Other Death

Other Death

by Sean Nicholas Savage, Tops, Nite Jewel, Jasper Baydala Sean Nicholas Savage
Other Death

Other Death

by Sean Nicholas Savage, Tops, Nite Jewel, Jasper Baydala Sean Nicholas Savage


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In line with the smooth R&B-crooned, arty synth pop of 2013's Other Life and 2014's Bermuda Waterfall much more so than his earlier lo-fi takes on brighter '50s and '60s (and ever early-'80s) pop, and with a title that's a clear reference to Other Life, 2015's Other Death may or may not mark the end of a slinky trilogy in Sean Nicholas Savage's catalog. The album opens with a wistful piano instrumental titled "Death" before plunging into funky, smarmy R&B with "Propaganda" ("I'm a freak, yeah/Wild and free/Propaganda can't have me"). Exaggerated, overly sincere groans and yelps come off a lot like Jemaine Clement delivering a Flight of the Conchords tune, but Savage is nearly always performing with a little wink and a little weirdness, so that's not to undermine intention. Neither should we be afraid to smile at the whispered "Look at you/Miracles happen every day" in "Casablanca," the poetry-slam word association in "Why I Love U," or the Bee Gees-inflected "Dont B Sad." Soundwise, in addition to Savage's Green Gartside-like vocal delivery, the pingy, early-'80s keyboards and syncopated basslines of new wave appear throughout the record, but especially on the drum machine-teeming "Promises." Though Other Death features collaborators such as Agor of labelmates Blue Hawaii and Errhead of Doldrums, the album really feels like the work of a sole lonely fellow in an after-hours corner of his bedroom, with the exception of the relatively upbeat but still yearning "1 More Chance" with Nite Jewel co-writing and joining him on vocals. The late-night intimacy hits a crescendo on "Romeo" ("Maybe I would lose my mind without you"), which quotes Shakespeare and reaches peak falsetto. An uptempo (for him) affair that may belie its title, Other Death delivers a consistently wacky coveter of hearts with sensuality and panache to spare.

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Release Date: 09/18/2015
Label: Arbutus Records
UPC: 0656605531328
catalogNumber: 55313
Rank: 164196


  1. Death
  2. Propaganda
  3. Casablanca
  4. Dont B Sad
  5. Promises
  6. Romeo
  7. 1 More Chance
  8. Suburban Nights
  9. Delta Fresh N Breezy
  10. SOS
  11. Why I Love U
  12. Young Again

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