On Becoming a Living Saint: How I Developed My Own Halo Scientifically and So Can You

On Becoming a Living Saint: How I Developed My Own Halo Scientifically and So Can You

by Dan Swan


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In this stimulating how-to book, Dr. Dan Swan (D.Engr.) provides an answer to one of life's most important questions, which people have pondered and sought answers for over thousands of years, "How in the world does one become a saint?"

Taking the reader on a fascinating tour of his real-life experience, Dr. Swan explains how he began his journey to living sainthood by learning hands-on energy healing and meditation in order to help save his father who had suffered a major stroke.

An accomplished engineer, Dr. Swan used a scientific approach to accelerate his spiritual development by spending several hours a day practicing meditation and energy healing, until he broke through and achieved the awakening of his inner energy (Kundalini), the development of his Third Eye, the connection to his etheric, emotional and mental bodies, and most incredibly, the development of his own halo. Now he is ready to share with the world his process to achieving a Lightbody with a halo, including his 7 secret steps and how to practice music meditation.

People of all religious faiths as well as non-believers can transform their physical bodies to Lightbodies. In fact, all major religions including Buddhism, Christian, and Hinduism, encourage people to make the higher transformation to a union with God or Universal Consciousness.

Pope Benedict XVI said in his April 2011 public address, "I look also to simple saints, who are normal people, in whose everyday goodness I see the truth of faith. Sanctity of life is not something reserved to a few chosen ones. On the contrary, everyone is called to sanctity. All are called to be saints."

Using Dr. Swan's method, the journey to living sainthood can be done in a shorter period of time than traditional meditation. He successfully merges new scientific findings with ancient wisdom, resulting in an easy to understand guide for someone at any spiritual level. Readers will learn from leading quantum physicists and medical doctors, as well as spiritual teachers from around the world. Dr. Swan's instructions set the stage for a spiritual voyage of self-discovery. His book is a timely guide for the year 2012 and beyond, preparing all of us for the age of the New Earth in the near future.

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Publication date: 11/10/2012
Pages: 636
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