Peety and The Magic Bone

Peety and The Magic Bone

by nikole lawson


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For Peety the dog, nothing could be better than spending time with Maggie, the youngest member of the Mayberry family. So what will he do when she is away at school? Find out in Peety and The Magic Bone, the lively illustrated book for children ages five to eight that follows a quiet little dog on his extraordinary adventures.

When Peety teams up with Sparky, the spunky, loveable dog next door, the two unstoppable furry friends set out on a series of escapades through their neighborhood. However, Sparky is not your average canine. In fact, he has a magic bone that allows him to grant Peety three wishes! It's up to Peety to decide what he really wants before his wishes run out.

With humor, heart, and vivid illustrations, Peety and The Magic Bone is sure to capture the imagination of children everywhere and be a go-to in any child's library, teaching them the value of friendship, as well as the importance of having fun. Any child who loves a sweet and spirited dog's tale will fall in love with Peety and Sparky while they learn lifelong lessons on making friends!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781494462604
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/05/2014
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.17(d)

About the Author

Author and illustrator Nikole Lawson has been drawing since the age of five. A picture she drew of the family's dining room was not only her first work of art, but the first real evidence her parents had of her having sight. Legally blind as a result of Albinism, she draws with limited vision. She attended a well-known art school as a young adult, only to leave after deciding the school was not a good fit for her. Feeling that her lighthearted style was not aligned with the college's focus on technical drawing, Lawson instead went to work for a local government agency, started a family, and set set her aspirations for an art career aside.

Eventually changes in her eyesight made it too difficult to draw. Lawson was forced to abandon her love of art for ten years. One day she discovered that her Samsung Galaxy Note had a drawing app included. Curious, she started off slowly, as she began to explore the app's features and possibilities. At first limiting herself to just doodling and mixing colors she would soon discover that the app could offer features such as back lighting and a zoom feature. These two elements together would enable her to resume her art again. Her skill level progressed quickly as she became more comfortable with the apps features. Soon after she upgrading to a drawing app that allowed her to develop more complexity in her drawings. Ultimately this revelation inspired her to write and illustrate Peety and The Magic Bone. From that one afternoon of doodling was born this book. Every illustration was created on Lawson's cell phone. She views her book as an example of what can happen when one door opens.

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