by Jim O'Neill


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In his writings, ONENESS, Captain Jim calls Catholics trained in the principles of Vatican II to tear down the Golden idol that was created by Five Catholic-trained Supreme Court Justices.

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Publication date: 10/07/2016
Pages: 70
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About the Author

At the age of twelve, I fell in love with God. I wanted to serve my God not as a priest but as a teacher. I entered the Xaverian Brothers, a teaching congregation in the Catholic Church. Under the direction of my Novice Master, Brother Kevin, my mantra is "Grant that I love God always and then I abandon myself to his will."

I earned a master's degree and my teaching was mainly high school science. During my early religious years, I believed the teach-ing of retreat masters who taught that I had to be pleasing to God. I believed I was unworthy of God's love.

At an intense retreat, a cursillo, I learned that I was loved by God and this blew my mind. I became mentally ill and I was treated at Glenside Hospital in the metro-Boston area of Massachusetts. The cure was shock treatment and medicine.

Five years later, I continued to teach in Connecticut with the younger Xaverian Brothers. I experienced what love should be. Years ago, I asked to bring my experiences to older Catholics. My superiors refused my request. I felt I was called to teach the faithful about the call of Vatican II, and I left the Xaverian Brothers.

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