Pieces of North Shore: 13 Pieces, 7 Writers

Pieces of North Shore: 13 Pieces, 7 Writers

Paperback(Revised to Name Critical Mass as Publisher. ed.)



On Sydney's North Shore, not everyone is perfect. Otherwise these stories wouldn't exist.

If you think the affluent North Shore appears homogenous and bland, look a little harder and you’ll find different voices that have something to say. These are stories from lives you don't get to see often, from authors as varied as the suburbs themselves.

Pieces of North Shore features seven local writers with diverse backgrounds. Some have migrated from other countries and some from other parts of Australia - or from within Sydney itself. These voices reflect the diversity we boast of as Australians. They tell stories of trying to fit in and struggles encountered. Some stories are just fun. These writers aren’t afraid to show themselves.

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ISBN-13: 9781925579024
Publisher: WritePublishGrow
Publication date: 12/04/2016
Edition description: Revised to Name Critical Mass as Publisher. ed.
Pages: 136
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About the Author

Suzanne Little writes technical documents for a living. Her science writing has won two awards: The CIPSA 2010 Essay Competition and the Australian Gas Association 1996 Environment Award. About six years ago she let the other side of her mind have a go and studied creative writing at the University of Technology Sydney.
Now, fortified with a Master's degree derived from both hemispheres of the brain - Science and Arts - she writes short pieces about life's events, emotions and complexities. Suzanne meets like-minded writers at two writers groups: Write.Publish.Grow based at Stanton Library in North Sydney and Nonfiction Writing Group at the NSW Writers' Centre in Lilyfield.

Annie Mirza has called Sydney home for the past ten years.She writes fiction focusing mostlyon romance, supernatural fantasy and suspense. Nature and good music makes her happy and human behaviour intrigues her. She is a loud feminist who doesTaekwondo for extra girl power. She's currently working on a romance novel reflecting on the life of girls growing up in Pakistan.

Maria Atwell is an editor and writer from Melbourne. She's finishing a Professional Writing and Editing degree at RMIT and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She's in the beginning stages of writing her first novel and loves the short form. She has had a colourful and varied career-including a stint as a reception photographer early on that didn't end well-and looks forward to the next phase.

Table of Contents

The House that Wanted to be a Home 1

Humble Beginnings 25

Don’t Call Me Shirley 33

The Bridge Less Travelled 49

And That’s How I Got a Dog 59

Borderlands 70

Love, Live, a Letter 87

A Dinner in Lane Cove 89

The Snake in the Garden of Purity Media 92

Tsugahuru Talk to Me 100

Are you Coachable? 107

Mary Magdalene 112

These Aren’t Conversations I Have 118

Editor’s Note 127

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