, provincial landowners, townspeople and artisans, Siberian explorers and traders, free peasants, serfs, slaves and holy fools. Using these portraits, the book brings old Russian society to life in an interesting way.

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Publication date: 07/17/2015
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Table of Contents

Chronology of Old Russia from 1304 to 1725 vii

Map of Muscovy xxii

Introduction Donald Ostrowski xxiii

I Members of Ruling Families

1 Anna Koltovskaia: A Russian Tsaritsa Russell E. Martin 3

2 Memoir of a Tatar Prince: Ismail ibn Ahmed Donald Ostrowski 14

3 Gleb Vasilievich: A Prince in Fourteenth-Century Yaroslavl Lawrence N. Langer 24

II Government Servitors

4 A Dialogue Between Two Seventeenth-Century Boyars Marshall T. Poe 37

5 The Power of Knowledge: Vita of the Secretary Andrei Putilov Sergei Bogatyrev 44

6 Larka the Clerk Peter B. Brown 56

III Military Personnel

7 "My Brilliant Career": Autobiography of a Career Army Officer Carol B. Stevens 71

8 The Life of a Foreign Mercenary Officer W.M. Reger IV 81

9 Vasilii Zotov: A Military Colonist on the Southern Frontier Brian Davies 92

IV Church Prelates

10 A Seventeenth-Century Prelate: Metropolitan Pavel of Sarai and the Don Cathy J. Potter 105

11 Vasilii Kalika, Archbishop of Novgorod (r. 1330-52) Michael C. Paul 116

V Monks

12 Holy Images for the Grand Prince Michael S. Flier 129

13 Three Scholars at the Kirillo-Belozersk Monastery: A Teacher, a Student, and a Librarian Robert Romanchuk 139

14 Greeks in Seventeenth-Century Russia Nikolaos A. Chrissidis 154

15 Akakii Balandin of Novgorod-Volotovo and Solovki Monasteries (1526-95) David M. Goldfrank 165

VI Provincial Landowners, Artisans, and Townspeople

16 Provincial Landowners as Litigants Nancy S. Kollmann 179

17 Artisans: The Prokofiev Family J.T. Kotilaine 188

18 A Poor Townswoman Accused of Witchcraft Valerie Kivelson 198

VII Siberian Explorer and Trader

19 S.U. Remezov, Cossack Adventurer, and the Opening of Siberia Christoph Witzenrath 209

20 A Siberian Trader: Urasko Kaibulin Erika Monahan 222

VIII Peasants, Slaves, Serfs, and Holy Fools

21 The Parfiev Family: Northern Free Peasants Jennifer B. Spock 233

22 Muscovite Lives: A Slave and a Serf Richard Hellie 243

23 Dunia, a Fool for Christ Hugh M. Olmsted 252

Glossary Hugh M. Olmsted 271

On the Use and History of Personal Names in Muscovy Hugh M. Olmsted 279

Transcription and Pronunciation Guide for Russian Names Hugh M. Olmsted 291

About the Editors and the Contributors 301

Index 307

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