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by Alexandra Burke Alexandra Burke


by Alexandra Burke Alexandra Burke

CD(German Import)

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Alexandra Burke's winning of 2008's X-Factor competition instantly made the young starlet a household name, thanks to her immaculate cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." Her cover, which contorted Cohen's masterpiece into a soulful gospel record, instantly drew comparisons between Burke and the television's program winner three years earlier; another young British beauty named Leona Lewis. The two ladies' equally spectacular voices and ranges were all too comparable. However, post X-Factor, it's clear that Simon Cowell, the masthead to both of their lucrative careers, is doing a terrific job of musically distinguishing the two up-and-coming divas; Lewis' debut, Spirit, was poised and perfected, much in the vein of Celine Dion. Contrarily, Burke's debut album, Overcome, seems to pull away from much of the preppy glamour that comes with Lewis' overreaching ballads. Burke's debut is brimming with a vocal charm and characterization that Lewis' releases lack. In other words, if Lewis is Dion, Burke is Whitney Houston; an equally compelling vocalist whose imperfections are masked by the kind of charisma that ears crave. Alongside a team of A-List producers (who came with an A-List price tag), Burke delivers a bold and brazen soul-pop album that's so perfected that a quarter could bounce of the shine of the final product. Because of this overproducing, however, Burke unfortunately misses the mark a few times; the forced retro R&B sounds that have been bludgeoned to death in 2009 make their presence here, on numbers like "Bury Me" and "You Broke My Heart" (co-written by a retro contemporary, Pixie Lott). Not to mention, there is more than one track that seems to be stuck in the footsteps of pop groups like Girls Aloud or Sugababes; not necessarily in a bad way, but "Dumb" and "Nothing But the Girl" only perfect the electro-pop formula, they don't glorify it. However, the album is more than saved by some of the best ballads that any new-millennium diva has ever released: "The Silence," a storming, RedOne-produced number, is easily one of the most engaging vocals any singer has recorded for pop radio (yes, including "Bleeding Love") in quite some time. Other songs like "Gotta Go," "They Don't Know," and "Overcome" vary in level of formula and appeal, but all have the chops necessary to sell them. Not to mention, the album is laden with cross-Atlantic appeal. The album's lead single, "Bad Boys," is the most brilliant, perfect mainstream pop single of 2009; its thrashing, synthesized beat and larger-than-life chorus make Burke the prime U.K. import for the North American market, and a little guest chorus from Flo Rida only helps the situation. The album has the aforementioned charisma all the way through (ironically, see "All Night Long"), and Burke's bombastic voice is to be applauded -- not many soulful, booming types like her can even think of true mainstream pop success in 2009, but she stands a real chance. Songs like "Bad Boys" or "It's Over" -- a beautiful, midtempo pop tune probably best geared of all the songs for radio, even as a bonus track -- present a real vocalist who delivers phenomenally while being supported by modern-day beats and hooks. While this album is sometimes too generic and polished for its own good, it is the first record in years that offers us a vocalist like Christina Aguilera who can compete with the present-day Auto-Tuned Britney Spears of the world, and that in itself makes Burke's debut a hit.

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Product Details

Release Date: 11/03/2009
Label: Sony Uk
UPC: 0886974602323
catalogNumber: 7460232
Rank: 112206


  1. Bad Boys
  2. Good Night Good Morning
  3. The Silence
  4. All Night Long
  5. Bury Me (6 Feet Under)
  6. Broken Heels
  7. Dumb
  8. Overcome
  9. Gotta Go
  10. You Broke My Heart
  11. Nothing But the Girl
  12. They Don't Know
  13. Hallelujah

