Parental Rites

Parental Rites

by Lawrence Kalkstein


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A story as envisioned through the eyes of a loving grandpa and his struggles to re-unite a grandson with his loving grandma the world can sometimes seem surreal as to play images in one's head. But getting the thoughts out as to what could have been, or what may happen, are euphoric or perhaps tragic. But a system that uses its children as pawns is a system without shame. Whether one chooses to take this book as fact or fiction is irrelevant. The fact remains that our judicial system has volumes of cases whereby it fails our most precious resource-children.Everyone can relate to the hypocrisy or unfair dispensation of justice in our legal system, especially our court system. We often look at the judiciary as the backbone of our legal system assuming it will be fair and honest. Yet "Justice Is Blind" can quickly become "Justice Acting Blindly."Quite a big difference when the court system is overwhelmed or the system has too many "Who you know" scenarios or is too prejudiced to want to bother to find out the facts because it is too time consuming. We often hear "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied". But what is even worse is when there is simply "Justice Denied".Often Americans are amazed how long it takes for matters to move through the court system. But what is also amazing is when the court system acts so quickly to deny justice simply to "clear the calendar". People can wait for weeks or months to have their day in court and then "BOOM" without reason a one minute appearance in court the judge decides you are not entitled to your trial and denies you that proverbial "day in court." When justice is so callous not to care as to matters of the compassion and love for a child we can understand why America has a complete moral breakdown. Often people refer to those in government as "the leaders". Well perhaps this is true but the American family is evaporating and morality and compassion toward others dissipates. If those in government are truly leaders then perhaps we need to stop following these elected officials (leaders), whether they are in the legislation making process or the judicial decision making process because they obviously "lead" us in the wrong direction.Parental Rites is merely one grandfather's thoughts who is trying to come to grasp with the hatred that emanates from the court system and why the system can't be bothered to try and mend family wounds rather than rubbing salt in them. It's understood there will, unfortunately, be hatred between the parties. The family court system represents the bowels of our society as the child is often the sword to inflict damage on the other parent or other family members. It's one thing when people and businesses battle over money in court-that is simply greed most of the time. But when a child's mind becomes the central issue in court and we allow strangers who couldn't care less about the results they impose upon others then the system has failed us.Perhaps the story you are about to read can enlighten others; or perhaps it can help others choose reconciliation over hatred, then maybe there is hope for our society. A childhood is too sweet, and too short, to spend battling in court or to carry animosity in one's daily endeavors. We often are told the Judeo-Christian Society is that of compassion and reconciliation. Yet there are those so subsumed in anger and hatred that they merely preach those words on Sunday but forget them on Monday.So ignore the actual names, if you dare, in this story and interpose your own names of people you know or have heard of, that have affected you or your loved ones in a parallel manner, and perhaps you can become a leader in a child's life. We certainly cannot let a judge, or the law guardian for any child, who is more eager to play golf, or get to lunch, than dispense justice be a "leader" in that child's life.

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ISBN-13: 9781703662009
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 01/03/2020
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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