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Poems by Elvira

Poems by Elvira

by Elvira Montanye


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"Poems by Elvira" are rich with joy and laughter as well as sorrow and pain that she has felt and experienced throughout her life as friends and family came to visit her.

The faith and love for her Lord and Savior are revealed as she sits in a coffee shop or on her front porch and watches people as they pass by and then writes about them as only one who is inspired by the love of God can write.

"Friends and Flowers" says, "Sometimes friendships like flowers grow," This is a poem that looks back at friends who have come and gone as flowers do in their seasons. Some come to stay.

"Moms" was inspired as a young mother passed by her front porch one day and stopped momentarily to show affection to her young son.

"I'm supposed to love you" is about her elderly mother who had lost most of her memory in her later years. As she looked at Elvira's older sister, who was angry with her mother, her mother said, "I'm supposed to love you, this I remember."

"They came to visit me" As she grew older she wrote this as she remembered those who came to visit her. She wrote, "These are the jewels that make God's crown.

Elvira was always watching over her grandchildren whom she loves dearly. Some stayed at her house from time to time and inspired her to write "Our house in the morning"

She wrote "My Christopher", a poem about her youngest son whom she loves very much. His father died three months before he was born.

She wrote, "And as I look, and listen to his ways, my heart, my thoughts, turn to the days spent with the Dad he never knew."

Her poems will touch the heart of the reader as they cause one to pause, think and, and reflect on their own life.

Elvira began writing poetry when she was in her 60's. She later wrote, "As I enter my seventies", and "I've never been eighty before."

These are poems that not only reflect on the past but also reveal to the reader how much she enjoys life, even now , as she enters her nineties.

Most importantly, to Elvira, is that her Lord and Savior has walked beside her throughout her life.

He is the only One Who she gives full credit to for helping her and inspiring her to write.

The year this book went to print her church celebrated her 90th birthday with her.

I believe you will enjoy this book and be blessed.

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