Pockets Presents: The Introduction of Pockettes

Pockets Presents: The Introduction of Pockettes

by Tony Orlando Little


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The reason why Melody just laughed it off about the items she bought being magic. She thought Mr. Lee

was just making small talk. She finds out later that her pockets really are magic.

Mr. Lee could have told her that the pockets were magic. But they’re only magical if the owner’s heart

is good and because Melody is good ...the pockets are magical.

The same way if the owner’s heart has bad intention to do wrong.

Then their pockets will have no reaction. They would just be regular old pockets with no meaning.

So make your pockets shine and filled them up with good things.

Even if you just put a pen in your pocket. You will never know when someone needs something to write


They may not need one today. But, you are doing good because you are putting good and useful things

in your pockets for others.

That’s a great way to start

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ISBN-13: 9781646740772
Publisher: Amelia Publishing Inc.
Publication date: 03/05/2020
Pages: 20
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