Perfect Together (Serendipity's Finest Series #3)

Perfect Together (Serendipity's Finest Series #3)

by Carly Phillips

Hardcover(Large Print Edition)

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In the picturesque town of Serendipity, New York, three siblings have grown up in the shadow of their proud and respected police chief father. But what do love, fate, and fortune have in store for the next generation of Serendipity’s finest?

Tired of being the easygoing daughter, always ignored in favor of her high-maintenance sister, and no longer interested in being her fiancé’s trophy wife, Nicole Farnsworth calls off her wedding. All she wants is to be herself. And where better to find her destiny than Serendipity? The place where she met the one man who made her heart beat faster, and gave her the courage to reinvent her life—even if he doesn’t know it.

Officer Sam Marsden calls Serendipity home and he loves it there—even though his childhood sweetheart was stolen by his best friend. After such heartbreak, Sam fears he can’t trust his instincts when it comes to love. Yet he’s so tempted by Nicole, a woman he met only briefly but who has starred in his dreams ever since. For Nicole and Sam, opening their hearts one more time could change their lives forever. But who’ll be the first to take that chance?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781410463999
Publisher: Gale Group
Publication date: 05/28/2014
Series: Serendipity's Finest Series , #3
Edition description: Large Print Edition
Pages: 383
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips tossed away her legal briefs and a career as an attorney to become a stay-at-home mom. Within the year, she turned her love of reading into an obsession with writing. More than forty published novels later, Carly writes sexy contemporary small-town romances, striking a balance between entertainment and emotion, and giving her readers the compelling stories they have come to expect and enjoy. They include the Serendity novels and the Serendipity's Finest series. She lives in Purchase, New York, with her husband, two daughters, and their dogs: Bailey, a soft-coated wheaten terrier, and Brady, a Havanese, who act like additional children.

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“A high five for fun.”—Kelly Ripa

“There is a reason why Carly Phillips consistently finds her name on the top of the bestsellers’ lists. She delivers exactly what every romance reader wants.” —Fresh Fiction

