One True Loves

One True Loves

by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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Named a Best Book of Summer by Cosmopolitan * InStyle * Redbook * Us Weekly * PopSugar * Buzzfeed * Bustle * Brit+Co * Parade

“No one does life and love better.” –InStyle
“Earth-shaking…you will flip for this epic love story.” –Cosmopolitan

“Reid's heartwrenching tale asks if it's possible to have multiple soul mates.” —Us Weekly

From the author of Maybe in Another Life—named a People Magazine pick—comes a breathtaking new love story about a woman unexpectedly forced to choose between the husband she has long thought dead and the fiancé who has finally brought her back to life.

In her twenties, Emma Blair marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse. They build a life for themselves, far away from the expectations of their parents and the people of their hometown in Massachusetts. They travel the world together, living life to the fullest and seizing every opportunity for adventure.

On their first wedding anniversary, Jesse is on a helicopter over the Pacific when it goes missing. Just like that, Jesse is gone forever.

Emma quits her job and moves home in an effort to put her life back together. Years later, now in her thirties, Emma runs into an old friend, Sam, and finds herself falling in love again. When Emma and Sam get engaged, it feels like Emma’s second chance at happiness.

That is, until Jesse is found. He’s alive, and he’s been trying all these years to come home to her. With a husband and a fiancé, Emma has to now figure out who she is and what she wants, while trying to protect the ones she loves.

Who is her one true love? What does it mean to love truly?

Emma knows she has to listen to her heart. She’s just not sure what it’s saying.

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ISBN-13: 9781476776910
Publisher: Washington Square Press
Publication date: 06/07/2016
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 22,707
File size: 7 MB

About the Author

Taylor Jenkins Reid lives in Los Angeles and is the acclaimed author of Daisy Jones & the Six, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, One True Loves, Maybe in Another Life, After I Do, and Forever, Interrupted. To learn more, visit

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One True Loves
I am finishing up dinner with my family and my fiancé when my husband calls.

It is my father’s sixty-fourth birthday. He is wearing his favorite sweater, a hunter green cashmere one that my older sister, Marie, and I picked out for him two years ago. I think that’s why he loves it so much. Well, also because it’s cashmere. I’m not kidding myself here.

My mother is sitting next to him in a gauzy white blouse and khakis, trying to hold in a smile. She knows that a tiny cake with a candle and a song are coming any minute. She has always been childlike in her zeal for surprises.

My parents have been married for thirty-five years. They have raised two children and run a successful bookstore together. They have two adorable grandchildren. One of their daughters is taking over the family business. They have a lot to be proud of. This is a happy birthday for my father.

Marie is sitting on the other side of my mother and it is times like these, when the two of them are right next to each other, facing the same direction, that I realize just how much they look alike. Chocolate brown hair, green eyes, petite frames.

I’m the one that got stuck with the big butt.

Luckily, I’ve come to appreciate it. There are, of course, many songs dedicated to the glory of a backside, and if my thirties have taught me anything so far, it’s that I’m ready to try to be myself with no apologies.

My name is Emma Blair and I’ve got a booty.

I am thirty-one, five foot six, with a blond, grown-out pixie cut. My hazel eyes are upstaged by a constellation of freckles on the top of my right cheekbone. My father often jokes he can make out the Little Dipper.

Last week, my fiancé, Sam, gave me the ring he has spent over two months shopping for. It’s a diamond solitaire on a rose gold band. While it is not my first engagement ring, it is the first time I’ve ever worn a diamond. When I look at myself, it’s all I can see.

“Oh no,” Dad says, spotting a trio of servers headed our way with a lit slice of cake. “You guys didn’t . . .”

This is not false modesty. My father blushes when people sing to him.

My mother looks behind her to see what he sees. “Oh, Colin,” she says. “Lighten up. It’s your birthday . . .”

The servers make an abrupt left and head to another table. Apparently, my father is not the only person born today. My mother sees what has happened and tries to recover.

“. . . Which is why I did not tell them to bring you a cake,” she says.

“Give it up,” my dad says. “You’ve blown your cover.”

The servers finish at that table and a manager comes out with another slice of cake. Now they are all headed right for us.

“If you want to hide under the table,” Sam says, “I’ll tell them you’re not here.”

