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Love papercrafting? Want a monthly digital dose of inspiration? Great news – PaperCrafter magazine is now available as an app! Every issue, browse 100 pages of makes from all your favourite craft brands, find out about the latest products, try our step-by-step tutorials and download fabulous free designer papers to print at home.

Inside you will find:
- beautiful papercrafting projects and tips from the UK's leading designers
- easy masterclasses from experts explaining everything from quilling, origami and stamping to digital crafts and pop-up cards in simple step-by-steps
- Club PaperCrafter: five pages of fabulous letters and projects from YOU, our readers
- Take One Tool: we help you master a new papercrafting gadget every issue
- fun projects to complete in just three easy steps or in under 30 minutes
- wonderful ideas for your free downloadable designer craft papers
- our guide to the best free craft printables on the web
- exclusive giveaways – win big with our monthly prizes from the UK's best brands!
- in-depth interviews with papercrafting's leading names, from Stephanie Weightman to Joanna Sheen

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