Om Namaha Shivaya: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Om Namaha Shivaya: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

by Robert Gass & On Wings of Song Robert Gass & On Wings of Song
Om Namaha Shivaya: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Om Namaha Shivaya: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

by Robert Gass & On Wings of Song Robert Gass & On Wings of Song


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Long before the current craze for devotional chanting began, Robert Gass embraced the power of community singing. His original five-minute version of the classic Sanskrit mantra that gives this album its title was recorded in 1980 and was later looped and rereleased as a continuous 90-minute track. Much to Gass's surprise, the album took off, starting his career as a "chantmaster." At first, Gass didn't just record his group of sing-along chanters -- he auditioned singers for the project. The high vocal quality, which he has upheld on all his albums, was undoubtedly responsible for catapulting Om Namaha Shivaya to classic status. This anniversary reissue -- at three-quarters of an hour -- sounds clean and sparkling. According to Don Campbell, an expert in the therapeutic use of sound, this chant "is an appeal to God as the destroyer of all illusion and ignorance that stands in the way of perfect union." Gass did not arrange the melody with an Indian ethnic feel -- the melody and harmonies sound richly western, using guitar accompaniment rather than sitar and tabla -- but this approach does not diminish the mantra's power. Its vibrations still encompass the scope of all creation. Even if you don't realize the full impact of the Sanskrit mantra (detailed in liner notes by Gass, Campbell, Deepak Chopra, and Ram Dass), the music is luscious, gracious, and peaceful. It's not something to listen to, it's something to chant with and to be with. Thousands have chosen this sublime music to accompany births and massages, to give comfort in illness, and to help with the transition to the next life. A bonus track, "Om," features the choir with overtone chanting by Gass, Jonathan Goldman, and Nawang Khechog. This has a harder edge and is especially effective when experienced on headphones.

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Release Date: 08/07/1996
Label: Spring Hill
UPC: 0718795601820
catalogNumber: 6018
Rank: 71300


  1. Om Namaha Shivaya
  2. Om

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Robert Gass & On Wings of Song   Primary Artist
Robert Gass   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Vocals,Overtone
Jonathan Goldman   Overtone
Nawang Khechog   Overtone
Jon Schwabach   Acoustic Guitar

Technical Credits

Robert Gass   Arranger,Director,Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Linda Goodman   Contributor
Ram Dass   Liner Notes
Don Campbell   Liner Notes
Mickey Houlihan   Engineer
Karen Kane   Engineer
Skip Miller   Contributor
Jeff Shuey   Engineer
Sunbear   Contributor
Lyra Bessey-Engel   Contributor
Ben Bingham   Contributor
Mike Brady   Contributor
Curt Colby   Contributor
Sylvia Danskin   Contributor
Deirdre DiDonna   Contributor
Tony Diemond   Contributor
Tod Gross   Contributor
Kent Howard   Contributor
Krishnabai   Contributor
Maggie Miller   Contributor
Greg Mott   Contributor
Harry Newell   Contributor
Carl Ollivier   Contributor
Wendy Rezzonico   Contributor
Sallie Deans   Contributor
Sallie Fleishman   Contributor
Diana Grey   Contributor
Earlita Horne   Contributor
Lisa Kuhn   Contributor
Kevin Lake   Contributor
Polly Laurelchild   Contributor
Eileen Mullen   Contributor
Fran Pfister   Contributor
Dudley Shepard   Contributor
M.M. Shepard   Contributor
Marnie Williams   Contributor
Deepak Chopra   Liner Notes
Barbara Zuckerman   Engineer
Richard Babson   Contributor
Traci Bove   Contributor
Marcy Boyd   Contributor
Karen Ethier   Contributor
Harrison Gass   Contributor
Bill Horwedel   Executive Producer
Mimi Jefferson   Contributor
Barbara Johnstone   Engineer
Sandra Levine   Contributor
Rob St. Germain   Contributor
Tim Shove   Assistant Executive Producer

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