Sam is handsome in a friendly way—which I think might just be the best way to be handsome—with warm brown eyes that seem to look at everything with tenderness. And he’s funny. Truly funny. After Sam and I started dating, I noticed my laugh lines were getting deeper. This is most likely because I am growing older, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s because I am laughing more than I ever have. What else could you want in a person other than kindness and humor? I’m not sure anything else really matters to me.

The cake arrives, we all sing loudly, and my father turns beet red. Then the servers turn away and we are left with an oversized piece of chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

The waitstaff left five spoons but my father immediately grabs them all. “Not sure why they left so many spoons. I only need one,” he says.

My mother goes to grab one from him.

“Not so fast, Ashley,” he says. “I endured the humiliation. I should get to eat this cake alone.”

“If that’s how we are playing it . . .” Marie says. “For my birthday next month, please put me through this same rigmarole. Well worth it.”

Marie drinks a sip of her Diet Coke and then checks her phone for the time. Her husband, Mike, is at home with my nieces, Sophie and Ava. Marie rarely leaves them for very long.

“I should get going,” Marie says. “Sorry to leave, but . . .”

She doesn’t have to explain. My mom and dad both stand up to give her a hug good-bye.

Once she’s gone and my father has finally agreed to let us all eat the cake, my mom says, “It sounds silly but I miss that. I miss leaving someplace early because I was just so excited to get back to my little girls.”

I know what’s coming next.

I’m thirty-one and about to be married. I know exactly what is coming next.

“Have you guys given any thought to when you might start a family?”

I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes. “Mom—”

Sam is already laughing. He has that luxury. She’s only his mother in an honorary capacity.

“I’m just bringing it up because they are doing more and more studies about the dangers of waiting too long to have a child,” my mom adds.

There are always studies to prove I should hurry and studies to prove that I shouldn’t and I’ve decided that I will have a baby when I’m goddamn good and ready, no matter what my mother reads on the Huffington Post.

Luckily, the look on my face has caused her to backpedal. “Never mind, never mind,” she says, waving her hand in the air. “I sound like my own mother. Forget it. I’ll stop doing that.”

My dad laughs and puts his arm around her. “All right,” he says. “I’m in a sugar coma and I’m sure Emma and Sam have better things to do than stay out with us. Let’s get the bill.”

Fifteen minutes later, the four of us are standing outside the restaurant, headed to our cars.

I’m wearing a navy blue sweater dress with long sleeves and thick tights. It is just enough to insulate me from the cool evening air. This is one of the last nights that I’ll go anywhere without a wool coat.

It’s the very end of October. Autumn has already settled in and overtaken New England. The leaves are yellow and red, on their way to brown and crunchy. Sam has been over to my parents’ house once already to rake the yard clean. Come December, when the temperature free-falls, he and Mike will shovel their snow.

But for now the air still has a bit of warmth to it, so I savor it as best I can. When I lived in Los Angeles, I never savored warm nights. You don’t savor things that last forever. It is one of the reasons I moved back to Massachusetts.

As I step toward the car, I hear the faint sound of a ringing cell phone. I trace it back to my purse just as I hear my father rope Sam into giving him a few guitar lessons. My father has an annoying habit of wanting to learn every instrument that Sam plays, mistaking the fact that Sam is a music teacher for Sam being his music teacher.

I dig through my purse looking for my phone, grabbing the only thing lit up and flashing. I don’t recognize the number. The area code 808 doesn’t ring a bell but it does pique my interest.

Lately, no one outside of 978, 857, 508, or 617—the various area codes of Boston and its suburbs—has reason to call me.

And it is 978 specifically that has always signified home no matter what area code I was currently inhabiting. I may have spent a year in Sydney (61 2) and months backpacking from Lisbon (351 21) to Naples (39 081). I may have honeymooned in Mumbai (91 22) and lived, blissfully, for years, in Santa Monica, California (310). But when I needed to come “home,” “home” meant 978. And it is here I have stayed ever since.

The answer pops into my head.

808 is Hawaii.

“Hello?” I say as I answer the phone.

Sam has turned to look at me, and soon, my parents do, too.


The voice I hear through the phone is one that I would recognize anywhere, anytime—a voice that spoke to me day in and day out for years and years. One I thought I’d never hear again, one I’m not ready to even believe I’m hearing now.

The man I loved since I was seventeen years old. The man who left me a widow when his helicopter went down somewhere over the Pacific and he was gone without a trace.


“Emma,” Jesse says. “It’s me. I’m alive. Can you hear me? I’m coming home.”

