The Pagans Are Revolting

The Pagans Are Revolting

by S.D. Lake


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Many people today wonder how America has fallen so far from grace in its institutions of business and government. In The Pagans Are Revolting, author S.D. Lake points to the influence that paganism and secular humanism has had on culture in the United States.

Lake presents examples to show there is a dangerous trend toward anti-Christian policies in the United States, and that those who don't believe in a God or a supreme being are revolting and stealing the next generation of Americans out from under Christian believers. The Pagans Are Revolting discusses how this dismantling of fundamental beliefs has left the country in a moral crisis. Lake shows how the country has been infiltrated by forces not friendly to the American constitution and the fundamental beliefs of its founding fathers, and he demonstrates how radical judicial opinions now take precedent over the voted will of the people.

A culmination of observations about the state of today's society, The Pagans Are Revolting encourages people of faith to take a stand for what has traditionally been the American way of life in order to ensure a solid future for the country and its mental health.

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By s. d. lake

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 S. D. Lake
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-4389-6

Chapter One

The Pagans Are Revolting: United States Overrun from Within


The pagans, that's who! What is a pagan, you might ask, and why do I think they are revolting? Well, in a way, I guess the term pagan could be subjective, or as some say, "in the eye of the beholder," much like what constitutes "art." The dictionary describes a pagan as someone who does not believe in a Supreme Being or God, specifically the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition on which Western culture-until lately-was and in some instances still is based with its code of law and morality. Therein lies considerable friction with certain individuals who do not want any restraints on personal behavior or choices regarding how people choose to live their lives. They live by the old "it ain't nobody's business but my own" mantra.

So why are pagans revolting? Why do they arouse feelings of disgust and repulsion? The way the filth of their unrestrained lifestyle demands flies in the face of good law and decent morals is revolting, not to mention the destruction of a healthy society because of the pagan belief system's self-centeredness and its lack of any concept of duty to the whole of society.

A slow seeping of sewage is now a flood

Much like the slow seeping of diseased matter into a lake of drinking water will eventually pollute the whole body of life-giving substance, so has the perversion of our educational system destroyed the moral roots of America and the ideology it was founded on. This is no accident; it was and still is the goal of the secular humanistic movement in American society. The saying "bring back the lions" is not meant as a joke; secular humanists, in collaboration with pagan philosophy, truly want to kill off all references to Christianity within American culture. And just like the Nazi political party in Germany destroyed Germany by using its own constitution against it, so too are the pagans and secularist also destroying America.

Under the myth of freedom from religion, they are turning the freedom that our Judeo-Christian Constitution represents against itself in a perversion of turning freedom of religion into freedom from religion. They truly are revolting, and they are stealing the next generation of Americans right out from under Christian believers in American. They are corrupting the Christian children against their parents in state and private universities and colleges; professors of death (the pseudo Gestapo) are running our educational systems at this point, and their teachings have seeped into every vestige of decency in American society. Just look at the news of the day on any given day.

What constitutes a religion?

According to the Encarta World English Dictionary, religion is defined as follows:

re-li-gion [ri lijjsn] (plural re-li-gions) n

1. beliefs and worship: people's beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or deities, and divine involvement in the universe and human life. 2. system: an institutionalized or personal system of beliefs and practices relating to the divine. 3. personal beliefs or values: a set of strongly-held beliefs, values, and attitudes that somebody lives by. 4. obsession: an object, practice, cause, or activity that somebody is completely devoted to or obsessed by. 5. The danger is that you start to make fitness a religion. 6. Christianity monk's or nun's life: life as a monk or a nun, especially in the Roman Catholic Church.

As you can see from the second and third definitions, secularism and naturalism as well as atheism have indeed become religious ways of thinking. It has become fashionable to be anti anything that supports Judeo-Christian values. You may ask what the Jews have to do with anything in regard to this present age of paganism. Well, you know Judaism has been an established religion for numerous centuries and can stand alone without Christianity. Christianity, on the other hand, cannot stand without Judaism and the foundational beliefs about God and His Son, which the Christian doctrine of redemption are founded on, as well as the moral absolutes that much of American law and established societal norms are also founded on. Pagans want to rewrite the laws and moral codes that govern society so they suit self-absorbed, self-indulgent lifestyles that will only lead to a society that offers no boundaries to guide its citizens to healthy and righteous lives.

The whole argument is over who will set a standard to guide lawmaking or moral codes. Will the standard be set by non-Christian people who make up their own moral codes based on personal preferences? Or will it be set by Christian individuals, who base their codes on established codes of conduct for society, which in turn are based on a moral code of freedom within boundaries that protect individuals from one another and help society move forward in its pursuit of better lives for all its citizens? Some people think that no restraints on behavior are a good thing for individuals; they want to live like dogs, with the same moral code as animals. After all, secular humanists and pagans keep pushing the belief that humans are nothing more than unique animals on this globe we call Earth. They would have us believe that we are nothing special and certainly not made in the image of any Creator.

