Philosophical Solutions: In Physics, Mathematics and the Science of Sentience

Philosophical Solutions: In Physics, Mathematics and the Science of Sentience

by Ted Silverman


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Science is in quiet crisis. The conceptual foundations of its core disciplines are compromised by profound logical difficulties, which have been romantically misattributed to the mysteries of a 'bizarre and surreal' Universe - a Universe not only 'stranger than we imagine' but 'stranger than we can imagine.' Confusion has been raised as a tribute to the sophistication and profundity of arcane cosmological canonics, necessarily beyond intuitive comprehension.

The epistemological enigmas at the root of these difficulties are resolved in the text; which delivers precisely what its title suggests. From the foundational problems of physics and the logical limitations of formal systems to the long misunderstood 'mind-body problem,' fallacies and misconceptions are exposed and expunged.

This is augmented by the development of a novel framework for physics which, by establishing the existence of unifying principles underlying relativity and quantum theory - such as The Common Provenance of Lorentz Invariance and Quantization of Action, and a group of mathematical dualities between the laws of Newtonian, relativistic and quantum dynamics - furnishes the groundwork for a quantum theory of gravity and unification more generally.

A similarly unifying framework is proposed for the study of consciousness, primarily aimed at enhancing the detail, comprehensiveness and quantifiability of phenomenological description and, ultimately, extended contact with neurophysiology and thus physics.

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