I think that perhaps everyone has a moment that splits their life in two. When you look back on your own timeline, there’s a sharp spike somewhere along the way, some event that changed you, changed your life, more than the others.

A moment that creates a “before” and an “after.”

Maybe it’s when you meet your love or you figure out your life’s passion or you have your first child. Maybe it’s something wonderful. Maybe it’s something tragic.

But when it happens, it tints your memories, shifts your perspective on your own life, and it suddenly seems as if everything you’ve been through falls under the label of “pre” or “post.”

I used to think that my moment was when Jesse died.

Everything about our love story seemed to have been leading up to that. And everything since has been in response.

But now I know that Jesse never died.

And I’m certain that this is my moment.

Everything that happened before today feels different now, and I have no idea what happens after this.

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One True Loves: A Novel 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you've ever had to choose between two people, ever questioned if you've chosen correctly? This is that story. Awesome
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You won't be disappointed! I can't wait to read her other books. Loved.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unique, perfect in so many ways!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cupid More than 1 year ago
Beautiful and perfect! A lovely dissection of true love , tragedy, and putting oneself back together to love again. So well-written, well balanced.. Wonderful dialogue. The heartbreaking moments can bring you to tears, the humorous moments make you laugh out loud. You come away from this book feeling like you experienced something special.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story is written in a way that makes you go through the emotional rollercoaster the main character goes through. You don't want to put the book down, You will want to continue on reading to find out what does she decide and how the others react. I rooted for both, but the ending was a realistic one. Great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very enjoyable. I love taylor reeds books. This was definitly a 4.5 star book for me. Loved the characters.
cupid92 More than 1 year ago
I just loved this book! I never read this author before but I will again. I was so wrapped up in the characters they seemed real to me. Highly recommend if you are looking for a love story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book, could not put it down!
Lisa_RisqueAffair More than 1 year ago
My gawd. This book. It broke my heart and somehow made it whole again. I'm still having a hard time putting how I feel into words. Emma marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse, who goes missing on their first wedding anniversary. Cue Sam, who Emma knew from high school. She was friends with him in high school, but lost touch after her and Jesse got together. Sam and Emma get engaged, then.... Jesse is found. Yup. Crazy. Jesse was 'that guy'. The crush she had in high school, until one day he really saw Emma and they fell in love. But. Sam is that nice guy who, you just knew, always had a thing for Emma. So, who does Emma pick? How do you follow your heart when it's between your husband and your fiance? "there is no me without you." This was my first Taylor Jenkins Reid book, but I was so impressed with her writing. The emotion that she poured into this book, it was breathtaking. It was emotional and gut wrenching, but it somehow made me feel hopeful. Even in the darkest times, there's always that light at the end of the tunnel. THAT is this book. I had no idea who Emma would choose. As you read on, you start to form your own opinion and I'm so glad it went in the direction that it did. Some things are just meant to be. If you are on the fence about this one... don't be. Read it. I was given an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley
KrittersRamblings More than 1 year ago
Check out the full review at Kritters Ramblings Does each person only have one soul mate? Can you have more than one true love in your life? These are maybe a few questions that people ask often and this book tackles these questions with an interesting twist. Emma Blair met two boys while in high school and ended up going away to college and marrying one and losing contact with the other. After a turn of events, the one she marries goes missing and in her devastation she returns home and possibly reconnects with the other. What happens if the original true love comes back? I love this concept of maybe each person has more than one potential shot at true love. I am happily married, but wonder if I had taken a different road would I have ended up happily married just to someone else? Were small decisions that I made sent me down this path that resulted in happiness, but if I had made a small turn would I have still ended up happy just somewhere else? I love when fiction can make you think a little without completely hitting you in the gut.
KateUnger More than 1 year ago
