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Phantom of the Night

Phantom of the Night

by Kayak Kayak
Phantom of the Night

Phantom of the Night

by Kayak Kayak

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record - 180 Gram Vinyl)

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Featuring slick harmonizing and heavily compressed drum, this release completed Kayak's transition to keyboard-based pop. The once-intricate bass playing is now almost absent from the mix, and odd times are forsaken for rigid 4/4 patterns. Despite this, the undistinguished single "Ruthless Queen" proved to be the band's biggest hit, nearing the top of the charts in Holland. Though Edward Reekers is consistently too squeaky-clean in his singing, "Journey Through Time" might satisfy old fans with its trading off of riffs between an off-kilter guitar hook and synth flutes. "Crime of Passion" marches over a martial piano line, and "No Man's Land" makes the most of a driving (if simple) rhythm section underlying needling guitar solos and warbling Hammond organ. If this album retains much interest, though, it's probably more for its original vinyl issue as a nifty picture disc than for the music on it.

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Release Date: 12/04/2020
Label: Renaissance
UPC: 0630428013117
catalogNumber: 131
Rank: 56727


  1. Keep the Change
  2. Winning Ways
  3. Otaphne (Laurel Tree)
  4. Journey Through Time
  5. Phantom of the Night
  6. Crime of Passion
  7. The Poet and the One Man Band
  8. Ruthless Queen
  9. No Man's Land
  10. First Signs of Spring

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