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alexandra Burke   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Dave Williamson   Trombone
Louis Biancaniello   Keyboards
Steve Booker   Bass,Keyboards
Glenn Fischbach   Cello
Henrik Janson   Conductor
Priscilla Jones   Choir, Chorus
Peter Ljung   Piano,Keyboards
Andrea Martin   Background Vocals
Peter Nocella   Viola
Sam Watters   Background Vocals
Lawrence Johnson   Choir, Chorus
Olga Konopelsky   Violin
Emma Kummrow   Violin
Esbjörn Öhrwall   Guitar
Igor Szwec   Violin
Gregory Teperman   Violin
Dan Carpenter   Trumpet
Joy Malcolm   Choir, Chorus
Derrick McKenzie   Drums
Carol Riley   Choir, Chorus
Wayne Wilkins   Keyboards
Warren Zielinski   Violin
John Metcalfe   Viola
Chris Worsey   Cello
Richard George   Violin
Jim Jonsin   Keyboards
Natalia Bonner   Violin
Millennia Strings   Strings
Lauren Evans   Background Vocals
Tamyra Gray   Background Vocals
Ladonna Harley Peters   Choir, Chorus
Kate Robinson   Violin
Simon Willescroft   Saxophone
Ravaughn Brown   Background Vocals
Sarah Ozelle   Background Vocals
RedOne   Background Vocals
Luigi Mazzocchi   Violin
Savan Kotecha   Background Vocals
Michelle Bishop   Violin
Eliza Cho   Violin
James J. Cooper   Cello
Rita Ora   Background Vocals
Johnny Severin   Guitar
Marcus Johnson   Choir, Chorus
Jr. Charles Parker   Violin
Pat Scott   Choir, Chorus
Davis Barnett   Viola
Bryon Jones   Choir, Chorus
Ulf Janson   Conductor
Candice Johnson-Mills   Choir, Chorus
Julie Costello   Choir, Chorus
Pearl Jarrett   Choir, Chorus
Patricia Fashanu   Choir, Chorus
Marianne Pentha   Background Vocals
Rikke Normann   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Leonard Cohen   Composer
Louis Biancaniello   Composer,Programming,Producer
Steve Booker   Composer,Programming,Producer
Jeff Chestek   Engineer
Larry Gold   String Arrangements
Henrik Janson   String Arrangements
Jon Kelly   Engineer
Andrea Martin   Vocal Producer
Simon Hale   String Arrangements
Sam Watters   Producer
Lawrence Johnson   Choir Arrangement
Martin Kierszenbaum   Composer
Stargate   Producer
Herbert Crichlow   Composer
A. Martin   Composer
Neil Tucker   Vocal Engineer
Wayne Wilkins   Composer,Programming,Producer
Quiz   Producer,Engineer
Stockholm Session Orchestra   Orchestration
Mike Busbee   Composer,Vocal Producer
Andreas "Quiz" Romdhane   Programming,Instrumentation
Martin Cooke   Engineer
Niara Scarlett   Composer
Jim Jonsin   Programming,Producer
Josef Larossi   Programming,Instrumentation
Lauren Evans   Composer
James Fauntleroy   Composer,Vocal Producer
Robert Marks   Engineer
Ne-Yo   Producer
Rob Kinelski   Vocal Engineer
Rico Love   Composer
Mikkel Storleer Eriksen   Composer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Larossi   Producer,Engineer
Brian Kennedy   Producer,Instrumentation
Alexander James   Composer,Vocal Producer
RedOne   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements,Instrumentation,Vocal Editing
Damien Lewis   Engineer
Savan Kotecha   Composer
Erik Arvinder   Engineer,String Arrangements
Carlos Oyanedel   Engineer
Element   Producer,Vocal Producer
Alexandra Burke   Instrumentation
Pixie Lott   Composer
Tor Erik Hermansen   Composer,Instrumentation
Johnny Severin   Engineer,Vocal Editing
Hitesh Cohen   Engineer
Samuel Watters   Composer
Phantom Boys   Producer
Philip Lawrence   Vocal Producer
Melvin K. Watson   Composer
Andre Merritt   Composer
Larry Summerville   Composer
Tramar Dillard   Composer
Bilal Hajji   Composer
Status   Producer,Instrumentation
Kim Ofstad   Composer,Instrumentation
Brian Kennedy Seals   Composer
Saul Milton   Composer
Ulf Janson   String Arrangements
Aeon "Step" Manahan   Composer
James Echeffer   Composer
Will Kennard   Composer

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