One True Loves contains the ultimate love triangle. I usually cannot stand love triangles. I don’t understand how someone can be so indecisive about who love or who they want to be with. But in this book it actually makes sense. Emma fell in love with Jesse in high school. They left their small Massachusetts town together to attend the University of Los Angeles, and they never looked back. They followed their dreams and traveled the world. The night before their one year wedding anniversary, Jesse left for a job in Alaska, and the unthinkable happened, his helicopter crashed into the Pacific Ocean, and he was declared dead. Now almost 4 years later, Emma has moved on, she’s fallen in love with Sam, and they’re engaged to be married. And then Jesse comes home. Emma is confused and torn – rightfully so. Who does she truly love? Jesse? Or Sam? Or both? This book was so good! Talk about suspense. I couldn’t put this book down. I needed to know who Emma would pick. Jesse is the adventurous first love. He made Emma take chances and pursue her dreams. But Sam is the sweet, steady, practical love that she has grown comfortable with after the traumatic event of losing Jesse. I knew who I would pick, but I was never sure until the end who Emma would pick. The emotions in this book were so real. Through Emma’s voice, I was able to experience her struggle. I described this book to my husband as being like the movie Cast Away but from Helen Hunt’s perspective. This book will definitely make my top reads of 2016 list. I loved it!
Sandy5 More than 1 year ago
As you read this novel, you can’t help but wonder what if I was Emma and I was in her shoes? Where would my devotion lie and what would I use as my determining factors to help me make this difficult decision? This story grabbed me instantly as I found Emma in quite a difficult situation. Recently engaged, she should be high on life but instead she is ripped apart by the news that she has just received. After a night out with her family celebrating her father’s birthday, Emma is hit with some devastating yet exciting news. It excites her yet at the same time, it destroys everything that she has worked so hard to build. There is confusion and commotion both internally and externally building throughout the novel as she handles this news and the affects that it has on her and everyone around her. Emma was so deeply in love with Jesse, her first husband. She loved Jesse like no other. When the helicopter that he was riding in went down and his body was never recovered, Emma had a hard time letting him go. It was only recently that she has decided to move forward in her life and finding Sam was like finding true love all over again. Their engagement was a step forward for Emma and now, this recent news was sent a shock through Emma. Why, oh why is this happening? Jesse, Jesse is coming home. The questions started to form in my head when I heard that Jesse was coming back and unfortunately they were negative as I wanted Emma to move forward in her life with Sam as she had finally made steps in the right direction. Emma was swayed by Jesse when he came back into her life. I was nervous for her and I wanted her to take it slow and cautious but that girl went in blazing. The author described to us the relationship of Jesse and Emma while they were in high school, we saw the love they had for one another as they married and became one. Now as they are reunited, we see them again as time has moved forward. I was drawn into this novel as I wanted to know what Emma was looking for and what she seeing. I thought I knew what I would be looking for and I was anxious to see how she was planning on moving forward in her life. Her family played a key role and I loved the sister relationship. Then there is Sam, only a few days ago he was Emma’s fiancé and now he is left standing, waiting to see what Emma decides to do. I enjoyed Sam and Emma’s relationship. I liked how they shared a past and I thought their comfort levels with each other were fabulous. How can you choose between your first love (your husband) and the man you are about to marry?
feather_lashes More than 1 year ago
Remember in the movie Castaway when Tom Hanks returns home to find his fiance Helen Hunt is no longer available? That part was always the saddest part of the movie for me. Even sadder than Wilson in my opinion and Wilson's scene is hard to beat! In One True Loves, author Taylor Jenkins Reid offers a similar scenario but with the focus on the woman left behind instead of the castaway. And let me tell you, the grief, the internal conflict, the's all so heart wrenching. So many tears. To have your significant other literally come back from the grave? And you've already moved on? Ms. Reid wrote of an impossible situation for all involved. No one did anything wrong, no one is at fault, but everyone is impacted. Reading this book was an emotional journey and my heart broke over and over before it was slowly put back together. Don't worry, this book won't leave you hanging. There is clear closure but not without cost. Maybe it was the connection to the Castaway movie, maybe I needed a good cry, maybe all the stars aligned and perfection happened...I don't know, but I do know that I loved this book. Check it out ♥ My favorite quote: “I don't think that true love means your only love. I think true love means loving truly. Loving purely. Loving wholly. Maybe, if you're the kind of person who's willing to give all of yourself, the kind of person who is willing to love with all of your heart even though you have experienced just how much it can hurt, maybe you get lots of true loves then. Maybe that's the gift you get for being brave.”
ConstantlyReadingMomma More than 1 year ago
