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Politically Incorrect

Politically Incorrect


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The idea behind Bear Family's 2015 compilation Politically Incorrect is simple: round up 31 songs from the '40s and '50s that caused nary a ripple upon their release, but seem tasteless now. As a concept, Politically Incorrect is appealing. As a listening experience, the album is a bit rocky. It bounces between country, R&B, pop, and rock & roll standards that may seem offensive on paper (Big Joe Turner's "Honey Hush," Warren Smith's "Ubangi Stomp," Hank Thompson's "Squaws Along the Yukon," the Andrew Sisters' "Rum and Coca Cola," Bill Haley's "Shake, Rattle & Roll") but are saved by their music. There are also songs that are theoretically offensive but seem innocuous, such as Arthur Godfrey's "Too Fat Polka." Thankfully, there are some staggering lapses of taste: Godfrey's "Slap 'Er Down, Agin, Paw" is pushed over the top with its smacking sound effects, the Kingston Trio's Mexican accents on "Coplas" induce the cringing that Pat Boone's novelty "Speedy Gonzales" always threatens to bring (if the compilers extended their purview into the '80s, Genesis' "Illegal Alien" would be right at home alongside this). Still, nothing beats -- or nothing is worse -- than Buddy Hackett's "Chinese Rock and Egg Roll," where the comedian rattles off stereotypes with the relentless force of a machine gun. It's hard to believe there ever was a world where this was acceptable.

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Release Date: 06/09/2016
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 5397102174094
catalogNumber: 5033861
Rank: 119963


  1. Squaws Along the Yukon
  2. Ubangi Stomp
  3. Chinese Rock And Egg Roll
  4. Honey Hush
  5. Boom Boom Out Go the Lights
  6. How Can You Leave a Man Like This
  7. I’m Going Upside Your Head
  8. (Gotta Go) Upside Your Head
  9. Speedy Gonzales
  10. Coplas
  11. Skokiaan
  12. Japanese Skokiaan
  13. Ling Ting Tong
  14. I Love Paris
  15. Get Out of the Car (Uh Oh)
  16. Run for Your Life
  17. Calling All Cows
  18. No Chemise Please
  19. Too Fat Polka
  20. Class Cutter (Yeah, Yeah)
  21. Little School Girl
  22. Rum and Coca Cola
  23. Girl Fifteen
  24. Slap 'er Down Again Paw
  25. Mountain Lullaby
  26. Never Trust a Woman
  27. Women Drivers
  28. Flea Brain
  29. All Women Are the Same
  30. Fujiyama Mama
  31. Shake, Rattle And Roll

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Floyd Dixon   Composer
LaVern Baker   Composer
Hank Davis   Producer,Liner Notes,Illustrations
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Buddy Johnson   Composer
Dave Bartholomew   Composer
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Paul Baron   Composer
Jenny Carson   Composer
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Dave Guard   Arranger
Buddy Hackett   Composer
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Johnnie Mae Dunson   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Charles E. Calhoun   Composer
Sven T. Uhrmann   Illustrations
Eddie Asherman   Composer
Karl Silbersdorf   Composer
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
August Msarurgwa   Composer
Mabel Godwin   Composer
Arthur Richardson   Composer
Ross MacLean   Composer
Cam Smith   Composer
Stanley Lewis   Composer
Jeri Sullavan   Composer
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Yana Hoffman   Cover Photo
Jenny Lou Carson   Composer
Scott Parker   Producer,Liner Notes,Illustrations
Alice Cornett   Composer
Jodi Damour   Composer
Donald Clapps   Composer
Polly Arnold   Composer

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