Physics Beyond Spin One: Small Things and Vast Effects

Physics Beyond Spin One: Small Things and Vast Effects

by Thomas J. Buckholtz


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Math models may resolve about 10 particle-physics and astrophysics problems. The models use harmonic-oscillator math. The models correlate with Standard Model basic particles. The models seem to correlate with the following.

A family of zero-mass bosons includes photons, gravitons, and spin-3 and spin-4 particles. Effects of the family govern the rate of expansion of the universe. Dark matter and dark energy consist of up to two kinds of stuff. One kind features peers of baryonic matter. The other kind includes fermions with spins 3/2 and 7/2. C, P, and T violations exceed amounts correlating with models limited to spins that do not exceed 1. Reactions led to matter/antimatter imbalance. Gravitons and some spin-1 bosons correlate with neutrino oscillations. Some ratios correlating with particle masses feature integers. Basic fermions have 3 generations. Possibly-infinite zero-point vacuum energy need not be a concern.

Thomas J. Buckholtz invites you to read, enjoy, learn, and extend work Physics Beyond Spin One discusses.

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