by Hillsong United

CD(Bonus DVD)

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Release Date: 04/26/2019
Label: Hillsong
UPC: 0602577443145
catalogNumber: 002977472
Rank: 3439


Disc 1

  1. Ready or Not
  2. Here's to the One
  3. Might Sound Wild
  4. Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
  5. As You Find Me
  6. Clean
  7. Starts and Ends
  8. Highlands (Song Of Ascent)
  9. Holy Ground
  10. Another In The Fire
  11. Good Grace
  12. Echoes (Till We See The Other Side)

Disc 2

  1. Ready Or Not
  2. Here's To The One
  3. Might Sound Wild
  4. Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
  5. As You Find Me
  6. Clean
  7. Starts And Ends
  8. Highlands (Song Of Ascent)
  9. Holy Ground
  10. Another In The Fire
  11. Good Grace
  12. Echoes (Till We See The Other Side)
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  17. DVD Menu/Hillsong United/People
  18. DVD Menu/Hillsong United/People
  19. DVD Menu/Hillsong United/People
  20. Good Grace
  21. Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
  22. Another In The Fire
  23. Highlands (Song Of Ascent)
  24. Holy Ground
  25. Here's To The One

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Hillsong United   Primary Artist
Ashley Alexander   Vocals
Dylan Thomas   Electric Guitar
Michelle Cook   Vocals
Tulele Faletolu   Vocals
Michael-Guy Chislett   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Brian Houston   Worship Leader
Jonathan Douglass   Vocals
Jad Gillies   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Joel Houston   Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Matt Crocker   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Matt Tennikoff   Bass
Simon Kobler   Percussion,Drums
Brooke Ligertwood   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Bobbie Houston   Worship Leader
Nathan Hughes   Keyboards
Ben Tennikoff   Piano,Keyboards
Jihea Oh   Bass
Chris Davenport   Vocals
Aodhan King   Vocals
Renee Sieff   Vocals
Alexander Epa Iosefa   Vocals
Benjamin Hastings   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Rachel Helms   Vocals
Taya Gaukrodger   Vocals
Tim Nakao   Vocals
Darnell Barrett   Vocals
Darian Bass   Vocals

Technical Credits

Dylan Thomas   Composer
Michael Saunders   Creative Design
Andrew Crawford   Live Sound
Laura Kelly   translation,Translation Consultant
Marcüs Beaumont   Guitar Techician
Michael-Guy Chislett   Producer,Engineer
Tito Guzmán   Camera Operator
Dee Uluirewa   Vocal Coach
Douglas Bailey   Camera Operator
Michael Cuthbertson   Engineer
Joel Houston   Composer,Producer
Luke Irvine   Video Technician
Nathan Taylor   Production Design
Matt Crocker   Composer
Ben Whincop   Engineer
Brandon Carter   Camera Operator
Kelly Winrich   Engineer
Brandon Gillies   Engineer
Brooke Ligertwood   Composer
Sanghee Lee   Creative Design
Kris Pooley   Engineer
Ben Fielding   Composer
Marty Sampson   Composer
Dan Brutesco   Stage Manager
Ben Tennikoff   Engineer
Brad Law   Monitor Engineer
James Penry   Video Technician
Sebastian Heck   Video Technician
Grant Konemann   Engineer
Nathan Cahyadi   Artwork
Chris Davenport   Composer
Dave Rubie   Cinematography
Ricki Cook   System Engineer
Richard Cause   Director
Nathaniel Redekop   Artwork
Hannah Hobbs   Composer
Ben Tan   Engineer
Dan McMurray   Drum Technician
Kristen Mateika   Creative Design
Jonathan Zerger   Camera Operator
Johnny Rays   Producer
Sebastian Strand   Camera Operator
Paul Martin   Camera Operator
Aodhan King   Composer
Michael Fatkin   Composer
Anthony Gomez   Production Service
Jamin Tasker   Camera Operator
Benjamin Hastings   Composer
Matt Fezz   Coloring
Jarrad Donovan   Lighting Director
Daniel Gooden   Creative Design
Deborah Dänzer   Creative Design
Therese Solbrekke   Creative Design
Kevin Stahl   Operation
Michael Zuvella   Engineer
Nick Dellis   Artwork
Cayden Stapleton   Backline Technician
Brayden Fitzpatrick   Camera Operator
Rohan Satyavrata   Operation
Sam Miller   Camera Operator
Sam Irving   Camera Operator
Matt Fellers   Backline Technician
Douglas Heriot   Operation
Taya Gaukrodger   Composer
Tom Yanco   Camera Operator
Tina Martin   Creative Design
Tim Kirk   Video Technician
Stephen Thum   Backline Technician
Silas Baisch   Camera Operator
Samantha Hazra   Creative Design
Romano Nuti   Camera Operator
Rich Bryant   Operation
Ramon Mahalingam   Stage Technician
PJ Hung   Backline Technician
Nick Muller   Backline Technician
Nadine Britton   Creative Design
Marshall Bohlen   Lighting Assistant
Kate Upsher   Creative Design
Karl McAdam   Camera Operator
Justice Brooks   Camera Operator
Jennifer Schultz   Graphic Design
Isaac Kelly   Graphic Design
Joshua Benasa   Graphic Design
Darcy Godwin   Video Technician
Daniel Reinsnes   Operation
Chantale Roxanas   Camera Operator
Caitlin Eldershaw   Creative Design
Brenton Maunder   Backline Technician
Ben Gounder   Creative Design
Allan Ndolo   Stage Technician
Angela Kim   translation,Translation Consultant
Adam Zvanovec   Camera Operator

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