Online Investing Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

Online Investing Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

by Michelle Hooper

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The number of people investing online is increasing every year. This is due in large part to the advent of the necessary technology and the pervasiveness of computers. Online Investing: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply will help you become one of the many people who have taken advantage of online investing and show you how to invest wisely.

You will learn everything you need to know about market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders, stop orders, day orders, good-till-cancelled orders, IPOs, DPOs, DRIPs, after hours trading, cash accounts, day trading, Electronic Communication Networks, liquidity, margins, margin accounts, margin calls, investment clubs, minimum maintenance requirements, and rates of return. We will provide you with links to investment resources and indispensable investing tools.

In addition, you will learn how to develop a well-balanced portfolio, how to uncover hidden costs of online brokerage firms, how to conduct research, how to make carefully reasoned decisions, how to secure your information, how to avoid investment scams, how to set up stock screens, how to navigate financial Web sites, how to find your investment style, how to choose an online broker, and how to read financial charts. You will discover the truth about online investing, online broker ratings, and the advantages and disadvantages of online investing. You will also be presented with financial software options, such as Microsoft Quicken and Peachtree, to help you track your investments.

Whether you are new to online investing or a seasoned pro, you will find valuable information and tips in this book. The easy to understand language makes reading this book not only highly informative but also enjoyable. In no time at all you will be making money through your online investments.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781601381583
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/12/2008
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 5 MB

Table of Contents

Introduction     13
Acknowledgments     17
What is Investing?     21
Important Key Terms     21
History Continues     23
How To Invest     111
Market & Limit Orders     113
Day Orders     115
After-Hours Trading     117
Stop-Loss Orders     118
Investment Portfolio     119
Good-Til-Cancelled-Order     120
Stock Markets and Things     123
The New York Stock Exchange     123
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations     125
American Stock Exchange     126
S&P 500     127
Dow Jones     128
Russell Index     129
Foreign Exchange Markets     130
Newspapers and Internet     132
Research and Tools     143
The Basics of the Internet     144
Search Engines     146
Electronic Communication Networks     149
Yahoo and Silicon Investor     154
Finance Calculators     155
It is the Social Thing to Do     161
Observing the Money     165
Software Opportunities Versus Brokers     167
Portfolio Observation Programs     169
An Inside Look Into the Work of Our Pension Systems     172
Allocations Flow In     174
Screening     175
Other Observations     178
Rates of Returns     181
Points     181
Price Earnings Ratios     182
Return On Equity and Assets     183
Spreads     184
Compounds     185
Inflation     185
Selling Mutual Fund Shares     186
Single Category Versus Double Category     187
Comparing Funds     191
The Safety of Online Investing     195
Investment Scams     195
Bulletins and Chatrooms     196
Boiler Rooms     197
Navigation Software     198
Nigerian 419     199
Pyramids     200
False Labels and Logos     201
Insider Trading     201
Brokers and Financial Advisors     203
Full Service     205
Discount Brokers     206
Recognizing A Bad Broker     206
Track Records     208
Costs of Online Brokerage Firms     209
Finding Your Investment Style     219
Capital Gains and Losses     221
Short Selling     222
Margin Accounts     224
Options     229
Chart Matters     233
Benchmarks     235
Buying and Selling While Looking at Charts     236
Sell Short or Stay In     237
Indicators     238
Chart Patterns     239
Technical and Fundamental Analysis With Charts     244
Benchmarks     245
Taxes     249
CDs     251
Stock Investments Losses and Taxes     252
Another Rule From the Internal Revenue Code - Dection 1244 Stock     254
Tax Deductions From Newsletters and Online Services     255
Taxes on Broker Commission and Fees     255
Bonds Have Tax Benefits, too     256
C Corporation Stocks And Small Business Deductions     257
Foreign Taxes     258
Investment Computers Deductable!     259
Retirement Accounts & Taxes     259
Modified Adjusted Gross Income     260
Your Money and IRAs     261
Excess Tax     261
Tax-Free Conversions     262
401(K) Note      263
Dividends and Taxes     263
Random Thoughts     265
Reality on the Average People     268
More Words From the Wise     273
You Decide     279
Questions to Ask Yourself - Internally     281
Reminders     282
Author Biography     285
Index     287

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