In your face

Recently, the national headlines in the media revealed the fact that young adults in a high school in New Jersey were sending naked pictures of themselves to their friends via their cell phones. It seems this is a common practice these days. When a local district attorney (DA) threatened these individuals with child pornography laws for their behavior, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU-should read the American Communist Lawyers Union) filed suit against the DA, saying those laws didn't apply to young people under the age of eighteen and could not be used to prosecute them. That's interesting. Eleven- and twelve-year-olds are having sexual intercourse in school classrooms while their friends stand watch in the hallways, but that isn't actually against the law either as long as both parties are willingly consenting, are no more than four years apart in age, and are both under eighteen.

On April 1, 2009, in my local paper-Pocono Record, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (Pocono Record, 2009)-there was an article about an investigation into allegations made by young girls on the elementary school bus that eleven-year-old boys were "pulling down their pants and exposing themselves to the ten-year-old girls and threatening to take them home and 'hump' them." They also claimed that the boys also used other foul language and sexually explicit suggestions. These are the children in public school!

The Children & Youth Services (CYS) should be investigating these families and finding out what these children are being exposed to in their homes. But of course these children cannot be taught any moral values in the school system because these so-called "values" are a subjective assumption and as such are presumed to be religious in nature.

This nonsense has been going on since the 1960s (that cohort group from the new enlightened secular theologians) with secular humanists. The ethics are subjective group (no moral absolutes) have been running the school system, so it is no wonder the mess Wall Street and the banking industry find themselves in; it is not surprising with these kind of moral leaders running the show. It truly is an anything-goes society we have going here in America, and if you stand up for Christian values, you are called a narrow-minded, intolerant individual.

The school systems in many parts of our country are turning our children and grandchildren into nothing but little dogs. I guess they truly do need to hand out condoms to students; I mean, you can't actually have them fixed-yet. All this sludge is on a slippery slope alright.

It can be understood why pagans are trying to get rid of parental consent for underage abortions; they want school guidance counselors to be able to drive students down to a clinic between their classes at school when the condoms don't get the job done. It is in the agenda that birth control pills be distributed as part of the health and hygiene classes in fourth grade. Don't laugh. Parents will go along with it as long as it is paid for by the states, and if anyone complains, they will be ridiculed as promoting unwanted juvenile pregnancy. The abortion industry (Planned Parenthood) won't like it much either; passing out birth control will cut into the profits of the abortion industry-those who see abortion as a viable option for world population control.

You know, I have been rethinking my stand on the abortion issue lately and have come to the conclusion that if an aborted child goes immediately into heaven as Christians believe, then let the pagans abort their offspring. They won't be able to raise another generation of godless children. In the Old Testament of Christian scripture it simply says not to throw your "children" into the fire like the pagans do. It doesn't say to get the pagans to stop throwing their children into the fires (Deuteronomy 18:10, NKJV).

The Constitution was written for moral people, and it is woefully inadequate to protect people from those who have no morals, those who have corrupted the rule of law, and those who want a society predicated on greed, genitals, and self-indulgence. When anything is conceptualized as religious simply because it sets a standard for human behavior and when all religious views should supposedly be kept separate from government, then what is left on which to base a judgment for societal rules? Absolutely nothing but humanistic jargon and naturalistic urges.

Now it is a popular notion and it has been heard that pedophiles are now saying they shouldn't be punished for their behavior because they are "born" that way-born with a tendency toward preadolescent children for personal sexual gratification. And if it is a consenting situation, they ask why there is punishment for such behavior. After all, the age of consent is just an arbitrary number based on religious beliefs, just like marriage is based on religious beliefs. They ask, why can't a man-or a woman for that matter-have more than one soS. called legal mate or partner? Or once individuals reach puberty, why is age an issue?

Why are Christian children such easy prey for secular humanists?

So many people have such good intentions while raising their children in a proper way. They want their kids to be good citizens in a society that strives to have all its citizens living free from oppression and unjust laws. They send them to schools that are not "secular" in nature, and they teach them that there are rights and wrongs when it comes to behavior. They teach them that they shouldn't just live for themselves and that other people matter too. They tell their kids there are things like honesty, character, integrity, and fidelity and that these things have in themselves their own reward when practiced diligently with no compromise.

They also give their Christian training in a Christian worldview-a view that there is a God, that He is the Creator of everything, that we humans were separated from Him long ago because of sin, and that we now need someone to pay the price for our lawlessness-the penalty for which being death-so that we don't have to die ourselves and be forever separated from Him in His realm. In order to do this, we have to accept the death of His Son as our own payment for our disobedience, and in that way our debt is paid and we are once again restored to His favor and blessings. This is the story of the Gospel, and the Christian writings and scripture go straight to the point of the issue.

