Ocean Dreams [Enhanced]

Ocean Dreams [Enhanced]

by Dean EvensonDean Evenson




Dean Evenson is an old hippie. And, per common knowledge, "old hippies never die, they just become new agers." (Apologies to General Douglas MacArthur.) If Ocean Dreams and other recordings of this ilk had been around in the '60s, a lot of violence could have been avoided. Deep listeners will envision sitting on a beach, palms up, in the lotus position with their eyes closed. Add a headband, love beads, and a peace symbol necklace and the image is complete. This CD is ideal for deep contemplation and intense meditation. In the context of the new millennium where recovery is cool, this becomes a psychoactive vehicle. Evenson is consistent from disc to disc.

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Release Date: 09/18/1993
Label: Soundings Of Planet
UPC: 0096507714021
catalogNumber: 7140

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