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Oxygen Complexes and Oxygen Activation by Transition Metals

Oxygen Complexes and Oxygen Activation by Transition Metals

by Arthur E. Martell, Donald T. Sawyer


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This monograph consists of manuscripts, summary statements, and poster abstracts submitted by invited speakers and poster contributors who participated in the symposium "Oxygen Complexes and Oxygen Activation by Transition Metals," held March 23-26, 1987, at Texas A&M University. This meeting was the fifth annual international symposium sponsored by the Texas A&M Industry-University Cooperative Chemistry Program (IUCCP). The co­ chairmen of the conference were Professors Arthur E. Martell and Donald T. Sawyer of the Texas A&M University Chemistry Department. The program was developed by an academic-industrial steering committee consisting of the co-chairmen and members appointed by the sponsoring chemical companies Dr. James F. Bradzil, The Standard Oil Company, Ohio; Dr. Jerry R. Ebner, Monsanto Company; Dr. Craig Murchison, Dow Chemical Company; Dr. Donald C. Olsen, Shell Development Company; Dr. Tim R. Ryan, Celanese Chemical Company; and Dr. Ron Sanderson, Texaco Chemical Company. The subject of this conference reflects the intense interest that has developed in academic institutions and industry on several aspects of dioxygen chemistry. These include the formation of dioxygen complexes and their applications in facilitated transport and oxygen separation; homo­ geneous and heterogeneous catalysis of oxidation; and oxygenation of organic substrates by molecular oxygen. The conference differs in two respects from several other symposia on dioxygen chemistry held during the past few years. First, there is extensive industrial participation, especially with respect to oxygen activation.

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Publication date: 10/28/1988
Pages: 341
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Table of Contents

Opening Remarks.- Dioxygen Complexes with Transition Metals.- Bonding of Dioxygen to Transition Metals.- Oxygen Binding by the Metalloproteins Hemerythrin, Hemocyanin, and Hemoglobin.- Metal Oxo Complexes and Oxygen Activation.- Kinetics of Formation of Biological Oxygen Carriers.- Synthetic Dioxygen Carriers for Dioxygen Transport.- Formation and Degradation of Cobalt Dioxygen Complexes.- Reversible Complexes for the Recovery of Dioxygen.- Summary - Dioxygen Complexes with Transition Metals.- Oxygen Activation by Transition Metals.- Summary - Oxygen Activation by Transition Metals.- The Chemistry and Activation of Dioxygen Species (02, 02-., and H00H) in Biology.- Oxygen Activation by Neutrophils.- Mechanisms of Dioxygen Activation in Metal-Containing Monooxygenases: Enzymes and Model Systems.- Radical Cation Pathways for Selective Catalytic Oxidation by Molecular Oxygen.- Vanadium Catalyzed Autoxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide.- Copper Catalyzed Oxidative Carbonylation of Methanol to Dimethyl Carbonate.- Dependence of Reaction Pathways and Product Distribution on the Oxidation State of Palladium Catalysts for the Reactions of Olefinic and Aromatic Substrates with Molecular Oxygen.- Oxygen Activation and Oxidation Reactions on Metal Surfaces.- Methane Oxidation at Metal Oxide Surfaces.- The Activation of Oxygen by Metal Phosphorus Oxides - The Vanadium Phosphorus Oxide Catalyst.- The Oxidation of Organic Compounds by Metal Complexes in Zeolites.- Abstracts of Posters.- Kinetics and Mechanisms of Degradation of Binuclear Cobalt Dioxygen Complexes.- Methane Activation over Lanthanide Oxides.- Dioxygen Affinities of Some Synthetic Cobalt Schiff Base Complexes.- Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP): A Unique Catalyst Evaluation System with Sub-Millisecond Time Resolution.- Dioxygen Insertion into Metal-Carbon Bonds of Metalloporphyrins: Formation and Characterization of Alkylperoxy Metalloporphyrins.- Iron Porphyrin Catalyzed Air Oxidation of Aldehydes and Alkenes.- Oxidative Dimerization of Methane over Sodium-Promoted Calcium Oxides.- Synthesis and Metal Ion Affinities of a Binucleating Polyamine: Reversible Formation of a Cobalt Dioxygen Complex.- Potentiometric Determination of Stabilities of Cobalt(II) Complexes of Polyamine Schiff Bases and Their Dioxygen Adducts.- Catalysis of Cobalt Schiff Base Complexes for the Oxygenation of Olefins. Mechanisms for the Ketonization Reaction.- Selective Oxidation of Saturated Hydrocarbons by the Gif and Gif-Orsay Systems.- The Formation, Characterization, and Reactivity of the Oxene Adduct of Tetrakis(2,6-dichlorophenyl)porphinato-Iron(III) Perchlorate in Acetonitrile.- Preparation and Characterization of a Binuclear Iron(III)- Hydroxo-y-hydroperoxy Complex [(Ph3PO)4(HO)FeIII(HOOH)FeIII(OH)(OPPh3)4](C1O4)4.- Autoxidation of FeII(dihydroxyphenanthroline)3.- Phosphine-Ruthenium(II)-Aquo Redox Chemistry: The Aerobic Catalytic Oxidation of Cyclohexene.- The Oxidation of Organic Substrates by Molecular Oxygen; Catalysis by Ru(III) and Ru(III)-EDTA.- Oxygenation of Tryptophane Catalyzed by Polyamine Cobalt Dioxygen Complexes.- Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of the Fe(IV)=0 Group in Peroxidase Intermediates.- Reaction of Dioxygen with Synthetic Copper(I) Compounds of Biological Relevance.- Thorough Elucidation of Oxygenation- and Oxidation-Mechanisms of Iron(II) Porphyrin on the Basis of a New Hypothesis for an Electron-Transfer Pathway.- IUCCP Description.

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