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Physics and Chemistry of Small Clusters

Physics and Chemistry of Small Clusters

by P. Jena


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ISBN-13: 9780306426063
Publisher: Basic Books
Publication date: 01/01/1987
Series: NATO ASI B Ser.: Physics , #15
Pages: 972
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Atomic Structure.- Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Metal Cluster Ion Beams.- Atomic Structure of Small Clusters: The Why and How of the Five-Fold Symmetry.- Study of Production Technique for Metallic Ultra Fine Particles Using Arc Energy.- Electron Diffraction Study of Supersonically Generated Clusters.- Control over the Structure of Clusters Generated in Supersonic Flow.- Annealing of Fine Powders: Initial Shapes and Grain Boundary Motion.- Continuous Mass Selected Cluster Ion Production using a Liquid Metal Ion Source.- Dangling Bonds Reconstruction at the Core of a 90° Partial Dislocation in Silicon: A Theoretical Study.- Isolation of Monodispersed Gold Clusters of Controlled Size.- Structures of C5 and C6.- The Structure of Small Gold Crystals.- Graph Theory Derived Methods for the Study of Metal Cluster Bonding Topology: Applications to Post-Transition Metal Clusters.- Laser Vaporization and Photoionization Studies of Tin and Lead Clusters.- Laser Vaporization and Photoionization of Group IV and V Intermetallic Clusters.- A Theoretical Study of Carbon Clusters: Equilibrium Geometries and Electronic Structures of Cn.- Multiphoton Stimulated Desorption: The Geometrical Structure of Neutral Sodium Chloride Clusters.- Mass and Temperature Measurement in Pure Vapor Expansion of Metals and Semi-Metals.- Fine Structure of Mass Spectrum of Sodium Clusters: Giant Atom Concept.- The X?(R) Method: A Semi-Empirical Method with a Varying with the Internuclear Distance.- Atomic Resolution Study of Structural Rearrangements in Metal Clusters.- A Fragment Cluster Study of Polyacetylene.- An Approximate Ab-Inito Theory of Metal Clusters.- Alkali Clusters: Structure, Stability, Large Amplitude Motion and Chemical Properties.- A Unified Explanation of Magic Numbers in Small Clusters.- Dynamics.- A Molecular Dynamics Study of Silicon Clusters.- Electron Localization and Excitation Dynamics in Small Clusters.- Melting and Freezing of Microclusters.- Structure and Melting of Argon Clusters on a Substrate.- Dynamics of Atomic Collisions on Helium Clusters.- Isomerization and Melting of Small Alkali-Halide Clusters.- Minimum Energy Structures of Br2-ArN Clusters: Implications for Dynamics.- Steepest Descent Quenches and the Melting of Microclusters.- Stability and Fragmentation.- Photofragmentation and Stability in Semiconductor Microcluster Ions.- Atomic and Electronic Structure of Semiconductor Clusters.- Magic Numbers of Alkali Halide Clusters.- Spectroscopy of Na3 and Experiments on Size-Selected Metal Cluster Ions.- Density Functional Calculation of the Fragmentation of Neutral, Singly and Doubly-Ionized Spherical Jellium-like Metallic Microparticles.- Experiments on Sputtered Clusters as Probe of Metal Cluster Ion Stability.- Velocity Measurements of Bismuth Clusters: Velocity Slip and Fragmentation Processes.- Fragmentation of Silicon Microclusters.- Spectroscopic Investigation of Ag-Metal Clusters.- Photofragmentation of Mass-Selected Main Group Element Cations.- Desorption and Decomposition of Multiply Charged Clusters from the Crystal of Group IV Elements by Laser Excitation.- Energy of Formation for Small Molecular Clusters: (H2O)n.- Energy Redistribution and Cluster Stability.- Fragmentation of Neutral and Ionic Carbon Clusters.- Production of Cluster Ions by Laser Vaporization.- From Metal Clusters to Cluster Metals.- Thermal Stability of Micro-Clusters.- Measurement of Bi2 and Bi4 Electron Impact Fragmentation Using Magnetic Polarization.- Metastable Decay of Photoionized Niobium Clusters: Evaporation vs Fission Fragmentation.- Electronic Structure and Properties.- ESR of Small Clusters.- Structure of Homo- and Hetero-Nuclear Micro-Clusters.- Stability of Small Metallic Clusters: Conceptual and Computational Challenges.- Self-Consistent Calculation of the Collective Excitations of Small Jellium Spheres.- Magnetic Properties of Molecular Metal Clusters.- Electronic Properties of Water Clusters by an Effective Hamiltonian Treatment.- An Ab-Initio Study of the Interaction of Atomic Hydrogen with Lithium Clusters.- The EPR Spectrum of Na3 in Adamantane.- Electronic Structure and Properties of Small Be Clusters.- Jahn-Teller Distortion, Hund’s Coupling and Metastability in Alkali Teramers.- Electronic Structure of Small Carbon, Silicon, and Germanium Clusters.