Read more reviews as well as a little about my life at So. Much. Fun!!!! One True Loves was fantastically fun read. I liked the characters, and was drawn deeply into the story. Emma is a very sympathetic, flawed character. Both Jesse and Sam are pretty good guys. The Emma’s struggle between the two men is deeper than the two men, and it’s a struggle most of us can understand. I do it all the time; remembering the person I was in my 20’s, missing her sometimes. But also knowing I’m happy (and much healthier) living this life, of permanence and security and love. If given the choice, though, would I live a life of adventure again? I’m pretty sure I would say no, although I can look back at that time as a wonderful part of my history, and a part that made me who I am today. So this fun little book is much more than just a ‘chick’ book. It’s a reminder of the choices we make everyday to make us, and those we love, better people. It’s about how life changes as we grow up and grow older. But again, this book is just a great read. Perfect summer fun. I give it 4.5 stars.
Laura_at_125Pages More than 1 year ago
One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid sounded like the book version of Move Over, Darling which was cute, so I figured it would be a sappy rom-com book. I was wrong and I am glad I was. Emma lost her first husband, Jesse, in a tragic helicopter accident on their first anniversary. After moving back home and trying to heal she runs into an old family friend Sam. Sam helps Emma come back into her own and they fall in love. Cue the engagement, the celebration and the return of the long-lost husband. First of all, the plot line about the husband lost at sea; there is no way that that is believable right? Wrong! It made so much sense in the scope of the story. I must applaud the author as to make such an outlandish scenario ring true take talent. Second, you will pick a team, it will just happen. There is Jesse the high school sweetheart who is presumed dead and there is Sam the sweet man who picked up the pieces of Emma’s grief. You will root for one and cheer when it seems as if the story is headed down your path. Then, if you picked the same team I did, you will be sad, then angry, then accepting but slightly disgruntled when your team loses. Third, this was a really good read. I enjoyed the drama and the love that infused the book in equal measures. What seemed outlandish actually made the story more powerful and each moment fed very well into the others. Even though I was cranky as Emma picked the wrong man, I loved the path she took to get there. Original review @ I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
MCOABW More than 1 year ago
Captivating, poignant and heartfelt Once upon a time I hated romance novels. I hate love triangles, drama and most of all the mushy often cliché writing. I can’t stand to sit and read about flawless, imperfect people and people who don’t struggle or grow. In any novel these are things I still look for. Obviously, you all can tell my opinion of romance novels has changed. I do still have moments where I find a book too cheesy for my liking, but as I’ve grown older, my appreciation for the art of romance/adult fiction has evolved and I do love a good romance novel. Although I wouldn’t classify Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing as simply romance, I’d say it could be categorized as contemporary adult/women’s fiction with romantic elements — with a lesson or two thrown into the mix. Definitely more along the lines of what I love to read. I discovered Taylor Jenkins Reid after reading Maybe in Another Life. I fell in love with her writing style and knew I had found a new author to follow. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on One True Loves. Her writing with Maybe in Another Life was quite profound and evoked pensive thoughts. I found this also to be true while reading One True Loves. I’ve found her books have strong heroines that are faced with tough decisions, but they grow a great deal throughout the course of her novels. The lessons they learn and the experiences they endure are often difficult, but meaningful. Her writing generally has important life lessons that people neglect to really sit and ponder, but while reading you seem to find yourself thinking like you’ve never thought before. It’s actually one of the things I love most about her books. One True Loves is the type of book that will gut you and leave you an emotional wreck. The writing is beautiful, the emotions palpable leaving you with no choice but to keep reading, to keep devouring all that Taylor Jenkins Reid has to offer. This was an incredible read. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I sighed. Emma experienced an unimaginable tragedy, one that left her unsure of how she’d continue on each day, but somehow she managed, somehow she dug herself out and started to rebuild. Life seemed better, it didn’t seem as painful, as hard to continue moving forward, that is until Jesse resurfaces only complicating and confusing her about what she thought she wanted and who she thought she was. I read One True Loves in one sitting. The author does an incredible job building the story up and she will keep you guessing. I felt as though I experienced all the pain and loss that each of these characters were faced with. I empathized with each of them and even I had a difficult time figuring out who Emma would ultimately end up with. The funny thing is you will fall in love with all of them, so much so that the who matters less in the end than the journey that led them there. Her characters are perfectly flawed, they are complex, well developed, genuine and lovable. Just a fair warning, you may need a tissue or two while reading, this one will definitely gut you, but the angst is completely worth it. And as always with Reid's book, you may also learn a thing or two about yourself. Captivating, poignant and completely heartfelt, One True Loves is an definite 5 star must read perfect for contemporary romance readers and the quintessential summer read. ~ Happy Reading Lovelies ~
xxBianca More than 1 year ago
