Portrait Mastery in Black & White: Learn the Signature Style of a Legendary Photographer

Portrait Mastery in Black & White: Learn the Signature Style of a Legendary Photographer

by Tim Kelly

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Tim Kelly is a Master Photographer whose portrait work has inspired people in the portrait photography industry since the 1980s. His work has a classic, polished quality that beautifully depicts the personality of each subject, with no gimmicks. His style is reliant on careful camera technique, flawless lighting, and an uncanny ability to coax the most flattering-possible pose from every man, woman, and child who steps in front of his camera.

In this book, Tim Kelly presents 60 of his most impressive and diverse black&white portrait images of men, women, children, and groups. For each of the sixty images, readers will get a deconstructive look at every aspect of building the image, from the ground up. Kelly will discuss the creative concept behind his images and share the gear, exposure, lighting, and posing strategies he learned to create gorgeous black&white portraiture with an exquisite tonal range, beautiful, form-flattering highlights and shadows, and both refined and comfortable poses that invite the viewer to study the image frame.

This book contains all of the information you need to create standout black&white portraiture–from conceptualization, to posing and lighting, to postproduction and printing options.

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Publication date: 01/19/2015
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About the Author

Celebrating over forty years in professional photography, Tim Kelly, M.Photog.Cr., F-ASP, has participated in the cutting edge of several of photography’s landmark advances. A teacher and mentor to portrait photographers for a generation, he has worked in nearly every specialty of the industry. Before soloing as a portrait only artist, there were thousands of high end weddings, large scale product and advertising photographs, NYC area fashion, corporate and industrial images for the very biggest companies, seniors and undergrads by the tens of thousands. In addition to all this, Tim has always owned a lab, processing, printing and retouching all of his own work in-house with the help of full time staff. Tim still produces his entire signature bearing portraits himself, assuring their collectable value.

Most of professional photography knows Tim’s name and reputation; he has contributed to, or been featured in all the major trade magazine and over two dozen books. Tim has been one of the industry’s most prolific and sought after authors and experienced educators, influencing much of today’s top talent. He recently launched his new mentoring website, wwwphotoportraitGURU.com and maintains www.timkellyportraits.com, where his educational DVDs are sold worldwide.

Tim is an artist who has enjoyed success in several mediums including graphic design, oil painting, drawing and etching in addition to music and photography. He considers himself a “blessed man”, having been able to sustain a great career doing the very thing he loves the most: photographic fine-art portraiture.

Among Tim’s honors are being inducted into Cameracraftsmen of America, the International Society of Portrait Artists, a three-time recipient of the Kodak Gallery Elite Award, dozens of Kodak Gallery Awards, multiple Epcot Awards, and is a two-time recipient of the Becker Award, Florida’s highest imaging honor.

Table of Contents

1 Man and His Guitar 6

Lighting, Composition, Old School

2 Young Woman with Daisies 8

Elegance, Lighting, Backgrounds, Shooting

3 Bride with Lace 10

A Brighter, Overexposed Feel; Glamour Light, Shooting

4 Seated Bridal Portrait 12

Customize the Lighting, Lighting Reversal

5 The Thirteenth Frame 14

Lighting and Shooting, A Real Moment

6 Short Lighting 16

A Classic Look, Lighting, The Gospel According to Tim

7 Publicity Photograph 18

Lighting and Posing

8 Dad and His Daughter 20

Beyond the Expected, A Genuine Moment, Lighting the Background, A Special Reward

9 The Blue Gown 22

A Little More Drama, Lighting, Camera and Settings, A Tiny Bit of Randomness

10 Plain and Fancy 24

Stronger Together, Shooting Film and Digital

11 The Portraitist 26

Camera, Lighting and Prop, Design

12 Ballerina on Pointe 28

Lighting, Watch the Floor, The Purest Version of the Subject, Camera and Settings

13 Grandpa and Granddaughter 30

Heirloom Portraits, A Legacy, Lighting

14 The Baseball Player 32

After the Dolor Portraits, Shooting and Lighting, Converting to Black & White

15 Boy Scout 34

On a Box, Polaroid

16 Solace 36

An Opposite Take, Lighting, Award-Winners

17 The Corner Set 38

Dual Purposes, Corner Sets, Lighting and Shooting, Corner Setup

18 Senior Portrait Outtake 40

Outfakes, Watch from All Angles, Lighting and Shooting

19 Outdoor Family Portrait 42

Maximum Sales Potential, Lighting

20 The Look of Window Light 44

An iconic Look, Lighting, Shooting

21 Let It Go! 46

Capture the Fun, Lighting, Shooting

22 The Immigrant 48

A Discerning Client, Branding, Pose and Expression, Lighting and Shooting, The Image Title

23 The Band 50

Mature-But Still Cool, Posing and Setup, Lighting and Shooting

24 And Baby Makes Three 52

Light on Dark, Lighting and Posing

25 Speak No Evil 54

High Fidelity, Lighting and Shooting

26 Publicity Photo: Radio Personality 56

Lighting and Shooting, The Background Light

27 A Retro Portrait 58

Classic Hollywood, Lighting and Shooting

28 The Heirloom Factor 60

Shoot a Little Extra, An Individual Study, Lighting and Shooting

29 Bride with Calla Lilies 62

Props and Background, Pose and Lighting, Shooting and Acclaim

30 A Model Little Boy on a Chair 64

Posing, Props, Lighting, Get Their Attention, Backdrop

31 Three Generations 66

A More Casual Look, Lighting, Shooting

32 The Conductor 68

All About the Face, Lighting and Shooting, Critique?

33 A Sculpted Senior Portrait 70

Sculpting a Physique, Cropping, Shooting

34 Photographing a Photographer 72

Quick Session, Big Results; What Makes a Portrait Strong, Lighting and Shooting, Pose and Expression

35 Love of the Father 74

Pose, Lighting, Background Control Is Critical

36 Mr. Bell 76

A Film Jest, Exposure, The Gospel According to Tim

37 Beyond Mom's Requests 78

Shooting, Cropping, The Gospel According to Tim

38 The Equestrain Project 80

Lighting and Shooting, Background and Props

39 The Optometrist 82

Ready for Anything, Lighting and Shooting, A Rewarding Addition

40 One-Light Senior Portrait 84

Setting, Lighting and Shooting, A Useful Prop

41 Innovative Senior Drape 86

Concept and Composition, Lighting

42 Photographing the Athlete 88

A "Brick" Wall, Lighting and Shooting, Postproduction

43 A Mother's Day Portrait 90

Annual Tradition, Lighting and Shooting, Emphasizing the Faces

44 Hero Worship 92

A Timeless Investment, The Light on the Eyes, Posing and Composition, Lighting and Shooting

45 Sleeveless Can Be Challenging 94

Guys vs. Girls, Prop and Background, Lighting

46 Some Lighting Takes Extra Effort 96

A Challenging Clothing Selection, Posing, Lighting

47 Senior Pearls 98

Lighting, Pose and Backdrop

48 Profile 100

Profile Lighting, A Little Imperfection Makes It Better

49 Classic Family Portrait 102

Setting Up the Shot, Lighting

50 The Pro 104

Clothing and Posing, Lighting and Shooting, Perfection?

51 Lo-Fi Black & White 106

A Vintage Feel, Lighting and Shooting

52 Group Portrait for Mom 108

Challenges and Refinements, Lighting and Shooting

53 Give Him a Hug! 110

Find an Ally, The Very Fruit, Lighting and Shooting

54 Tracee and C.C 112

Style, Lighting and Shooting, My Pick, Large Format

55 Funk Master 114

A Well-Suited Prop, Lighting, Shooting Film

56 An Authentic Look 116

Inspiration Strikes, Larger Prints

57 A Refreshing Addition 118

Simple and Flattering, Lighting and Exposure, Posing and Lens Selection

58 A Special Maternity Portrait 120

Classic and Profitable, Digital Is My Polaroid, Awards

59 The Pianist 122

Impact, Drama, Fidelity; Lighting and Shooting, Classic Is Classic

60 Serious and Silly 124

A Subdued Moment, Kids Having Fun, Props

Index 126

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