Nyctophilia-The Lover of Darkness: The Lover of Darkness

Nyctophilia-The Lover of Darkness: The Lover of Darkness

by Lady Dark Angel of Nyx

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Nyctophilia-The Lover of Darkness is a collection of dark poems. Take a walk on the darker side of life. I will hold your hand as I guide you into my world. The darkness is filled with the creatures of the nite. I am one of them. Come join me. I am calling to you. Come embrace the darkness.
I am dark poet coming to you from the forbidden world. My fingers compose my poems from the darker side of life. Come take a journey with me as we explore the darkness together. I will show you another world that is only talked about and concealed from you. This world has been hidden for thousands of years. I will bring the darkness into the light for all to see. Welcome all those who wish to take a journey with me. Take my hand and I will be a guide into this world of darkness. I will show you a world that coexists within your world. I want to show there are many kinds of different creatures of the night who dwell in your world. And in doing this I hope to bring peace, harmony and greater understanding of the darker side of life. I hope to end the reoccurring conflict about the darkness and the creatures that dwell there. A battle that has been raging for thousands of years now the time has come to end this conflict among ourselves. Come take a walk with me into the darkness and see this world from a different perspective. These are two poems for Nyctophilia- the Lover of Darkness. I will be waiting you for here in the darkness.

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Publication date: 02/20/2013
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