“You don’t tie yourself to something unless you’re scared you might float away.” Emma Blair meets her first love in high school. The connection is instant. It is felt deep within the pages of their story. They fall easily. As if they were meant to be. Soul mates. It’s no surprise that they marry and embark on a life that only a young couple in love could do. They inspire each other. Their love is simply timeless. When tragedy strikes and Jesse goes missing, Emma is left devastated. Lost. Her heart simply feels dead. She is numb. Overcome with grief, she picks herself up and moves back home. A place she told Jesse she never felt like she belonged. Little did she know that fate had something else in mind. “When you love someone, it seeps out of everything you do, it bleeds into everything you say…” When Sam re-enters Emma’s life she is still mourning the loss of Jesse. But Sam? He makes things a little lighter. He numbs the pain. Makes it easier to breathe. Soon enough she falls for Sam and his beautiful soul. If there was anyone that could be the definition of a selfless love, it would be Sam. One day, years after Jesse’s death, Emma gets news that he was found. Alive. And Jesse is ready to come home to the only love he’s ever known. How does Emma choose? Is that even possible? What do you do when loving two people means breaking hearts? “I’ll never ask you to tell me I’m your one true love. I know for someone like you, that isn’t fair. And I’ll never ask it.” This is my first book by this author, but definitely not my last. I did have some issues with the pacing and I wanted to feel the tug of hearts between these three a little deeper. I thought it was just at the surface and I yearned for a bit more. Nevertheless, the story was thought provoking, well written and a testament to whether we can ever have one true love. The declarations of love within this book are beautiful, heartbreaking, and overwhelming. Profound even. I was moved by these characters and their strength. Without giving anything away, you will fall in love with Jesse and Sam. They both love Emma deeply and unconditionally. And the author allows you to feel that love. I recommend reading this beautifully honest and genuine love story. “Think of all the people in the world. And I was lucky enough to find you twice.”
Holly More than 1 year ago
One True Loves is the story of one women's choice to choose between her two true loves. Emma Blair marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse and leads a life in California far from what they are expected to do back in Massachusetts. As the both of them lead a life of traveling for their jobs, an opportunity comes up for Jesse the day before the first wedding anniversary that will send shock-waves in Emma's world due to the fact that the helicopter that Jesse is on, goes missing. With no luck in recovering Jesse's body, Emma has to move back home to try to move on from her one true love only to discover Sam who used to work in her family's bookstore, is back home. As Emma and Sam fall in love and make plans for their future together, a phone call from Jesse will force Emma to decide who she really wants to be with. A weekend trip to a family cabin with Jesse will make Emma see who her heart really belongs to in a stunning conclusion to the age old question, who is your one true love. Wow, this book was amazing and I'm finding myself saying that Taylor Jenkins Reid is better than Nicholas Sparks in convoying an romance tale that will leave you wanting more. The way Taylor writes the story so well that you get so involve in the book that it will leave you up way past your bedtime just to see who Emma picks as her One True Love. Since this is my first book that I have read by her and I don't know why that is but you can bet that I will be finding her other books and reading those as well! Thank You to Taylor Jenkins Reid for making me fall in love with your books with this one book and I can't wait to see what is to come in the future!!! I received this book from the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge 2016 in exchange for a honest review.
KTBookReviews1 More than 1 year ago
Strangely compelling and filled with complex emotions. I think that pretty well sums up One True Loves for me. After a bit of a rough start, I found myself oddly unable to put this down. I am filled with a range of emotion after reading this. I felt like Emma: taken in, yet irritated at times; drawn in, yet confused. I guess that’s exactly what a good book should be. I’m not sure. Okay, let’s get to it. It begins with a family at dinner. Emma, her parents, her sister, and her fiancé. Shortly after this Emma receives a call from her husband, who until now she thought had died in a helicopter crash. As she spirals into an emotional abyss we are transported back to how they met, fell in love, and started a life together. The first 10-15%of the book is where I had some issues. We spend way too much time waxing on about area codes and languishing about trying on jeans, and I may have shelved this one for a bit. But to my surprise and delight, once I did get going again and was brought back into the “now” of the story I was hooked. How do you choose between two different yet powerful loves? The dichotomy and anguish of Emma’s position is heartbreaking and overwhelming. I teared up many times while reading. Both Jesse and Sam are good men who love her dearly. Neither deserve to be hurt, but this is their situation and they all must figure out what’s for the best. After all was said and done, I do wish more time was taken in the events of the plot. I think a long weekend isn’t anywhere near enough time to understand, realize, and comprehend the many years that have passed and the personal changes that have become reality. But that’s just me wanting more I guess. Any who… a bumpy start with an emotionally charged ending. Totally recommend for a beach read! *ARC provided by Atria publishers via Netgalley