There is more than enough evidence that points to the truth of what the Christian worldview proclaims. It is recorded throughout history, and the proof is in the pudding, so to speak, from those who have lived it and experienced the presence of God the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives when they yielded their self-centered desires and self-gratifying spirit over to His direction and presence and lived according to His concepts and precepts. In other words, do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do and you will automatically reap a reward and ignite the power to pull the blessings of God into your life.

For young people to understand this is not hard when they are raised in a truly Christian family atmosphere; it is not a surprise for them to hear this proclaimed. One needs to be careful of what other "truths" children are told. There are some Christian groups that teach some things that don't have any bearing on the Good News in general but have a bearing on the credibility of the Christian worldview in general. It is like you get a bunch of information from a source and much of it sounds reasonable, yet it is epistemological in nature and the general understanding is that it makes good sense. However, in with this logical hypothesis of the subject, there is some information that will be shown later to be absolutely false as originally presented. Upon further review, it is found that the reality of the subject matter shows what was once believed cannot possibly be the way it was presented, yet some individuals believe that if we were to change our understanding of this particular subject matter, it would somehow cast doubt on the truth of the rest of the material that was presented along with it. I would say that this is not always the case.

For example, there was a time when the whole worldview was that the earth was the center of the universe and that all other objects in the universe revolved around the earth-the sun, moon, planets, and stars. Of course, at the time people said that was what God's Word in Christian scriptures stated. Not so. The misinterpretations of the scriptures led to many false beliefs. The truth-that the earth revolves around the sun-didn't make the scriptures inaccurate; it simply showed that the translators made some errors in their thinking while trying to translate original scriptures into the English language. It is not an unusual occurrence when dealing with ancient languages. When evidence shows something is not lining up, one simply needs to update the translations into a more accurate form than they were originally understood to mean.

God's Word is true. There are no fairy tales here, or legends or wives tales, just facts centered in reality. The realities of this physical world do not contradict the description of how and when the universe was created in the first book of the Christian scriptures. It is an old universe and an old earth, and the Word says just that. If we continue to teach our children erroneous facts based on bad translations, they will be "low-hanging fruit" for the pagans-very easy to pick off the tree of family beliefs and values. To believe the earth is very old and ancient is not the same as having a belief in Darwin's evolution theory. The earth and universe can be very old, and this belief does not compromise the reality of the one true God of the Christian faith-the God and Father of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Those that posit that the contrary is true, that it does compromise the Christian faith, are extremely ignorant and dogmatic to the destruction of the truth of the Christian worldview. Go to to establish some realistic attitudes regarding the ancient text.

God's Word lines up with His world!

Now you know why convicted felons are not allowed to vote

If convicted felons could vote, they would vote other like-minded individuals into public office-others with little regard for the rule of law as the foundation for a just and honest society. Then they would be able to make unjust laws that could/would take advantage of the other citizens within the society. They would be able to discard opposing opinions and suggestions that are based on duty and honor as to how the society should be run.

This is pretty much what is going on today with a large group of pagan individuals voting for and electing people of like-mindedness to overturn the foundations of the American society, which were decidedly based on Christian values. I understand that there have always been the few throughout history who made it into areas of public trust and have gone on to show themselves to not be worthy of that trust. Today, people proclaim to be pagans, and they appeal to others who want no moral restraints on their lives, businesses, or personal relationships.


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Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1 The Pagans Are Revolting: United States Overrun from Within....................1
CHAPTER 2 Stinkin' Thinkin': A Learned Deception of Erroneous Beliefs....................11
CHAPTER 3 A Healthy Worldview Is Not Subjective: Preferring Preference over Inference....................23
CHAPTER 4 Who Is a Hypocrite? Isolated Strongholds....................31
CHAPTER 5 Resurrection through Reconciliation: Putting Death to Death-Motive, Means, and Opportunity....................61
CHAPTER 6 Cultural Engineering: Up from the Ashes....................71
CHAPTER 7 The Sexing up of Our Children: Back to Rome BC....................76
CHAPTER 8 A Crooked Generation: Planting a Crop for Harvest....................79
CHAPTER 9 Writing on the Wall: Why Bother?....................81
CHAPTER 10 Christian Virtue in American Society: A Categorical Imperative....................84
CHAPTER 11 Women Have a Legitimate Gripe: Where Is the Love and Respect?....................91
CHAPTER 12 The Essence of Love: What Happened to Us as Men?....................98
CHAPTER 13 Decisive Living over Default Apathy: Time Flies and the Outward Man Dies....................101
APPENDIX A An Amazing Nine Minutes....................104
APPENDIX B The Good News....................108
ABOUT THE AUTHOR....................112

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