Only Smiths

Only Smiths

by David James Smith


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How a Smith aided William Wallace win at Stirling Bridge, in Norman dominated Scotland. James Smith wanted to find his own way in life. Born in Badenoch, southwest Highland Scotland, he was determined to help William Wallace fight against Norman dominance for independence. Smiths were victims of a Moray clearance when Oengus, or Angus Chief of the Chattan and last Mormaor or King of Moray, had fallen at Stracathro to be replaced by a Norman Earl. James, a 3rd generation blacksmith, crossed the Causey Mounth cattle drover road to emerge at Fetteresso, before Durris on the east coast armed with a self-made sword, targe, adaptable skills, and handed down family history shaped by war. His skills served another Earl Moray who declared for Wallace burning out Normans from Dunnottar castle still smoking as they went south for Dundee and Stirling Bridge. This decision shaped the destiny of east-coast Smiths, now told.

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Publication date: 07/08/2019
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