Phantom Sense & other stories

Phantom Sense & other stories


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A collection of science fiction stories from the pages of Analog magazine by the award-winning team of Richard A. Lovett and Mark Niemann-Ross, including the 2011 Analytical Laboratory (reader's choice) Award winning novella "Phantom Sense" and the 2006 Analytical Laboratory Award winning novelette "NetPuppets."

Lovett and Niemann-Ross have written some of the most thought-provoking and entertaining stories I've read in years-Nebula award winner Jerry Oltion

Come explore the dark space between science and humanity - with a bonus look at the science that just might make it come true. In these pages, you will meet:

  • Sgt. Kip McCorbin, who must choose between the military's special-ops sixth-sense and the love of his family.
  • Courtney Brandt who lies frozen on a glacier, but warm to the touch, as her killer is already claiming another victim.
  • Valerie Akwasi, who stumbles into the deadly side of a vineyard.
  • Michael Graves, who could be your best friend or your worst enemy -- but who doesn't care because to him you're just an experiment.

Phantom Sense . . . is a lesson in how to write a short. . . From the start it grabs you and never lets go. In every way this story reminded me how good Science Fiction shorts can be.-Tangent Online

Lovett is probably Analog's best regular writer.-- Locus, July 2011

Lovett and Niemann-Ross are 'two halves' of one of the best science fiction "writers" Analog magazine has ever discovered.-Three-time Hugo nominee David R. Palmer

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ISBN-13: 9781468130003
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/15/2012
Pages: 168
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About the Author

Richard A. Lovett is one of the most prolific writers in the history of Analog magazine. A writer of both fact and fiction (plus a popular series of how-to articles about short-story writing) he's won eight of the magazine's AnLab (reader's choice) awards. His short fiction has also appeared in Nature, Cosmos, Abyss & Apex, Running Times, and Marathon & Beyond and been translated into Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, and Russian (where his novella "Brittney's Labyrinth" was voted best translated short work of 2008). A full-time writer, he is a regular contributor to Nature, National Geographic News, Cosmos, and many others. He is also a sports writer and coach of Portland, Oregon's 300-member Team Red Lizard running club, and of individual athletes, including two women who competed in the U.S. Olympic Team Marathon Trials. A former law professor, he also holds a degree in astrophysics and a Ph.D. in economics. Find him on the web at or on Facebook as Richard A. Lovett (author).

Mark Niemann-Ross shares two Analog awards with Rick; both stories appear in this collection. His first solo story appeared in Analog, January 2012 and he is actively polishing several more. His next project is a murder mystery - solved by a refrigerator. Currently employed as a Computer Curriculum Manager at, he is also a jazz bassist, programmer, and once canoed sixty-days in the Canadian Arctic. Find him at

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