Page Thirteen - The Book

Page Thirteen - The Book

by David A. Myers


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Jimmy Mason was a good kid in a tough city. New Orleans in the '70s was a town where good and evil not only strove for dominion, but regularly rubbed elbows. Tragedy in the lives of good people were often the fruit of this unholy coexistence.

Such was the heartbreaking scenario that led Jimmy and his widowed mother to the mountains of north Alabama with the hope of starting a new life. One would have expected that Jimmy, a highly recruited high school athlete, would have had a better than average chance at thriving in his new environment. Unfortunately, evil is unconstrained by city limits or even by geographic borders and the young man once again finds himself confronted by the worst society has to offer.

This story, the result of investigation and research by a Jefferson Parish character referred to locally as "Easy", grabs a snapshot out of Jimmy's heart, character, and life at a point at which the boy progresses into manhood.

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ISBN-13: 9781105056543
Publication date: 10/11/2011
Pages: 212
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