Pâté, Confit, Rillette: Recipes from the Craft of Charcuterie

Pâté, Confit, Rillette: Recipes from the Craft of Charcuterie

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The best-selling team behind Charcuterie and Salumi further deepens our understanding of a venerable craft.

In Pâté, Confit, Rillette, Brian Polcyn and Michael Ruhlman provide a comprehensive guide to the most elegant and accessible branch of the charcuterie tradition. There is arguably nothing richer and more flavorful than a slice of pâté de foie gras, especially when it’s spread onto crusty bread. Anyone lucky enough to have been treated to a duck confit, poached and preserved in its own fat, or a pâté en croute, knows they’re impossible to resist.

And yet, pâtés, confits, rillettes, and similar dishes featured in this book were developed in the pursuit of frugality. Butchers who didn’t want to waste a single piece of the animals they slaughtered could use these dishes to serve and preserve them. In so doing, they founded a tradition of culinary alchemy that transformed lowly cuts of meat into culinary gold.

Polcyn and Ruhlman begin with crucial instructions about how to control temperature and select your ingredients to ensure success, and quickly move on to master recipes, offering the fundamental ratios of fat, meat, and seasoning, which will allow chefs to easily make their own variations. The recipes that follow span traditional dishes and modern inventions, featuring a succulent chicken terrine embedded with sautéed mushrooms and flecked with bright green herbs; modern rillettes of shredded salmon and whitefish; classic confits of duck and goose; and a vegetarian layered potato terrine.

Pâté, Confit, Rillette is the book to reach for when a cook or chef intends to explore these timeless techniques, both the fundamentals and their nuances, and create exquisite food.

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Publication date: 05/14/2019
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About the Author

Brian Polcyn is the former chef/owner of Forest Grill and Five Lakes Grill, among other Detroit-area restaurants, and he is a professor of charcuterie at Schoolcraft College in Michigan.
Michael Ruhlman has written and coauthored many bestsellers, among them The Soul of a Chef, The French Laundry Cookbook, Ratio, and other books. He lives in New York City and Providence, Rhode Island, with his wife, Ann Hood.

Table of Contents

Foreword Jacques Pépin 11

Introduction 13

What Exactly Is A Pâté? (And a few other definitions) 15

For Crying Out Loud, Why Bother? 16

Part 1 Pâté en Terrine 19

The Tools You Will Need 21

Rules to Live By 23

A Word About Meat Generally and about the Pig Specifically 26

The Basic Steps for All Pâtés 27

Binders 30

Garnishes 32

Pâté Spice Blends 33

Master Pâté Recipes 35

The Gratin Pâté: Duck Pâté En Terrine 36

The Straight Forcemeat: Classic Pork Pâté 39

The Country Pâté: Classic Pork and Liver Country Pâté 44

The Mousseline Forcemeat: Chicken and Wild Mushroom Terrine 46

Meal, Seafood, and Vegetable Pâté 50

Alsatian Veal and Chicken Terrine 52

Asian-Spiced Pâté 54

Terrine Bordelaise 55

Curried Chicken Terrine 57

Chicken Liver Terrine 59

Smoked Chicken Liver Terrine 61

Chicken and Veal Terrine with Sweetbreads and Mushrooms 63

Chicken, Pork, Liver and Mushroom Terrine 67

Pork Liver Terrine 69

Spicy Moroccan Lamb Terrine with Roasted Red Peppers 71

Gratin of Rabbit with Apricots and Armagnac 73

Pheasant and Pernod Terrine with Fennel Confit 76

Smoked Salmon and Dill Terrine 78

Lobster Terrine 79

Chicken and Shrimp Terrine with Chipotle and Cilantro 82

Atlantic Coast Seafood Roulade with Smoked Scallops 83

Lobster and Leeks En Gelée 84

Smoked Ruby Trout En Gelée 87

Shrimp, Scallop, and Saffron Terrine 89

Smoked Whitefish Terrine 90

Summer Vegetable Terrine 91

Cauliflower, Pea, and Red Pepper Mousse En Terrine 92

Portobello and Roasted Red Pepper Terrine 94

Two-Potato Terrine 96

Part 2 Mousse 99

Smoked Salmon Mousse 103

Duck Liver Mousse with Morels 104

Pig "Butter" 105

Spuma Di Mortadella 106

Crema Di Lardo 107

Chicken Liver Mousse with Caramelized Onions 108

Cauliflower Mousse 110

Chicken Liver "Butter" 111

Part 3 Foie Gras 113

Foie Gras Au Torchon 119

Foie Gras En Terrine with Sauternes 121

Foie Gras En Terrine in Smaller Molds 124

Foie Gras Mousse 127

Duck and Foie Gras En Terrine 129

Mango and Foiegras En Terrine 131

Part 4 Crust 133

Pâté Brisée 140

Hot-Water Dough 140

Decker Dough 141

Rabbit Pâté En Croûte 142

Caramelized Onion Tart 147

Crab and Boursin Cheese Tart 148

Savory Sweet Potato Tart 149

Raised Tongue Pie 150

Raised Pheasant Pie 153

Savory Duck Pies 155

Wild Mushroom Tourte 157

Part 5 The Mighty Confit 159

Duck Confit 163

Goose Confit 167

Pork Belly Confit 169

Carolina BBQ Pork Confit 170

Pork Shoulder Confit 171

Easy Chicken Confit 172

Turkey Confit 174

Tongue Confit 175

Garlic Confit 177

Onion Confit 177

Fennel Confit 178

Butternut Squash Confit 179

Part 6 Rillettes 181

Le Mans Rillettes De Porc 185

Rillettes From Any Confit 187

Rillettes En Terrine 188

Rabbit Rillettes 189

Wild Atlantic Salmon Rillettes with Dill and Shallot 190

Smoked Great Lakes Whitefish Rillettes 191

Fennel Rillettes with Orange and Black Pepper 192

Chanterelle and Garlic Confit Rillettes 193

Part 7 Charcuterie Specialties 195

Crispy Stuffed Duck Neck 199

Fromage De Tête 202

Porchetta Di Testa 205

Salo (Slovakian Cured Fat) 207

Roast Saddle of Rabbit with Spinach and Pine Nuts 209

La Caillette (Rhône Valley Meatballs) 211

Ham and Parsley En Gelée 212

Chicken Quenelles with Mushroom Cream Sauce 214

Turkey Ballotine 216

Seafood Galantine 218

Rillons (Crispy Pork Belly) 219

Puffy Chicharron 220

Cracklings 221

Braised Pork Belly with Five-Spice Powder 222

Chinese Crispy Pork Belly 223

Part 8 Condiments 225

Whole-Grain Mustard 228

Horseradish-Beer Mustard 229

Vinaigrette 229

Avocado and Herb Aioli 230

Sauce Gribiche 230

Dried Tart Cherry Marmalade 231

Onion Marmalade 232

Mango, Ginger, and Jalapeno Chutney 234

Pickled Ramps 235

Roasted Eggplant Caviar 236

Salt-Cured Egg Yolks 237

Acknowledgments 239

Index 241

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