“Carly Phillips has me addicted!”—Joyfully Reviewed

“A Perfect 10.”—Romance Reviews Today

“Carly Phillips at her finest.”—The Book Reading Gals

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Perfect Together 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the way it was written! Super sweet
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
When Nicole realizes that what she has with her fiancé Tyler isn’t the passionate love she’s looking for, she decides to call off her wedding and head to the one place that has made her feel comfortable, Serendipity. Knowing that people there might need to be won over due to the episode with her twin sister, Nicole sets out to create a new, and better, life for herself. But even starting over isn’t that easy. She’s overheard a conversation between Tyler’s Dad and someone else that eludes to some illegal activity regarding her father and Tyler’s father’s company and knows she must decide how to handle the new information. But in the meantime, she reconnects with the one man who gives her butterflies in all the right places. Sam. Nicole and Sam begin a physical, no strings attached relationship, but as things always seem to go, emotions do get involved. Especially the more they learn about each other’s past. Nicole has broken an engagement and Sam, well, he was left at the altar. As they try to keep their relationship simple, they begin to realize it’s anything but. Especially when Nicole’s ex-fiance shows up in Serendipity determined to win her back. Can Sam and Nicole defy all odds and manage to be “Perfect Together”? A wonderful story by Carly Phillips. The characters in this novel seem so real; they are very easy to relate to. I enjoyed the story between Nicole and Sam and loved how their relationship experiences gave them something to overcome. The added drama about her father’s company and Tyler being in Serendipity really helped to keep the plot moving fast and gave it a sense of mystery/action. I also enjoyed the side story between Tyler and Nicole’s friend Macy and hope that we will see these two characters in another novel! Even though this is the third (and final) book in a series, you certainly don’t have to read the others to understand the plot of this novel (this was my first one in the series and I didn’t have any trouble following along!). I found this novel to be highly entertaining and would recommend reading this book and others by Carly Phillips. Rating: 4.5 Heat Rating: Mild Reviewed by: AprilP Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's another super read by Carly Phillips... Great story very well told with characters who you would like to befriend... Serendipity is such a great town with a police department we have come to know and love... This one isn't any different... Loved the book and recommend it to all...
missy55GA More than 1 year ago
Our last visit to Serendipity is a good read but sad because of the end of the series. Carly Phillips never disappoints. Love Sam and Nic's twist in their story to be Perfect Together. Thanks Carly & Good Writing
Shweetsandi More than 1 year ago
Glad I found this book written by Carly Phillips. Detective Sam sure knows how to pick the right twin. Nicole came to town looking for her sister who is mentally ill and they met. Seems Sam made a lasting impression on Nicole to the point that she ends her engagement. Oh yes and there's another matter too that causes issues in Serendipity. Well written and lots of fun to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
~Reviewed by FRANCESCA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog The town of Serendipity is always one of my favorite to read!  I was always a fan of Sam, but when we got the hint of who his heroine would be in the last book I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it.  Being that she is the sister of the girl that causes so much havoc in the previous book and in Cole’s life.  I have to say Carly Phillips pulled this one off perfectly! Sam has commitment issues after his ex fiance left him standing at the altar and ran off with his best friend.  He can’t trust easily and is not interested in a real long term relationship.  He doesn’t even date all that much.  But ever since he met Nicole when she came to her sister’s “rescue” he’s been fascinated.  But then she left town and went back to Manhattan so he didn’t think anything would come of that lust. Nicole has her own issues and she decides to leave her life of privilege back in Manhattan and move to Serendipity to start fresh.  And giving in to her chemistry with Sam is one of those steps. Speaking of chemistry, I loved Sam and Nicole together.  They were cute and comfortable around each other.  Yes, there’s the hot factor too, but the ease they felt when they were together was a pleasure to read.  Their relationship developed at a normal pace and I enjoyed going on this ride with them! I also loved the side story with Macy and Tyler!!  There were times when I kept wanting their scenes to go on longer. Even though I can’t say Sam is my favorite brother, this book was just perfect for him! *ARC provided by publisher
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
Author Carly Phillips once again delivers with her latest book in the Serendipity's Finest series, Perfect Together. Perfect Together is the final book in the series, set in a the small town of Serendipity, New York.  It focuses on the last sibling in the Marsden family, Sam. Phillips consistently gives readers stories that make them smile, with characters who are real and engaging. Readers are treated to a bit of mystery and suspense to go with their romance in this one. Phillips trademark wit and humor make this book a must read for Carly Phillips fans and new readers a like. What I liked: Nicole was such a great heroine. She had a lot of spunk and tenacity. She comes from a very emotionless family who have pushed her to her limits, and into a possible marriage with a man she doesn't love. What I really loved about this character was the way she decided to take control of her own destiny. She not only calls off the marriage but picks up and moves to a new town for a fresh start. It wasn't her first adventure with Serendipity, but it quickly becomes her best. I thought Phillips gave the reader a real person to root for in Nicole. She was sweet and caring and deserved to find her happiness. Sam is the youngest Marsden sibling. His brother Mike and sister Erin have already found love, but Sam is resistant because he was left at the altar by a woman who left him for his former best friend. He got burnt and he wasn't looking forward to it ever happening again. I enjoyed the fact that Sam was so realistic. He was okay with a strictly sexual relationship with Nicole but when it came to more serious matters he balked. It was great to see him slowly loose his resistance to both Nicole and to the idea of love. Phillips writes Sam with a sense of realism that is often missing in this type of romance and I thin readers will appreciate her understanding of this. There was definitely an element of mystery in this book. When Nicole decides to call off her engagement to Tyler, she overhears a conversation that alludes to Tyler's father's shady business dealings. So when Tyler shows up in Serendipity to try to win Nicole back readers have to wonder about his motives. Sam is driven to jealousy, but also sees that perhaps Tyler is after something completely different than what he says he is. I liked the side story between Tyler and Nicole's new friend Macy as well. That is the possible lead in to another spin off series that I believe fans really hope that Phillips pursues.  What I didn't like: There were a few scenes here and there that did not seem to have a lot of significance to the story. I wouldn't necessarily call them filler, because I believe it was the author's way of educating readers who may not have read the other books. But it was a bit distracting to those of us who know the background already. Certainly not a major issue. I loved this one! Bottom Line: Carly Phillips fans will love this one. It wraps up the Serendipity's Finest series in fine form. All of the Marsden siblings are happy in love at the end of Perfect Together and Phillips always seems to know when it's time to move on to something different. I am hoping for another spin-off and a HEA for Tyler and Macy. One can dream!
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