RedCheeksReads1 More than 1 year ago
'Everything that happened before today feels different now, and I have no idea what happens after this.' The thing that makes books so spectacular is her ability to that unbelievable stories and make them feel so incredible real. There are easy outs or clear winners. There isn't one guy who does something awful so it is abundantly clear who you should be rooting for. In One True Loves Emma is very deeply in love with two men. One she married and lost and one who came back at a time and helped healed her. "Are you kidding? You are my one true love. I don't even think I'm capable of loving anyone else." When Emma loses the man she has loved for nearly ten years at sea the day before their one year wedding anniversary she is sure she will never move on. Then as it always does time helps heal and years later Sam re-enters her life and starts to put the pieces back together. But then one night while out to dinner with her parents and her now fiancé, Sam, she gets a call she never expected. Jesse her husband has been found and is coming home. How can she choose between the man she grew up loving and thought she lost or the man who taught her how to love again. 'Good things don't wait until you're ready. Sometimes they come right before, when you're almost there.' This story left me breathless and desperate to keep turning pages to get to the end. The only thing I really have to say about it was that for the first half of the book there simply was not enough dialogue for me. While the internal dialogue was incredibly interesting for me personally I just need more conversations to keep the story going. But the dialogue picked up in the second half and I was reading with baited breath waiting to figure out who she picks and how it all comes together. 'By loving the two of them , I am no longer sure about either. And by being unsure, I might just lose them both.' Taylor Jenkins Reid is a phenomenal storyteller. She gives you a story you never knew you wanted but am so glad you read. Love triangles aren't always my thing, they are hard and I get overly attached to one guy so often I just avoid them. But I am so glad I took this leap and read One True Loves. It was a beautiful and unique love story. I honestly cannot wait to read more by Taylor in the future. Trust me, don't be scared, just dive into this book and get lost. 4.5 Smooches ~miranda
xorubituesdays More than 1 year ago
I knew going into this book that Taylor Jenkins Reid was gonna have my heart pulled in two different directions, but I couldn't have imagined just how engrossed I would be by the entire story! First chapters are meant to get your attention and make you want to keep reading, but TJR achieved this with just the first sentence! I knew I needed to know what would happen next!! My True Loves is the story of Emma who has suffered a great loss and has since slowly began built herself back up. After having lost her husband in an accident, she has moved back home to Massachusetts. Fast forward a couple of years and Emma is now engaged to Sam. Just when things are finally starting to settle down for her, Jesse is found alive and he is ready to resume the life they were meant to have before his accident. Now, Emma finds herself stuck between a husband she loves but thought to be dead and a fiancee who has shown her how to love again after loss. Does it get any harder than that?! Although Jesse and Sam were so different from each other, they were both great and they each had a way of bringing out the best in Emma. I had no clue how this story would end and what possible ending could accomplish a "happily ever after" for everyone, but TJR did an excellent job! Some people might be torn about whether they are #TeamJesse or #TeamSam, but I knew early on who I was rooting for and I was very happy with the outcome! My favorite part of this entire story were these characters! I connected with every single one of them and each felt so real. Since Jesse and Emma were high-school sweethearts, we were able to get some chapters from the POV of teenage Emma! She was my absolute favorite!! From the way she would crush to her friendship with Olive - I loved it all. Emma grew immensely throughout the story and although she made some mistakes along the way, it only made me love her more. Those mistakes made her that much more realistic and I just could not get enough. Nobody can question how amazing and unique TJR's writing style is! I could've seriously highlighted half of the book because of quotes that I loved and/or could relate to. The way she describes emotions, good and bad ones, is just remarkable. She does it in a way that makes the reader feel what the character is feeling even if you've never been in the same situation yourself. She does that throughout the entire book, but there's one chapter in specific that really had me fighting back tears! It was a chapter on grief and the process that someone goes through after losing a loved one. Whether you've experienced grief or not before going into this chapter, you will walk away with a feeling of having just experienced it after having read it. The feels are just insane! Taylor's writing is just magical and I fell in love with it since Maybe in Another Life. If you've read that one and loved it, than One True Loves is a must-have as well! **I was sent this ARC from Washington Square Press through NetGalley in return of an honest review.**