Onslaught on Hitler's Rhine: Operations Plunder and Varsity March 1945

Onslaught on Hitler's Rhine: Operations Plunder and Varsity March 1945

by Patrick Delaforce


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Operation Plunder was Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's swan song. It is rarely mentioned in the Second World War history books, and when it is, both American and British military historians dismiss it as being ultra-cautious. Monty was by nature a cautious commander with dwindling manpower resources. Operation Market Garden in September 1944 had not been successful in achieving a major lodgment over the Rhine. Monty knew that Hitler regarded the Rhine as his final barrier, and his storm-troopers and paratroops had fought like demons for four weeks in February/March 1945 defending the Siegfried Line in Operations Veritable and Blockbuster. Presumably they would continue to defend their own country to the bitter end. So, in command of a British, a Canadian and an American army Monty ensured by very careful planning, including a huge airborne drop in Operation Varsity, that the great onslaught would be furious, quick, ruthless and highly successful. And so it was. Patrick Delaforce fought in Blockbuster, Plunder and all the river battles in his armored battle group, which reached the Danish frontier just before Stalin's Cossacks. The book is part of a Fonthill trilogy by Delaforce: Monty's Rhine Adventure (Market Garden); and Invasion of the Third Reich (the campaign after Plunder).

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ISBN-13: 9781781554418
Publisher: Fonthill Media
Publication date: 08/02/2015
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Patrick Delaforce served with 11th Armoured Division during the advance through NW Europe.

After a career in the wine trade he became a professional writer. Among his books in print with Pen and Sword are Churchill’s Desert Rats in North Africa, Burma, Sicily and Italy, Wellington Le Beau and Monty’s Marauders.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 7

2 On the Other Side of the Hill 14

3 Hitler's Defences: The Festung Ports 23

4 Hitler's Defences: The Verdronken Land 32

5 Hitler's Defences: 'Wacht am Rhein' 40

6 Hitler's Defences: The Siegfried Line 45

7 Hitler's Miracles 60

8 On the Other Side of the Hill (2) 75

9 Prelude to the Rhine Crossing: Months Build-up 83

10 Hobart's Terrible and Useful 'Funnies' 93

11 Armoured Warfare 105

12 Operation Widgeon: Commando Attack on Wesel 109

13 Hitler's Rhine Defenders 123

14 Operation Turnscrew: The Highway Decorators Lead 132

15 The 'River Sweepers' in Operation Torchlight: 15th Scottish Division 160

16 Churchill's Rhine Adventure 178

17 Operation Varsity: The Airborne Spearhead 186

18 The Canadians in Operation Plunder 207

19 The Americans in Operation Plunder 211

20 Over the Rhine and Far Away 219

Author's Story 236

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