The Playground Book

The Playground Book

by Harry Sperling
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From the FOREWORD.

The main motive in the preparation of this book is to present a fairly limited choice of the very best games and dances adapted to playground conditions and purposes in order that any novice just beginning his or her playground work may with confidence refer to them for help and inspiration.

The playground is essentially a place for play. Play is recreation. Play gives health to the body and joy to the soul. Whoever has not tasted the pleasures of youth's playgrounds has missed much of the sweetness of life. That which brings together the group for restful, relaxing, re-creative, vigorous, social, joyous activity, is an uplifting force of incalculable value. That which makes us laugh with unbounded joyousness and fills the heart with unselfish love helps to lubricate the wheels of altruism. A good game, a lively exhilarating dance, a sweet, simple song-play, a spirited race,—all these help to enhance the joy of living.

The writer, in submitting this collection of ten of the best in five separate playground activities, does so with a feeling of confidence that, given the opportunity, children will play these games and perform these dances with a wholesome joyousness that will amply repay any instructor who has taken the trouble to teach them.

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