Poems From Heaven: Volume Two

Poems From Heaven: Volume Two

by James P. Kintner


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A collection of fifty religious poems with matching scripture.The poems feature the Life of Christ, God, Faith and Redemption, Healing through Faith, Jesus by My Side, Heaven, Time for Prayer, Meditations of the Heart, The Sermon, To Worship and Finding Your Soul. Poems capture the essence of The Last Supper, Christ and his Disciples, Communion, God’s Providence, Saved By An Angel, Healing Through Faith, A Day in Heaven, Worship, and the Power of Prayer. If you are looking for inspiration, faith, and powerful religious messages these poems will be just for you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578523330
Publisher: James Kintner
Publication date: 09/23/2019
Series: Poems From Heaven , #2
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.24(d)

About the Author

Jim Kintner, lawyer/poet/author, has previously written "Scottish Links- A Pilgrimage to Scotland", "Swinging in Rhyme", "Poems from Heaven", "La Courtine: A Surgeon's Memoir", and now presents "Poems from Heaven -Volume Two". After a long career as a tax lawyer, Mr. Kintner has found in his retirement from the law a calling in the writing of poetry and novels. He lives with his wife, Marylynn, and his dog, Lucy, in Indio, California.

Table of Contents

1. At the Table

2. By the Sea

3. From the Cup

4. Imagine

5. Signs of Wonder

6. The Lord Cometh

7. The Apostle Paul

8. Just for Us

9. Jesus's Awakening

10. The Celebration of Christmas

11. The Man from Nazareth

12. At the Temple

13. Hail Mary

14. Easter Blessings

15. The Touch of Jesus

16. May God Be With You

17. The Providence of the Lord

18. God's Way

19. God's Speed

20. Lord of All

21. The Wonder of It All

22. In God We Trust

23. From the Beginning

24. Greater Than Great

25. A Highter Power

26. The Lord's Plan

27. The Road to Righteousness

28. The Giver of Life

29. A Child of God

30. Salvation

31. By the Grace of God

32. Finding Grace

33. Getting Closer to God

34. Never Walk Alone

35. A New Life in Christ

36. Thankful for Christ

37. It's God's Call

38. In Times of Trouble

39. Healing the Wounded Soul

40. Praying for Relief

41. Beyond My Control

42. With the Lord By My Side

43. Saved By an Angel

44. Jesus at the Wheel

45. A Day in Heaven

46. Time for Prayer

47. Meditations of the Heart

48. The Sermon

49. Welcome to Worship

50. Finding Your Soul

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