Politics Is...

Politics Is...

by DK


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What is populism? Is communism the same in China and Cuba? What makes a democracy? If you're not sure, this is the book for you! Look inside to find out why politics matters, and how its ideas shape our world.

How do ideas make the world go round? What is populism? What are the political left and right? What's the difference between capitalism and communism, or democracy and dictatorship? Who really holds the power? Can everyone have freedom of speech? And what does all this mean for you?

Find out the answers in this book, which unpacks the complicated language and often messy world of politics.

Politics is... looks at the beliefs of political thinkers, leaders, and activists from around the world, covers the key branches of government, and examines authority. While focusing on contemporary issues, the book also traces the history of politics. It explains the ideas and "-isms" that shape our world as well as investigating the role of external factors, such as protest and the media, in political decision-making.

Whether you're studying politics or not, if you're not sure whether politics matters or why your vote counts, get your hands on this thought-provoking book—it defines the big ideas you need to know and provides inspiration for analyzing, interrogating, and changing your world.

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ISBN-13: 9781465491435
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 06/30/2020
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 682,907
Product dimensions: 7.25(w) x 9.19(h) x 0.51(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

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Table of Contents

Foreword Professor Paul Kelly 06

What is politics? 08

What is politics for? 10

Types of Government

Who's in charge? 14

Monarchy is… 16

The French Revolution 18

Theocracy is… 20

The Iranian Revolution 22

Dictatorship is… 24

Totalitarianism is… 26

Power on parade 28

Oligarchy is… 30

Democracy is… 32

Nelson Mandela 34

Anarchism is… 36

Political Ideologies

What's the big idea? 40

Socialism is… 42

Karl Marx 44

Communism is… 46

Tiananmen Square 48

Liberalism is… 50

Capitalism is… 52

Fall of the Berlin Wall 54

Neold3Eralism is… 56

Conservatism is… 58

Fascism is… 60

Hitler's rise to power 62

Populism is… 64

The election of 66

State and Society

How does democracy work? 70

A Constitution is… 72

Birth of the US Constitution 74

Human Rights are… 76

Montgomery bus boycott 78

Separation of Powers is… 80

Political Debate is… 82

An Election is… 84

Elections in India 86

Suffrage is… 88

Mary Wollstonecraft 90

Federalism is… 92

A Coup D'État is… 94

People Power

How can I get involved? 98

Free Speech is… 100

The Media is… 102

Activism is… 104

Che Guevara 106

Envtronmentalism is… 108

Climate strike 110

Feminism is… 112

Votes for women 114

Multiculturalism is… 116

Terrorism is… 118

Revolution is… 120

The Arab Spring 122

International Relations

Does politics cross borders? 126

Imperialism is… 128

Mahatma Gandhi 130

Nationalism is… 132

Catalan separatism 134

Geopolitics is… 136

War is… 138

The Iraq War 140

Globalization is 142

Rohingya migration 144

International Organizations are… 146

Democracy in the U.S. 148

Democracy in Canada 150

Glossary 154

Index and acknowledgments 156

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