- Periodic Anderson Model for Small Clusters.- Electronic Theory of Segregation in Small Bimetallic Clusters.- Theoretical Cluster Model of a Zn-C Reformatsky Intermediate.- Calculation of the Magnetic Properties of Small Fe-Clusters.- Discussion of the Size Dependence of Ionization Threshold Energy of Fe Clusters.- Self-Interaction-Corrected Calculation of the Static Polarizability of Small Metal Spheres.- ESR and Electron Spin Relaxation Time T1, of Be Small Particles.- Electronic States and Geometrical Structures of Hubbard Clusters With an Impurity.- Theoretical Predictions of the Vibrational Frequencies of Singlet Li4.- Evaporation of Metal Clusters.- Analysis of the Basis Set Dependency on the Electronic Structure of Nb2.- Analysis of the Electronic Properties of Small Niobium Clusters.- Linearized Augmented Plane Wave (LAPW) Method for Isolated Clusters and Molecules.- The Nickel Dimer and Trimer.- Optical Properties.- Inelastic Light Scattering from Metal Clusters: Some Recent Developments.- Optical and Infrared Properties of Small Metal Particles.- Cluster Spectroscopy: Variations in Ionization Potentials and Spectral Shifts as a Function of Degree of Aggregation and Studies of Cluster Fragmentation.- Trapping Sites and Vibrational Modes of Ag2 in Rare Gas Matrices: A Computer Simulation.- Laser-Induced Fluorescence and Raman Investigations of Agn(n?.4) by Means of Matrix Isolation Spectroscopy.- Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Molecular Clusters: N2 and N2O.- Multipolar Excitations in Small Metallic Spheres.- Theory of Damping of Excited States of a Molecule Near a Metallic Cluster.- Photoinduced Aggregation and Dissociation of Ag and Au Clusters in Rare Gas Matrices.- Magneto-Optical Investigation of Mn and Cu-Mn Small Clusters Embedded in Rare Gas Matrices.- Van Der Waals Clusters.- Multiply Charged Clusters.- Collisional Electron Transfer to Neutral Clusters by High Rydberg Rare Gas Atoms.- Solvation of Alkali Halides in Alcohol Clusters.- On the Electronic Structure of a Singly Ionized Cluster Composed of Closed Shell Atoms or Molecules.- Unimolecular Decay of Small NH3 Cluster Ions.- Electronic Spectra and Electronic Relaxation in Mercury Van der Waals Complexes Studied in a Supersonic Jet.- The Thermodynamics of Mixed Solvent Cluster Ions: K+(CH3OH)n(H2O)m.- Electron Attachment to Van der Waals Clusters.- An Effective Hamiltonian Study of Molecular Clusters.- Kinetics of Cluster Formation During Rapid Quenching.- Interaction with Adsorbates.- Cluster Imaging.- Gas-Phase Chemical Reactions of Transition Metal Clusters with Simple Molecules.- Metal Clusters: Size Dependent Chemical and Electronic Properties.- Activation and Chemisorption of Hydrogen on Aluminum Clusters.- Unenhanced Raman Spectroscopy of CO Adsorbed on Nickel Particles.- The Surface Chemistry of Osmium Carbonyl Clusters Supported on Silica: An XPS Investigation.- Chemistry of Small Metal Cluster Ions.- Reactions of Diatomic and Triatomic Metal Clusters of Iron and Copper with Dihydrogen in Inert Matrices.- Molecular Beam Relaxation Spectroscopy Applied to Adsorption Kinetics on Small Supported Catalyst Particles.- Studies of the Reactivity and Collision Induced Dissociation of Metal Clusters: Aluminum Cluster Ions, Aln+(n=3–26), with Oxygen.- Physical Properties of High-Nuclearity Metal Cluster Compounds.- Infrared Matrix-Investigations of the Interaction of Oxygen with Iron Atoms and Aggregates.- On the Dispersion and Characteristics of Platinum-Tin Bimetallic Clusters.- Behaviour of Platinum and Palladium Microclusters on Alumina Support Films.- Structure of Metal Clusters — A High Resolution Electron Microscopy Study of Osmium Clusters on Magnesium Oxide.- Reactivity of Size-Selected Silicon Clusters as Studied by Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry.- Theoretical Investigation of Surface Relaxation Effects on Chemisorption of Atomic Oxygen on Aluminum Clusters.- The Study of Interactions Between Iron Particles Encapsulated in Zeolites of the Faujasit-Type and the Matrix.- Role of Ensembles in Catalysis by Metals.- Cluster Calculations for Diffusion on and in Transition Metals.- Local Density Models for Bare and Ligated Transition Metal Clusters.- Activation of C-H and C-C Bonds in Alkanes by Heterodinuclear Metal Cluster Ions in the Gas Phase.- Dissociations of Manganese Carbonyl Cluster Ions.- d Band of Nickel Clusters on SiO2 Amorphous Substrate: Electron Spectroscopies and Reactivity.- In Situ EXAFS Studies of Small Fe Particles Used as Catalysts for NH3 Synthesis.- Astrochemistry.- Current Views on Astrochemistry.- International Advisory Board.- Local Organizing Committee.- Participants.

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