Panic Plan for the SAT

Panic Plan for the SAT


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ARCO Panic Plan for the New SAT has been completely rewritten to reflect the changes to theSAT. A brand-new SAT will be administered for the first time in March 2005. Changes to the test include: the elimination of analogy questions, as well as the math quantitative comparisons. Also, the verbal sections are now called “critical reading”. In addition, the new SAT will include short reading passages and math will be expanded to cover Algebra II along with algebra I and geometry.

Panic Plan for the New SAT helps students prepare for the SAT in as few as two weeks. Newly revised by Joan Carris (SAT Word Flash) and Michael R. Crystal (SAT Math Flash), provides test-taking tips and practice exercises for all areas of the new SAT I exam. The book includes How to Answer Sentence Completion Questions, How to Answer Critical Reading Questions, and Exercises for Basic Math, Fractions, Exponents, Square Roots, Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, and more.

  • Updated for the new SAT with practice for all types of questions that appear on the exam: sentence completions, critical reading comprehension, math multiple choice, and grid-ins
  • Two-week study plan and checklist
  • Vocabulary and math reviews

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780878669776
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 04/01/1990
Pages: 191

Table of Contents

Plan of Attack: A Three-Week Study Planvi
Unit 1First ... Some Vital Must-Know Info1
Why Is the SAT Changing? What Will Be Different? What Should I Do?4
Vital Tips for Test-Taking7
Current Scores8
College Applications9
List of Abbreviations10
Unit 2Presto-A Better Vocabulary11
What's the Plan?11
How to Decode an Unknown Word12
Helpful Prefixes13
Vocabulary Review: Wonderful Words and Necessary Roots14
Unit 3Critical Reading33
Success with Reading Passages33
Success with Sentence Completion Questions82
Unit 4Writing99
A Review of Grammatical Terms100
Identifying Sentence Errors103
Improving Sentences107
Improving Paragraphs115
Writing the Essay127
Glossary: Diction and Idiom142
Unit 5Math Familiarity for an SAT or PSAT149
The New Test150
The Two Question Formats152
Helpful Hints154
Exponents and Square Roots180
More Geometry199
More Algebra219
Word Problems and Functions228
Algebraic Applications237
Probability and Statistics242
Unit 6The Practice SAT263
Section 1264
Section 2265
Section 3269
Section 4284
Section 5290
Section 6300
Section 7304
Section 8315
Answer Section323
Answers to Practice Critical Reading Questions324
Answers to Practice Sentence Completions327
Answers to Practice Writing Questions330
Answers to Math Questions336
Computing Your Score357
Self Evaluation for SAT Practice Test360
Answers to Practice Test365
Practice Critical Reading 1-760
Practice Sentence Completions 1-488
Practice Identifying Sentence Errors 1-2104
Practice Improving Sentences 1-2108
Practice Improving Paragraphs 1-2117
Practice Problems in Arithmetic162
Practice Problems in Fractions174
Practice Problems in Exponents and Square Roots183
Practice Problems in Basic Geometry195
More Practice Problems in Geometry206
Practice Problems in Algebra216
More Practice Problems in Algebra225
Practice Problems in Word Problems and Functions234
Practice Problems in Algebraic Applications244
Practice Problems in Graphs257

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