This story is about the youngest Marsden sibling, Sam. In Perfect Fling we were introduced to our heroine, Nicole Farnsworth. Her twin sister was the one who was obsessed with Cole and put Sam's sister, Erin into danger. In the end, Nicole actually helps out the Marsden's in finding her sister and in doing so something clicked between her and Sam. As Nicole comes to the realization that she has some feelings for Sam, she decides that she cannot marry Tyler, a long time friend of the family because she doesn't feel any spark with him. Nicole breaks her engagement with Tyler and decides to move to Serendipity. Before she moves, Nicole overhears something she shouldn't have from Tyler's father and is concerned because he is her dad's business partner. Nicole finds life in Serendipity to be more than she could hope for. She loves the people there because they are real, not fake. Unlike her parents who never show any type of emotions or support to her. She quickly starts things up with Sam, although he let's her know that he is not looking for anything long-term. He was left at the alter by his high school sweetheart when she left him for his former best friend. As Nicole's life starts improving, Tyler comes into town wanting her to go back to their life together in Manhattan. Sam becomes very jealous of Tyler. When everything finally comes out in the open, can Sam get past his jealousy to help the woman he is starting to care for? Can Sam commit to being in a relationship with Nicole? Will Sam ever get his happy ending? This was a really sweet ending to a wonderful series. I just loved Sam and Nicole together. They both have issues and come to find that maybe together is the best way to handle them.
13gpb28 More than 1 year ago
Perfect Read for a snowy day! Perfect Together is a stand alone book that is part of the author Carly Phillips Serendipity series. This time we get to see Detective Sam finally get a woman to love. He played a crucial part getting his brother and then his sister to find true love in previous books. Nicole is the woman for him and new to the town. I wanted to really love this book but something was missing. There was not enough attraction, romance, drama, sex scenes and fabulous make up time that normally occurs in her books. Sam deserved a better book. Then there was the added story of Macy and Tyler's romance which took away from Nicole and Sam's romance. I am not a fan of two stories going on in one book. Still a great read for a snowy New York day.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Perfect Together by Carly Phillips is a wonderful romance that takes place in a small town called Serendipity. This is not the first book in this series, but it can very well be read as standalone. We meet our hero, detective Sam Marsden. While Sam’s family all around him are happy, being engaged or married, Sam doesn’t want any commitments. He however can’t seem to forget a girl he met during a case a few months before. Nicole Farnsworth has just broken up with her fiancée, since she knows that what they feel for each other is that of a lifelong friend. She too, remembers Sam, enough to know that is what she wants to feel about someone she will marry. Nicole leaves her distant and cold family, and moves to Serendipity. Nicole has never known what family love is about; just to do what is expected of her. But the minute she arrives in Serendipity, and sees Sam, she feels the chemistry immediately. Nicole also meets Macy, who becomes a good friend, and in time she learns what family is all about when she meets the Mardens. What follows is a beautiful romance, with some suspense throughout the story. Seems another reason Nicole lefe home, is she overheard her ex fiancee’s father talking to the Russian mob. Not thinking anyone knew she overheard, she decided to keep quiet and move on with her life. Tyler her ex, and long time friend tries to win her back, though he knows its hopeless but he too is following what his father wants. Macy takes Tyler under her wing, and slowly changes him to loosen up. Besides watching the relationship build between Nicole and Sam, we get to see Tyler and Macy start something on their own, though this is very slowly done. Sam has his issues being dumped by his ex fiancée years before, but he knows how much he has begun to care for Nicole. He uses his police connections to help both Nicole and Tyler get past the danger that could be life threatening. This was suspenseful and well done. But it is the romance between Nicole and Sam that made this book so much fun to read. Their chemistry was very sensual, and hot. I loved watching Nicole learn to care about the friends she found in Serendipity, as well as Sam’s family; especially after we got to meet her horrible mother, father, sister. She loved Sam, but will Sam get past his major stumbling block? Read this book, you will really enjoy it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love carly phillips, and i have read just about everything she has written. I was a little let down with the ending of this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Foxy's my favorite. Do you know the bite of '87?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why adk me
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heads back
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great romance from Carly Phillips! This is a fun, fast, hot romantic read. Characters from previouse books show up, so you get to see where they are in their lives. Carolina and Drew are characters that are easy to like, so you want them to get their HEA. They have baggage, with each other and with work that causes the required issues and misundertandings, making their relationship a little mroe realistic.
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
First Impression... It's Carly Phillips, guys! I'm currently in the midst of a serious reading slump, and hope one of my long-time go-to authors can help me out. The Story... Perfect Together is the third in the Serendipity's Finest series; a series I haven't started. But all is well because though I don't know the series history, Phillips casually intersperses the characters' background into the current plot. Nicole makes the choice to break her engagement and move to Serendipity, a town that shouldn't feel like home, but does. There, she quickly becomes friends with Macy, a waitress and total fun sweetheart. She also reconnects with Sam, the cop who arrested, them befriended her when she was last in Serendipity. (It's a long story). So now we're getting a love connection, and that's great! Except, Sam's been badly burned, and isn't keen to set himself up for heartbreak. Given her recent breakup, Nicole is reluctant too. Then we have her ex Tyler, coming to town to win her back, or is he? Because apparently Tyler's dad isn't exactly an ethical dude, and he's afraid Nicole knows the truth about his shady business dealings. So here we are with a hopeful love match between Sam and Nicole, a "maybe" love match between Macy and Tyler (another long story and not awkward at all!), and Nicole possibly in danger from Tyler's dad's business associates. The Characters... Nicole is a woman trying to find her way. Her life has been defined by her cold parents, a relationship she was pushed into, and a twin with serious mental health issues. I like that with Sam, she pushed for total honesty. She didn't want to force him into a relationship, but she wouldn't be strung along. Good girl. Sam was a hot detective and obviously, a good guy. He has issues with letting the past go, but when push comes to shove, he totally gets on board. I love when book guys are all "No relationships. No commitments. Sex only." But when the right woman comes along, he sings a completely different tune. It's so funny to see a man reluctantly, yet effortlessly fall in love. The secondary characters helped round out the story, with Macy and Tyler getting a fair amount of page time. We also have Sam's family to add to the fun. I particularly liked his siblings Mike and Erin. The Writing... C'mon, this is Carly Phillips. I love the comfort of an author that consistently delivers charming, romantic and well-written stories that make me happy. In the End... Romantic, Sexy, and Fun. Perfect Together was another enjoyable read from Carly Phillips. Favorite Quote: As he took her hard, she was lost, and knew the last of her walls had crumbled. She'd always known she could fall hard for him even as she'd agreed to nothing serious between them. And as he played her body so well, bringing her over the edge once more, she took that final tumble into love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago