Poptopia! 70's Power Pop Classics

Poptopia! 70's Power Pop Classics


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Named after an annual power-pop festival in the Los Angeles, Rhino's three-disc Poptopia! Power Pop Classics series attempts to chronicle power pop's evolution from its '70s roots to its '90s incarnation as a cult genre. Power pop, in many ways, is the ultimate cult music: it has a specific sound, a strict songwriting formula, and a small number of classic artists. In other words, it's a genre that lends itself easily to an anthology -- it's possible to feature both the classics and a number of obscure gems on one compact disc. The first volume of Poptopia proves this point, as it skillfully balances the familiar with the relatively unknown. Over the course of 18 tracks, the album features all of the key power-pop bands, from the Raspberries ("Go All the Way") and Big Star ("September Gurls") to Cheap Trick ("Come On, Come On") and 20/20 ("Yellow Pills"). Nearly every artist is represented by one of their big songs, with the notable exception of Badfinger, whose Capitol material wasn't available due to licensing restrictions. As a result, Poptopia! Power Pop Classics of the '70s is a basic primer on the genre, offering every major artist and many of the great songs that provided power pop with its foundation, including Nick Lowe ("Cruel to Be Kind"), the Dwight Twilley Band ("I'm on Fire"), Flamin' Groovies ("Shake Some Action"), Todd Rundgren ("Couldn't I Just Tell You"), the Knack ("Good Girls Don't"), Bram Tchaikovsky ("Girl of My Dreams"), the Shoes ("Too Late"), Pezband ("Baby It's Cold Outside"), the Rubinoos ("I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"), and the Records ("Starry Eyes"). Any serious power pop fan, and many casual listeners as well, will have everything here, but this is where the curious should start.

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Release Date: 05/27/1997
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227272821
catalogNumber: 72728

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Badfinger   Track Performer
Big Star   Track Performer
Eric Carmen   Bass,Piano,Vocals
Cheap Trick   Track Performer
Alex Chilton   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Edmunds   Guitar,Vocals
Flamin' Groovies   Track Performer
Knack   Track Performer
Mike Oldfield   Tubular Bells
Raspberries   Track Performer
Records   Track Performer
Todd Rundgren   Vocals,Multi Instruments,Track Performer
Shoes   Track Performer
Dwight Twilley   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Beat   Track Performer
Blue Ash   Track Performer
Paul Collins   Guitar,Vocals
Fotomaker   Track Performer
Pezband   Track Performer
Rubinoos   Track Performer
Phil Seymour   Bass,Drums,Vocals
Bram Tchaikovsky   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
20/20   Track Performer
Joey Molland   Guitar,Vocals
Robin Zander   Guitar,Vocals
Royse Ader   Bass,Vocals
George Alexander   Bass,Vocals
Bill Bartolin   Guitar,Vocals
Mimi Betinis   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Will Birch   Drums
Jim Bonfanti   Drums,Vocals
Keith Boyce   Percussion,Drums
Billy Bremner   Guitar,Vocals
Micky Broadbent   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Wally Bryson   Guitar,Vocals
Bun E. Carlos   Drums
Gene Cornish   Bass,Vocals
Dino Danelli   Drums
Tommy Dunbar   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Tom Evans   Bass,Vocals
Larry Fast   Synthesizer
James Ferrell   Guitar
Doug Fieger   Guitar,Vocals
Ron Flynt   Bass,Vocals
Mike Gallo   Drums
Bruce Gary   Drums
Mike Gibbins   Drums,Keyboards,Vocals
Mike Gorman   Bass,Vocals
Huw Gower   Guitar,Vocals
John Grazier   Organ
Pete Ham   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Steve Huff   Bass,Vocals
Andy Hummel   Bass
Cyril Jordan   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Kendzor   Guitar,Vocals
Gary Klebe   Guitar,Vocals
Nick Lowe   Bass,Vocals,Track Performer
Lex Marchesi   Guitar,Vocals
Skip Meyer   Drums,Vocals
Jeff Murphy   Guitar,Vocals
John Murphy   Bass,Vocals
Rick Nielsen   Guitar,Vocals
Prescott Niles   Bass
Bill Pitcock   Guitar
Mick Rain   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Michael Ruiz   Percussion,Drums
Frank Secich   Bass,Vocals
Chris Silagyi   Synthesizer,Guitar,Vocals
Donn Spindt   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Jody Stephens   Drums,Vocals
Frankie Vinci   Keyboards,Vocals
Larry Whitman   Guitar,Vocals
Terry Williams   Drums
Chris Wilson   Guitar,Vocals
Tommy Gauvenda   Guitar
David Evans   Drums,Vocals
John Wicks   Guitar,Vocals
Dwight Twilley Band   Track Performer
Tom Petersson   Bass,Vocals
David Wright   Drums
Jon Rubin   Guitar,Vocals
Phil Brown   Bass,Vocals
Johnny "Tub" Johnson   Bass
Steve Allen   Guitar,Vocals
John Payne   Saxophone
David Smalley   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Gary Stewart   Producer
Eric Carmen   Composer
Alex Chilton   Producer
Dave Edmunds   Producer
Ted Nugent   Composer
Todd Rundgren   Producer
Dwight Twilley   Producer
Nick Garvey   Producer
Phil Seymour   Producer
Bram Tchaikovsky   Producer
Frank Loesser   Composer
Howard Albert   Producer
Ron Albert   Producer
Will Birch   Producer
Bruce Botnick   Producer
Harold Bronson   Producer
Tommy Dunbar   Composer
John Fry   Producer
Stephan Galfas   Producer
John Grazier   Producer
Andy Hummel   Producer
Bill Inglot   Producer
Dave Kapp   Producer
Matthew King Kaufman   Producer
Eddie Kramer   Producer
Mike Lewis   String Arrangements
Nick Lowe   Producer
Earle Mankey   Producer
David McLees   Producer
Gary Peterson   Producer
Jody Stephens   Producer
Dennis Weinreich   Producer
Tom Werman   Producer
Peter Ker   Producer
Jim Neill   Producer
Chris Thomas   Producer
Rachel Gutek   Producer
Patrick Milligan   Producer
Mike Chapman   Producer
Steve Poltorak   Producer
David Gorman   Producer
John Hagelston   Producer
James Gangwer   Composer
Mike Stone   Producer

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