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Politics and Government in Israel: The Maturation of a Modern State / Edition 1

Politics and Government in Israel: The Maturation of a Modern State / Edition 1

by Gregory S. MahlerGregory S. Mahler


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This balanced and comprehensive text explores Israeli government and politics from both institutional and behavioral perspectives. After briefly discussing Israel’s history and the early development of the state, Gregory Mahler then examines the social, religious, economic, cultural, and military contexts within which Israeli politics takes place. He makes special note of Israel’s geopolitical situation of sharing borders with, and being proximate to, several hostile Arab nations. The book explains the operation of political institutions and behavior in Israeli domestic politics, including the constitutional system and ideology, parliamentary government, the prime minister and the Knesset, political parties and interest groups, the electoral process and voting behavior, and the machinery of government. Mahler also considers Israel’s foreign policy setting and apparatus, the Palestinians and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the particularly sensitive questions of Jerusalem and the Israeli settlement movement, and the Middle East peace process overall. This clear and concise text provides an invaluable starting point for all readers needing a cogent introduction to Israel today.

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ISBN-13: 9780742516113
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/16/2004
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 400
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About the Author

Gregory S. Mahler is academic dean and vice president for academic affairs at Earlham College.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction: The Study of Israel in Comparative Context Chapter 2 What Do We Study? Chapter 3 How Do We Study Politics? Chapter 4 Studying Political Institutions and Behavior Chapter 5 Studying Israeli Government and Politics Part 6 I The Political Setting Chapter 7 Chapter 1: History and the Creation of Israel Chapter 8 Historical Roots of Contemporary Israel Chapter 9 The Emergence of Zionism 1830-1917 Chapter 10 Growth of The Yishuv: 1880-1939 Chapter 11 The Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate Period 1917-1947 Chapter 12 World War II and the Holocaust Chapter 13 Transition to Statehood: 1945-1948 Chapter 14 The Palestinians Chapter 15 History and the Creation of Israel Chapter 16 Chapter 2: Zionism, Religion, and the Domestic Political Environment Chapter 17 The Concept of Zionism Chapter 18 The Religious Communities of Israel Chapter 19 Judaism in Israel Chapter 20 Religion and Politics—Jewish Issues Chapter 21 Israel's Non-Jewish Communities Chapter 22 Zionism, Religion and the State Chapter 23 Chapter 3: The Social and Economic Context of Politics Chapter 24 Peoples of Israel Chapter 25 Ashkenazim and Sephardim Chapter 26 Immigration and Emigration Chapter 27 Social Class Chapter 28 Education and Culture Chapter 29 Health Care and Social Services Chapter 30 Cities, Villages, Kibbutzim, and Moshavim Chapter 31 The Economy Chapter 32 Foreign Economic Relations Chapter 33 The Political Culture and the Economy Part 34 II The Governmental Institutions Chapter 35 Chapter 4: The Constitutional System and Parliamentary Government Chapter 36 The Debate Over Creating a Written Constitution Chapter 37 The Structures of the Israeli Constitution Chapter 38 The Role of the Courts in the Creation of a Constitution Chapter 39 Israel as a Parliamentary System Chapter 40 Conclusion Chapter 41 Chapter 5: The Prime Minister and the Knesset Chapter 42 The Setting Chapter 43 The Balance of Power Chapter 44 Legislation in the Knesset Chapter 45 The Members of Knesset Chapter 46 Legislative Behavior of Members of the Knesset Chapter 47 Knesset Organization Chapter 48 Coalition Politics and Coalition Governments Chapter 49 The Knesset, the Government, and Israeli Politics Chapter 50 Chapter 6: Political Parties and Interest Groups Chapter 51 The Setting Chapter 52 Ideology in Israel Chapter 53 The Functions of Parties Chapter 54 Parties and Issues Chapter 55 Interest Groups Chapter 56 Chapter 7: The Electoral Process and Voting Behavior Chapter 57 The Electoral Process and Israeli Voting Behavior Chapter 58 Proportional Representation and Elections Chapter 59 Past Proposals for Electoral Change Chapter 60 The New Electoral System for Prime Minister Chapter 61 Voting Behavior and Electoral Results Chapter 62 Voting and Ideology Chapter 63 Ethnicity Chapter 64 Voting Trends Chapter 65 Significance of the Electoral Process for Israel Part 66 Chapter 8: The Machinery of Government Chapter 67 The Bureaucracy and the Civil Service Chapter 68 Local Government Chapter 69 The Judiciary and the Legal System in Israeli Politics Chapter 70 The Military and the Government Chapter 71 The Bureaucracy, the Judiciary, and the Military Part 72 III Foreign Policy and the Middle Eastern Political Setting Chapter 73 Chapter 9: The Foreign Policy Setting Chapter 74 The Setting: The Legacy of Warfare Chapter 75 Strategic Considerations Chapter 76 Military-Security Concerns Chapter 77 Political-Diplomatic Concerns Chapter 78 Economic-Developmental Concerns Chapter 79 Cultural-Status Concerns Chapter 80 The Foreign Policy Setting: A Recapitulation Chapter 81 Chapter 10: The Palestinians, the West Bank and Gaza, and Jerusalem Chapter 82 History Chapter 83 The Palestinians Chapter 84 Palestinian Statehood and Governance Chapter 85 Palestinian Goals Chapter 86 The West Bank and Gaza Chapter 87 Jerusalem Chapter 88 Israeli Attitudes, Intentions, and Policies Chapter 89 The Palestinians, the West Bank and Gaza, and Jerusalem Chapter 90 Chapter 11: The Peace Process Chapter 91 The Quest for Peace Chapter 92 Progress Toward Peace, Post-1948 Chapter 93 Progress Toward Peace, Post-1956 Chapter 94 Camp David and the Peace Process, 1978-1982 Chapter 95 Israel's Peace Initiative, 1989 Chapter 96 The Madrid Peace Conference, 1991 Chapter 97 The Oslo Accords, 1993 Chapter 98 The Wye River Memorandum, October 23, 1998 Chapter 99 The Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum, April 30, 2001 Chapter 100 Bilateral Progress Chapter 101 The Copenhagen Track Chapter 102 The Quest for Peace, Again

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