Playing Blackjack as a Business

Playing Blackjack as a Business

by Lawrence Revere


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Lawrence Revere was widely acknowledged as the true "Master of Blackjack" and this book, PLAYING BLACKJACK AS A BUSINESS is one of the best selling books on the subject. He constantly utilized computer technology to make his system the most effective of them all.

Revere was truly an expert on Blackjack. He was involved in the gambling world for twenty-eight years as a pit boss, dealer, owner, troubleshooter, and professional Blackjack player. He began dealing Blackjack at the age of 13 in the back of an Iowa barber shop, worked his way through the University of Nebraska majoring in mathematics. This background made him the first author of a Blackjack book who actually had a lucrative business playing the game from both sides of the table.

Revere was a man capable of presenting the insider's view of gambling, as opposed to others who had studied the business from the outside, then written books by applying credible theories. He was the voice of authority, speaking about what he knew best.

In addition to his talent as a professional Blackjack player, he taught Blackjack for many years. He developed simple teaching methods which enable the player to easily understand the rules of the game. Furthermore, after his simple explanation he as included charts that help the player practice properly. Only a man with a complete knowledge of the game and the best techniques for teaching the game could write the perfect book for Blackjack player.

The strategies in this book were devised with high speed computers by Julian H. Braun of IBM Corporation. He has taken Professor Thorp's original "21" program and substantially refined it to much more accurately analyze any strategy. He has also developed the first program to precisely analyze mathematical expectations for any given situation in the fame of "21."

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ISBN-13: 9781607967620
Publisher: Beta Nu Publishing
Publication date: 09/19/2014
Pages: 190
Sales rank: 276,753
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

The Basic Strategy Charts3
The Count Strategy Charts5
Chapter 1The Game of Blackjack13
Chapter 2The Rules of the Game19
Chapter 3A Preview of the Strategies23
Chart A-1The Basic Strategy-One Deck25
Chart A-2The Basic Strategy-Four Decks27
Chart A-3The Revere Five Count Strategy29
Chart A-4The Revere Plus-Minus Strategy31
Chart A-5The Revere Ten Count Strategy33
Chart A-6The Revere Point Count Strategy35
Chapter 4Behind the Tables37
Chapter 5The Strategy of Basic Play43
Chapter 6The Count Strategies75
Chapter 7The Revere Five Count Strategy83
Chapter 8The Revere Plus-Minus Strategy93
Chapter 9The Revere Ten Count Strategy105
Chapter 10The Revere Point Count Strategy117
Addendum: The Advanced Point Count Strategy145
Chapter 11Other Blackjack Systems151

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