Policy Studies: Review Annual: Volume 6

Policy Studies: Review Annual: Volume 6

by Ray Rist

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The sixth edition of this annual collection of the year's best work in policy studies. Contributions in this volume reflect the increased emphasis on budget conscious and carefully targeted social programmes. Exemplifying a range of analytic and methodological strategies, this edition features studies from Australia, the United States, West Germany, and Great Britain.

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Table of Contents

Part I: Policy Research in Perspective 1. Policy Research in the Context of Diffuse Decision Making 2. Social Science Analysis and the Formulation of Public Policy: Illustrations of What the President “Knows” and How He Comes to “Know” It 3. Applied Social Research? The Use and Non-Use of Empirical Social Inquiry by British and American Governmental Commissions 4. Policy Analysis and Policy Politics 5. Social Science and the Reagan Administration Part II: Policy Issues and Policy Studies 6. Retrenchment or Reorientation: Options for Income Support Policy 7. The Net Impact of the Social Security System on the Poor 8. Prices and Incomes Policy Options: Problems Arising from the British Experience 9. Forecasting the Effects of a Negative Income Tax Program 10. The Concept of Block Grants 11. Block Grants and State Discretion: A Study of the Implementation of the Partnership for Health Act in Three States 12. “Reforming” the Federal Grant-in-Aid System for States and Localities 13. Block Grants for the Needy: The Case of AFDC 14. Making Block Grants Accountable 15. The Targeting of Federal Aid: Continued Ambivalence 16. UDAG: Targeting Urban Economic Development 17. Federal Authority and Grass-Roots Accountability: The Case of CETA 18. Competitive and Health Cost Containment: Cautions and Conjectures 19. Some Dilemmas in Health Care Policy 20. Policy Shifts and Their Impact on Health Care for Elderly Persons 21. Future Research and Policy Directions in Physician Reimbursement 22. Health Insurance and Health Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany 23. Youth Unemployment and Its Educational Consequences 24. Vocational Education: Federal Policies for the 1980s 25. Mandating Collaboration Through Federal Legislation: YEDPA and the CETA-School Linkage 26. Inequality and Youth Unemployment: Can Work Programs Work? 27. Profits and Policy: Child Care in America 28. Housing Vouchers for the Poor 29. Work Tests for Welfare Recipients: The Gap Between the Goal and the Reality 30. Public Policy and Black Economic Polarization 31. Evaluating Education Programs for Federal Policymakers: Lessons from the NIE Compensatory Education Study 32. Measuring the Equity of School Finance Policies: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis 33. Public Schools, Private Schools, and the Public Interest 34. Redlining: An Assessment of the Evidence of Disinvestment in Metropolitan Boston 35. Private Neighborhood Redevelopment and Displacement: The Case of Washington, D.C. 36. Price Increases Caused by Housing Assistance Programs 37. Entrepreneurship and Government Policy: The Case of the Housing Market 38. Managing Nuclear Waste 39. Approaches to Nuclear Fuel Assurance: Balancing Nonproliferation with Energy Security? 40. Energy Conservation and Public Policy: If It’s Such a Good Idea, Why Don’t We Do More of It?

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